Gift Guide for Men



My husband Zack is probably the hardest-working person I know.  He comes home daily full of mud, paint and drywall dust, showers, and then cooks and/or cleans, reads to Greenlea and rocks her to sleep.*  He wakes up every morning to do it all over again – including many weekends.  He’s also the most fashionable man I know.  He has his own sense of style and isn’t afraid to push the boundaries a little.  When he’s not working, he likes to look good and wear clothes that aren’t covered in paint.  (Think Ryan Gosling’s clothes in “Crazy Stupid Love.”)  Lucky for Zack, I love giving gifts and finding the perfect one for him is my way of saying “thank you sooooo much for all of your hard work . . . we love and appreciate you!”  I often get too excited and give him gifts ahead of time . . . because I just can’t handle waiting.  Here are the gift ideas I’m eyeing up for him this year . . .

1. Swell Water Bottle: These bottles are amazing.  They keep liquids hot or cold for hours and come in a ton of cool colors and patterns.  

2. ‘You are a good dad’ mug: Just for a daily reminder and thank you.

3. Canada Goose Down Jacket: This is like the Holy Grail of down jackets.

4. Wood Watch: A ‘manly’ watch in wood grain.

5. Antler Bottle Opener: Such a unique and cool-looking opener.

6. Longline Cardigan: These longer-length cardigans are awesome.  ASOS has ones that are reasonably priced and are a reasonable length (I’ve seen some crazy long ones in my search for the perfect longer cardigan).

7. Clinique for Men Sonic System Deep Cleansing Brush & Face Scrub: A specialized brush for men for a deeper clean and the perfect shave prep . . . and Zack’s favorite face scrub for men.  (I should say the only skin-care product he consistently uses . . . )

8. ‘Best Sweats Ever:‘ Zack wouldn’t stop talking about these after he tried them on . . . the perfectly comfortable sweats to put on after a long day of work.

9. Black Leather Hi-tops: A kind of hybrid of Converse and dress shoe . . . sturdier than a sneaker and more comfortable than an Oxford.

10. Ray-Ban Sunglasses: An updated shape of the iconic shades.

11. Wood-Grain iPhone Case: The wood-grain is obviously a theme here . . . it just looks so cool.

12. Beach Cooler: We always find ourselves in need of a way to keep our drinks cold . . . whether we’re going to the beach, on a bike ride or to our niece’s soccer game.  This one would hold everything we need and is so much more convenient than a typical cooler.

13. Sorel Boots: Sorels are just a necessity where we live . . . warm, waterproof and stylish without being overly clunky and huge. (And they last forever!)

14. Anchor Bracelet: Love the idea of the anchor being a symbol of marriage . . . and this bracelet is a great way to “dip his toe” into the jewelry idea.  (OMG did I just use that phrase??)

15. Bloxx Ice Tray: Bigger, more sophisticated ice cubes to pour scotch over.  (Or tequila, in our case.  Drinking tequila becomes so much more sophisticated with these ice cubes . . . right??).

*Ok, just for the record, he doesn’t always cook, clean and rock her to sleep.   I do help.  🙂




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