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*****UPDATE:  Giveaway Closed!  Congrats to Janice!!*****

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Mamas, I went on a date.  A real one.  Where a babysitter comes to the house, the kids are excited to see her, and Mike and I walk out the door without a backwards glance – OR the baby.  I'm in high heels and he's wearing a jacket.  Like adults.  Like real parents.  It was fabulous.

I had been dreaming of this date all week.  I had just received Shappy Apple's Hollywood Hills dress in the mail (OMGOMGOMG so gorgeous!!)….and promptly rushed out to buy some Spanx.

A side note:  My husband was oddly excited to hear I was going to wear Spanx.  All was revealed later, when I realized that all he heard was something that sounded vaguely like "spanking"….and was then horribly disappointed to realize that I meant these:

Screen Shot 2011-12-18 at 9.46.02 PM

They rocked, BTW. And sooo comfortable.

Anyway, the night of the date was freezing.  Like 20 degrees, it's probably going to snow, freezing.  And no matter how cute an outfit, I don't really sacrifice comfort for style.  At least not in 20 degree weather.  But I also wasn't going to pass up on this dress.  So I got a little creative – swapped booties for stilettos, busted out a sparkly little belt….


(wearing: Shabby Apple Hollywood Hills dress c/o Shabby Apple, J.Crew sweater and belt, Hanes run-resistant sheer tights c/o Hanes, Nine West booties, vintage clutch)

Eclectic, I realize.  But I was warm, and felt like myself, which is really the important thing.  

But never fear, Mamas.  Two martinis in (two!  TWO!!) and I was shedding clothing like a crazy-woman.

The dress got its time to shine.


Here I am, waiting for a glass of champagne to wrap up the most perfect evening.  I'm sure my mother is dying over the fact that I'm revealing what I drank (how un-ladylike of me!!  scandalous!!) but I haven't been able to stomach more than a glass or two of white wine since getting pregnant with Raines.  Which means that I've been drinking only white wine for almost 5 YEARS NOW.  And suddenly, seemingly overnight, I can do martinis again. 

It was a big night, Mamas.  A big night indeed.  Martinis, high heels, a gorgeous lace dress and lipstick.  I haven't felt this glamorous in quite a long, long time.

So.  As our final giveaway in this Season of Giving, we've teamed up with the very fabulous folks at Shabby Apple to offer up a lace Hollywood Hills dress to one of our lucky readers.  

That would be one of you, Mamas.  

So if you are in need of a little glamour in your life, and want it in the form of a shockingly comfortable lace dress that feels both demure and wildly sexy….do any of the following and leave us a comment, telling us how you've entered:

1.  Like Shabby Apple on Facebook

2.  Share this post on Facebook 

Good luck, Mamas!!  I hope you are all enjoying this special (and crazy) time of the year.  Amazing that it's almost over.  I need to get going on the cookie baking.

(And guess who is having a baby, uh…Monday?  Talk about one heck of an amazing Christmas gift.  Lucky M.)




  1. I did both! My husband and I just had a date night tonight – first time out since having my two month old baby girl – it was to celebrate our 9 year anniversary and I was bemoaning the fact that I am in a maternity dress nonetheless! I need a hot goal dress to lose weight for!

  2. Liked Shabby Apple on facebook! I got a little black dress from them during one of their recent sales. LOVE! and Love datenight too!
    ps, that dress is fabulous.

  3. Gorgeous! I love sexy dresses that don’t leave my back and shoulders exposed (somewhat regrettable tattoos from my early twenties).

  4. I “liked” Shabby Apple on FB and psyched at the prospect of getting that gorgeous dress from their line! Congrats on the tipsy, fun date!!

  5. I have to admit, not a fan of the sweater, but I do know I am not cool so you are my leader there. I guess. BUT OH WOW on the couch, martinis, OH YES that dress suits you madly!
    I have two kidlets under three, and stay home with them, wearing this. or this
    PLEASE? Pretty Dress? We stick to a good budget to keep me home so few impractical pretties like this ‘un. I promise to take it out for a martini thisaway……(Had my first martini in years just last week!)
    I liked them AND shared.

  6. Liked this bad boy on Facebook, well, Shabby Apple anyhow. I’m also sharing the ANMJ love around here! You make me look decent and let me tell you how cool that is.
    Totally laughed at the Spanx comment cuz um, I’m pretty sure we’ve had that conversation around here… Good times, good times.

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