The Best Guy Gifts to Give This Year


Not all men are my father. (More on that life acceptance in a future therapy session.) But here’s what I find men people do have in common: most men like to play or compete, so games and toys are good gifts. Most men like things that are practical but cool, things they’ll use every day, and are therefore worth the investment. And every now and then, every man appreciates receiving that amazing gift that they wouldn’t buy for themselves because they give everything they have to you and their families and friends (and every single person and living creature they come across). Those are the men it’s super fun to gift with something special for the holidays: The men who respect everyone, ask for nothing, appreciate everything, and know how to have fun! Whether they are our Fathers, Brothers, Uncles, Hubs, Partners, or growing Sons…here are some things my men have appreciated in the past and that I’m considering for this year. Maybe they’ll inspire you too!

1/  STANLEY HERITAGE STAINLESS STEEL VACUUM BOTTLE: My father took one to work every day, full of tea. And now it’s out to golf. My youngest brother still does the same. I smiled the biggest smile when I saw it drying on the drying rack at his house last week!

2/  WINWARE BOSTON COCKTAIL SHAKER GIFT SET AND POCKET COCKTAIL GUIDE WITH GIFT BOX: What man doesn’t love tools? And bar tools are just even more fun!

3/  BEATS STUDIO3 WIRELESS HEADPHONES – MATTE BLACK: Great for the traveller. Or for the man that just likes to tune in and out simultaneously — #survivalskillz

4/  OPTICAL ILLUSION ART BACKGAMMON SET: Best looking game ever. Period.

5/  COTE & CIEL UNISEX BACKPACK: Every man I know is envious of my backpack. My brothers are sure I meant this for them and then kept it.

6/  STEELE CANVAS LOG CARRIER: Why not make winter fire wood carrying work better?

7/  GOPRO HERO 5 BLACK: So fun on the slopes, in the water, everywhere we all pull moves we can’t wait to see ourselves pulling!

8/  KIDIRACE AMPHIBIOUS REMOTE CONTROL CAR: Long-time family tradition, never gets old, we race remote control cars EVERY year!!!

9/  POWERBEATS3 WIRELESS IN-EAR HEADPHONES: For the runner. Can’t beats them;)

10/  ‘THE RUNWELL CHRONO’ SHINOLA LEATHER STRAP WATCH: If you are going for the watch, go for it. It’s an investment. But those payoff over the fullness of time, right?

11/  YETI HOPPER PORTABLE COOLER: It goes to the game, beach, mountains, camping. It’s also rumored to be a great carry-on bag!


13/  JOOLA ATTACK TABLE TENNIS RACKET: This is an olympic sport for our family. And we all prefer our own rackets.  #donttouchmine

14/  ANDY WARHOL WOODEN DOMINOES: Coffee table fun, any night.

15/  TOULOUSE DARTBOARD SET (similar): There’s just a crazy satisfaction that comes from throwing darts!  OK fine — and winning. So much fun!!!

16/  YETI RAMBLER VACUUM INSULATED STAINLESS STEEL LOWBALL WITH LID (2 PACK STAINLESS): Perfect for coffee. Perfect for whatever else you might drink from a lowball rambler.

17/  KETTLER TOP STAR XL WEATHERPROOF TABLE TENNIS TABLE: It can live outside, it folds up, this thing is just pure genius. And for anyone who is wondering why I play table tennis relatively well (for a girl — OMG please stop) it’s because my brothers would go out, and I’d fold down half our table and play against myself…for hours. So there’s that. Mom is sneaky good. My dad can hold his own. There’s still nothing better than beating my brothers at this. Especially while playing doubles with the kids.

18/  3 PERSONALIZED GOLF BALLS, CUSTOM GOLF BALLS WITH ANY TEXT: So…you can go with initials (those are nice)…or you can be a little naughty/funny and take a very sweet, very nice dig, like: four, or long but lost, or don’t miss, or 3 putt, or nice swing/no game, or any of the other 100 things my brothers and I have traded.

19/  PERSONALIZED GOLF BALL STAMP: If you golf, you actually prefer your own brand of balls. But if you golf well (or think you do), probably so does everyone else. So it’s nice to be able to mark them with something more than a Sharpie. Because it’s amazing how many balls great golfers…um…lose? And there’s a mental game here too…play it! For love and giggles.

20/  EASTPOINT SPORTS 54-INCH NEWCASTLE FOOSBALL GAME: One night, a girlfriend sat with me and evaluated EVERY single foosball table on the market (b/c of course I had my heart set on the $6k one), before we finally decided this was the best bang for buck. And we’ve enjoyed every minute of it since. OK, fine, my youngest brother was in fact called-in with his full tool set for assembly that I had no patience for, and bless him, he got through. But since it’s been up, it’s in fact a crowd favorite and looks great smack dab in the middle of our living room!

Enjoy your holidays. Love your men — the ones that love us best, and have some fun with gifting them!

xoxo, A


  1. That was the sweetest tribute to your father, such kind words you wrote. It makes me miss my own father- especially comment about how he would love when Santa brought whatever she brought e kids. –

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