Gift Your Way To A Fun Family Fire Night


This started out as my own list of ideas for what to get Jason for the holidays. He’s one of those guys who are great shoppers all by them-own-selves, and he pretty much already owns everything…almost everything. He loves to grill, he loves his kids, and while he lives in the city, he does have a great outdoor space, and he already owns these chairs, in blue, of course. And there just happens to be a space in the center of them, currently sitting empty, that would be perfect for a fire pit! A safe, well-contained, good -looking fire pit! Shhh…don’t tell him this is what he and the kids *might be getting as a family gift this year. You guys can keep a secret for a few weeks, right?

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1/  Williams Sonoma Walnut BBQ Tools, Set of 3: Some things are just better than other things. These are. Get good, and good looking, necessary tools. They’ll work, they’ll last, and they’ll look nice.

2/  Two-in-One Vertical Chicken Roaster: So that’s what WS calls this thing. We call it the Beer Can Chicken Thing. The ‘cups’ on which the chickens sit are the perfect size to dump a beer in. You just toss a little salt and pepper on them, fill the cups with beer, and sit this on the grill. The beer adds just enough flavor, but also keeps the chicken nice and moist on the grill, which would otherwise dry it out. Easiest, most delicious grilled chicken ever.

3/  Uuni 3 Portable Wood Fired Pizza Oven: We’ve been working on my yard. Yard is a big word. It’s a tiny city outdoor space. I call it the garden, like people in real estate refer to small houses as charming. I’m trying to figure out how to fit all the fire-cooking things I’m wishing for out there, and this gem just solved one of those challenges! And it can come to the beach with us, because it travels!

4/  Fire Sense Notebook Charcoal Grill: How great is this thing? Folds up flat. Looks great out! Fits anywhere! And also travels well. Small space perfect. Or extra grilling surface. Or anywhere you need to just stop drop and roll out a portable grill!

5/  Stainless Steel Bonfire Pit: I have a love affair with fire pits. They are just quintessentially cozy and fun. Many of them are big though, and not efficient enough for a smaller space. And then some genius designer of wonderful things read my mind and created this perfectly contained pit!

6/  Marshmallow Roasting Sticks: No splinters, reusable, color-coded (so no fighting), and they extend for small arms to safely reach large flames, and then retract for storage.

7/  Camp Chef Campsite Popcorn Popper: We had one of these as kids and would air pop popcorn in our fireplace!!!! And now I’m waxing nostalgic with a full heart!

8/  Lollygagger Lounge Chair: Yes, I can find you less expensive Adirondack style outdoor chairs. But…if you can afford them…the upsides to these are: they are freaking gorgeous, they are constructed in such away that they assemble easily, once assembled, you don’t see any screws, and most important: they are insanely comfortable. Investing in great modern design is sometimes worth it. This is one of them. Loll gets me. You too?

9/  Pendleton Fringe Throw: I can’t get enough Pendleton throws — especially at night when it’s chilly outside! Some plaids are sometimes too much for me. Don’t tell anyone. But it’s true. This one…just perfectly plaid enough.

10/  Steele Canvas Log Carrier: I guess I just feel better about my schlepping, hauling and lifting chores when my tools and equipment are super good-looking. This is the carrier that you carry from the log pile, to next to your Loll chair, so that you then don’t even have to get up from said seat to toss another log on the fire. And it comes in 2 colors both + leather handles. I feel better.


Happy Family Fun Nights By The Fire, and all through the year!
xoxo, A

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