Imbibe Vibes: Gifts for the Thirsty Guy


Whether it’s beer, wine, a proper cocktail, or a cup of coffee that’s your guy’s preference, we’ve got you covered with gifts that partner well with whatever he takes. Be a great partner, and gift him with a bottle of his favorite, plus all the tools and gorgeous things to prep and enjoy it!

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1/  The Grizzly – 64 oz Double Wall Stainless Steel Flip Top Beer Growler: Is there anything more fun than Bring Your Own Growler to a magical place where they will fill it with deliciousness? This plus a certificate to his favorite Beer Garden or Tap House are a fantastic gift for the Beer Guy!

2/  Technivorm Moccamaster Coffee Brewer: It’s rumored, by those in the know, that a proper cup of — in this case — Joe, needs to be brewed at the correct temperature. If you’re guy’s MO is Joe, this will get him to happy holidays.

3/  Yeti Rambler with Lid: Who doesn’t love a Yeti! This one is a team favorite for coffee or a drink. There’s also a great one for the thirstier guy. And even a special set for the wine-lover on the go!

4/  Monogrammed Pilsner Glasses: I personally don’t drink beer. So when sent on that run, I seem to always need instructions. They are typically grab and IPA and a Pilsner. No idea what that means. But I do know a whole bunch of guys who would love a set of glasses with their initials monogrammed, into which to pour their beer from their Growler!

5/  Gentlemen’s Hardware Cocktail Set: My friend Tosh takes his vibes very seriously. The man shows up at the local BYO restaurant, the beach, and on the annual camping trip with his own travel cocktail mixing set. Ladies, just gift the Tosh in your life some proper Gentleman’s Hardware for this life’s pleasure task.

6/  Bar Tool Set with Stand & Cocktail Shaker: And for your Top Notch Tosh at Home…if you happen to have one of those guys on your hands, make his after-work work more fun with this fun set + a bottle of his top shelf favorite spirit.

7/  Schott Zwiesel Pure Cabernet Glasses: Some guys are just better. And so are some glasses. These are those. Gift them with a wine-of-the-month club subscription or a bottle of his favorite vino!

8/  Estate Highball Glasses: Why do we call these highball glasses? Let’s add that to the many questions I’ll ask Alexa today. I guess I can figure out for myself why we call the low glasses Old Fashioned Glasses rather than lowballs.(Insert adult giggle at the almost end of a post.)  Do a set of high glasses + a set of low glasses + the decanter + bottle(s) of his favorite spirits, and it’ll be high(ball) time for the holidays!


Cheers to one and all!

xoxo, A

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