12 Gifts For Your Most Stressed Out Friends



This year especially, we can all use a little more comfort and joy as we wrap up a tumultuous 2016. As a hardcore Type-A stress puppy, I feel pretty confident that any of these gifts can bring some moments of zen to your most frazzled friends.

I found the most gorgeously soft blanket, cozy microwaveable(!) slippers, a beefcake “activity book” and more to bring on the good kind of winter chill.


Pure silk pillowcase: Silky smooth pillowcases are proven to help prevent wrinkles and are just plain luxurious. In 4 pretty neutrals.

Faux fur ombre pillow cover: Pretty & cozy faux fur from west elm, on sale!

Waffle Knit Cardigan: Great alternative to a robe and socially acceptable to wear out of the house! Loving the blush & olive colors.

Ballerina Warming Slippers: Microwaveable slippers for a blissful way to warm up cold winter tootsies.

UGG Duffield Throw: This is quite literally the softest blanket I’ve ever felt. Even the jersey trim is silky smooth. And it already comes with a bow, wrapping done! A bunch of gorgeous neutrals and jewel tones. On sale with Nordstrom price matching!

Fuzzy lounge shorts: These are so cute and a little bit sexy for cuddling up on movie/date night. In white & grey.


‘Color Me Swoon’ Beefcake Activity Book: This. I’ve got your holiday joy right here. “128 pages of factoids, activities and hunky guys” just for you a lucky friend. The McDreamy page above says “Pretend you’re on Grey’s Anatomy and you’re about to be seen by Dr. Shepard”, and the little box is where you draw the body part that hurts. Bring a whole new level of hilarious to ladies’ night or wine-infused get together.

Ted Baker Coloring Pencils: To go with the very adult coloring book above. Bright copper pencils with quippy sayings are so fun.

Knitted Hot Water Bottle & Cover, Boden: The Brits know how to cozy up a wet, blustery winter – I can’t wait to curl up with this cute hot water bottle on freezing midwinter nights. On sale!

Barr & Co Hand Cream: The original scent hand cream smells incredible – a mix of “milk, oatmeal, vanilla & vetiver” is so comforting and mild.  Perfect for someone who doesn’t like heavily scented things.

Wood Grain Essential Oil Diffuser & Cool Mist Humidifier: I’ve been using this cute little guy day and night since he arrived from Amazon – it’s done wonders for the dry air and stuffy noses around here (not to mention stressed-out moods!) I use peppermint and eucalyptus oils during the day while I’m working, and lavendar at night to relax. So calming and there’s an option for a pretty colorful light show that you can dim. My favorite part is that it’s so easy to clean and doesn’t get gross like every other humidifier I’ve tried! Super easy way but effective way to practice self-care.

Voluspa Candle: Pretty giftable candle in Blond Tabac, a warm, rich winter scent. So gorgeous on a bedside table or bookshelf.

Cozy Cable Sweater Mug: I love these unique ceramic cable knit mugs from a Colorado maker – I’m partial to the white, but the rose gold and copper are amazing, too. It’s like a hug in a mug! (Clearly all the holiday cheer around here is short circuiting my brain).



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  1. I love my hotwater bottle! It’s not nearly as cute as Boden’s but it is a fav treat of mine at the end of the day. I was even wondering last night if it’d be too weird to give some as gifts. No more complaints about cold (spouse) toes.

  2. I have been looking for an oil diffuser !!!thank you so much for this post. It looks like the reviews on Amazon are really good too! I will definitely be picking one of these up soon. Thanks again for your recommendation!! there are so many oil diffusers out there it is hard to find one that works properly.

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