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UPDATE 4/17/12: The $100 Seraphine Giveaway winner is Lori Farley.  Please end us an email with your contact info so we can get the code for you, Lori!

I think we can all agree that public nursing is a bit tricky at times.  For me, anyway, it usually involves some grappling and coaxing, and quite a bit of midriff baring.  Or worse.  Ugh.  Needless to say, I’m all for anything, absolutely anything, that makes the process of getting my three-month-old to latch on (while using my free hand to bribe my 2-year-old with snacks and stomping my foot to let my 4-year-old know I saw him swipe my iPhone to play Angry Birds—again).  I repeat: Anything.  And, I don’t even need it to look good.  I just need it to work. 

But that’s where Seraphine, a UK-based maternity and nursing wear company, far exceeded my expectations.  Their nursing-friendly designs are not only highly functional, they are beautifully constructed out of fabulous fabrics that have amazing drape.  And, they go from maternity to post-baby and nursing with ease, so we’re really excited to be able to offer ANMJ readers this giveaway!

P4050003I’m wearing Seraphine’s knitted bamboo nursing top in brown.  Soft doesn’t even begin to describe it.  The knit is positively luxurious, and even after four washings and three tumbles in the dryer (I read the tag, which says to air dry, after the fact), it’s kept its shape and shows no pilling. 

My go-to with this top, of course, is jeans and flats—for preschool drop off, the playground and Target-runs—but it dresses up for lunch out with the chicks just as easily.  Above, I layered it over a silk tribal print high-low dress I've been dying to wear, weather permitting, and added some wedge moc booties to keep it transitional.  The way it slips off the shoulder just a bit makes this utilitarian piece just a little sexy, and a great pairing with a pretty nursing bra.  

The banded waist hides postpartum pooch and muffin top issues, and rocks with skinny jeans and leggings.  If you're on the more petite side, you may even be able to get away with it as a dress.  The options are virtually limitless.  And, the slinky knit is a patent-pending, temperature-regulating bamboo viscose that has been perfect for wonky spring weather—it’s felt just right from 40 to 80 degree temperature swings over the last week and I’ve found myself pulling it out of the closet more than anything else. 

Oh, and the nursing part: it’s so easy and so discreet.  The brass snaps along the shoulders look like a funky detail, but they open all the way down and are super easy to un-snap and snap one-handed.  I love that the openings are along the shoulders of the top, so even if the sweater is completely unbuttoned on one side, you’re not totally exposed.  I leave one or two buttons snapped at the top, so there is barely, if any, skin showing while nursing.  This is hands-down the best nursing top I’ve ever seen, and something I’ll keep going back to, even when I’m no longer breastfeeding.

Here’s S’s take on the summer wrap front breastfeeding jumper:


The sweater is a little big, but the oversize fit rocks my world.  It’s crazy-soft (wool, cotton and bamboo), has amazing drape, opens easily for nursing without showing too much skin (or any skin, really) and hides a pooch.  What's not to love?  This lightweight sweater has quickly become my go-to piece for all of this crazy transitional Spring weather, and I'll be wearing it with cut-offs for many cool summer nights to come.  I'm tempted to call this the best nursing top I've ever found. . . ever.  Happily, it doesn't look like one (Mike's comment:  "Cool shirt, Babe!") so I'll be wearing this little number looong after Pax weans.  

S. and I are both wearing size 4 tops, the smallest available in the nursing jumpers.  I do agree the sizing is on the roomy side, but S. is a truly tiny person and I am just under 5'-5," to give you a point of reference.  We both ended up loving the drape and sizing, however.

What do you think, Mamas?  Want a chance to try one of these pretty babies out?  Enter to win a $100 Seraphine gift card by liking this post on the ANMJ FaceBook page and telling us which piece you’d choose and how you’d wear it in your comment. 

Good luck!

– M.

Enter now to win a $100 Seraphine Gift Certificate!
To enter to win a $100 Seraphine gift certificate, a $100 value, courtesy of Seraphine, visit the Seraphine website and tell us on the Ain’t No Mom Jeans FaceBook page which Seraphine style you would choose if you won.  Entrants must be 18 or older and located in the US or Canada.  Winner will be chosen at random on Tueday, April 17th.

Full disclosure: this is not a paid or sponsored post.  S. and I received the Seraphine nursing jumpers as a demo but have otherwise received no compensation for this article.  Ain’t No Mom Jeans has a strict policy of editorial integrity—we do not endorse or recommend anything we don’t truly adore. 


  1. Tough choice. These are both gorgeous, but I think I like the funky style of the summer wrap. Besides jeans and shorts, obvs, I’d pair it with the flowy navy high/low skirt I just picked up from forever21. Following your advice on buying good timeless pieces and keeping trendy pieces cheap 😉

  2. I am so glad you haven’t given up posting about nursing clothes. I would get the Blue Popper Breastfeeding Tee, and wear it with post-partum skinny jeans and slouchy boots. That asymmetrical hem is awesome. I’m 36 weeks, so am desperately looking for stylish nursing clothes that don’t look frumpy.

  3. I’m all for new nursing clothing ideas! Three months into this new baby and I’m already bored of my limited selection. I would go with the summer wrap front breastfeeding jumper – I loved S’s take on it!

  4. Dang I was all excited to enter but I don’t do facebook. Guess not being one of the mass followers is biting me in the bum again.

  5. I sort of love their prices… Thanks so much for posting about them. I’m nursing my fourth and have been on the hunt for a nice light sweater, hmmm…

  6. Wow! Looks comfy and cute!
    (I don’t do Facebook either, but I’ll check out the tops.)
    My standard strategy for nursing has been wearing a stretchy cami underneath my shirt. Then I can pull up the shirt, revealing only the cami, and undo the bra and pull down the cami, so pretty much the only part of me that’s exposed is what’s going in my daughter’s mouth! I bought a bunch of colorful camis and make a point of coordinating the color with my outfit.

  7. love both, but do you know of any other brands that make tops like these? hard to convince my hubby that a breastfeeding top is worth that much, although it is:)

  8. Do you need to have FB? I know you mention to like you on FB, but then at the end, on the How to enter paragraph, don’t mention anything about it. I don’t do FB either, but either way, this is one cool giveaway. I so struggle with nursing in public–six months in and still haven’t mastered it. I’d go with either one of the sweaters you show, especially styled with the dress–love it!

  9. Seraphine is the best. I discovered it in London and it is fantastic. Most pieces work both during pregnancy and also after, as many of the sweaters and dresses are nursing friendly even if not explicitly labeled as such. The clothing is very high quality. You will wear these pieces for the postpartum year because they are well-made, stretchy but not baggy, and super comfortable.

  10. I would choose that knitted bamboo nursing top. It is exactly what I have been looking for to wear with my leggings and boots!

  11. Just curious – I sent you an email with my information the day you announced that I won. I never received any follow up from you. I sent another email and I posted on Facebook inquiring what I should do to claim my giftcard about a month later and I never heard back from you. I was just assuming that you were busy – but now after almost 5 months later I still never heard back about my giftcard and I would like to know why.

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