Go Buy Now: 5 Holiday Maternity Dresses You Won’t Hate at Nordstrom


As a twice pregnant person, I was usually in the sad situation we all know sooooo well during wedding and holiday season where I was despondently searching for a special occasion dress that didn't look like a tent or a trash bag.  But when earlier this week I was cruising through the Nordstrom dress shop, I not once, but TWICE accidentally clicked on special occasion ("cocktail" just doesn't sound right with maternity, does it?) maternity dresses.

As I checked them out for different views, I realized we had a Go Buy Now on our hands–a few are on back order already and some are running low on sizes.  If you're in you 6th month or more right now and will be needing a cocktail/special occasion dress this holiday season, you should definitely give these dresses available at Nordstrom a looksie.  Keep your receipt/packing slip and leave the tags on, though, you never know what will fit by November!

Olian Maternity Floral Print Faux Wrap Dress


Olian Maternity Floral Print Faux Wrap Dress – $138
This bright, festive dress will kill it at seasonal cocktail parties with black heels or tall boots and can do triple duty under a blazer for work and, with all its stretch, as a postpartum/nursing frock, too.   




Nuka Maternity One Shoulder Metallic Dress – $108 Nuka Maternity One Shoulder Metallic Dress
This little number is actually the first maternity dress I clicked on.  I love how the sash accentuates the bump and the one-shoulder styling is one of the more current designs I've seen in maternity wear of late. Pair this with nude or metallic pumps, tousled hair, and you're good to go.   


Olian Maternity Shirred Jersey Maxi Dress

Olian Maternity Shirred Jersey Maxi Dress – $138
This is the second dress I mistakenly clicked on.  Not sure why the classic hand-on-belly pose didn't give it away for me, but I love it still.  Clean lines, a sleek column, shirring at the waist and shoulder (so flattering to an ample pregnant bosom).  Glam it up with a multi strand gold necklace and metallic shoes, or keep it around to wear with flip flops in your postpartum spring.    



Ripe Maternity 'Deluxe' Satin Dress


Ripe Maternity 'Deluxe' Satin Dress – $158
Ripe indeed!  This dress is a ringer for one of my fav non-maternity special occasion dresses.  I wear it with strappy heels and multiple layers of gold and turquoise beads, short and long, dripping into the cleavage.  It's pretty fab.


Olian Maternity Empire Waist Dress  

Olian Maternity Empire Waist Dress – $108
Take a look at the brown version of this dress–the model is working it sooo much better than the matronly miss in the black, but this is the perfect MLBD (maternity little black dress), and it is an excellent candidate for S's necklace-belt styling tip.  Add the sparkle for parties and or date night with killer heels (if you can still wear them), work it with tall boots for a more casual occasion or try it with denim leggings and flats for daytime look.



  1. M – I’m loving your idea on the maxi dress: wear now to holiday parties…wear with flops for a cute postpartum spring/summer look. Perfect!!
    And, I’ll bet you can nurse in that baby…

  2. Seanna – I bought one of Olian’s sweaters by accident last year…and wore it all winter before I realized it was maternity! Might be worth a shot….

  3. Just a cautionary tale: I was almost 6 months pregnant at this time last year, when I went to a super fancy maternity boutique to buy a holiday dress. I spent oodles on it (it was ADORABLE)–and I never got big enough to wear it. It looked like a tent, even when I was 9 months along! So, be careful…I’ll always be sad I didn’t get to wear my pretty preggo dress…

  4. Totally noted, Amy! That happened to me too. Please DO NOT go buy now unless you’re 6+ months right now in October and you’re buying from a store like Nordstrom, which is renown for their stellar return policy.

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