Great Gift Ideas for Little Ones: Newborn to Preschooler


We’re in the middle of a birthday marathon right now, with my own little turning 3 and both girls’ friends having parties in the same weekend – since I’ve spent quite a bit of time researching kids’ present ideas lately, I thought it was a great time for a post! I’m partial to simple, sweet designs and updated classics with a modern twist – like this wooden fruit & veggie cart Elsa got for her birthday.

I guess one good thing about having a birthday late in the year is that these easily double as holiday gift ideas for all the kiddos in your life! I broke it down into age groups starting with babies and going up through 3 years old since each age and stage has its own learning milestones.I’ve also tried to be mindful of safety concerns like choking hazards, but you know your kiddos best. (Oftentimes I think my little one is finally past that stage, then nope — back to fishing small toys out of her mouth!)

Gift Ideas for Newborns & Infants

Gift Ideas for 1 Year Olds

Gift Ideas for 2 Year Olds

Gift Ideas for 3 Year Olds


What are your go-to gifts for little ones? Help us get all our holiday shopping done early!



  1. I just ordered the broom set for my neice! She’s always in the kitchen ‘helping’. I love his post since my kids are a bit older but I still have TONS of littles to buy for! I almost ordered 5 of the Bilibo seats last Christmas for all the neices/nephews but wasnt sure theyd get used in the ipad era. Seeing it on your list Ill grab one for Thanksgiving and see if the kiddos gravitate towards it. Also so pleased to see the plasma car on the list I bought this for my kiddos a few years ago and we ALL used it, so much fun!!

    • Aw, yay! So glad it was helpful 🙂 I was originally just planning to get a Bilibo for my 3 year old, but reading the comments that so many older kids loved them too, I threw another for my 6 year old into the cart! I imagine they’ll use them for all sorts of creative play – boats, turtle shells, sleds… I’m guilty of allowing too much screen time when the weather’s awful and I don’t feel like taking them outside, but I think toys like this will get a lot of use and they won’t mind turning the tv off for an afternoon. I’ve been eyeing that plasmacar for years (because I want to use it!)

  2. Great ideas; thank you! As a mom of twin three year olds and a one year old; this was perfect! Already added some to my “online Christmas Cart”!

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