Go Buy Now: Fine Glitter Headband For Upcoming Holiday Parties (or for those who secretly want a tiara)


PB145520 There's a part of me that would like to wear a tiara.  Yes, on my head.  And yes – out of the house.  You know…princess-like. 

I do realize that it doesn't quite match 30-something wrinkles.  But still. 

So this past summer, when the Fine Glitter headband sparkled out at me from the J. Crew display, I was hooked.  It's pretty.  It's sparkly.  It's tiara-like.  And…it's subtle enough to not be mistaken for an actual tiara.  Or a blatant channeling of Blair Waldorf.

Since bringing it home, I have literally worn it every week.  And yes – it does make me feel a bit like a princess.  Which is a nice consolation prize when you are 9 months pregnant.

However, I think this little headband will be amazing at upcoming holiday parties, and, due to it's tiny size, will work in virtually all hair types and lengths. 

I actually would've written this headband up earlier….but it was literally nowhere to be found. Not online, not in stores….but it's now mysteriously back (at J.Crew here for $15), and, I suspect, will not last long.  So snap it up. Even the tragically hair-styling challenged (aka S) can pull this off.  It's literally fool-proof holiday glitz. 

And a little bit princess. 

Or perhaps queen.




  1. I have one from JCrew that’s a single row of teeeeeeeeeeny tiiiiiiiiiny rhinestones. I love it. Totally a tiara.
    I, however, am not sporting your gorgeous pregnancy glow, so it can’t be quite as pretty as it is on you! 🙂

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