Go Buy Now: Patagonia Baby Down Sweaters


Patagonia Baby Down Sweater
“Go Buy Now” is our new section dedicated to the stuff that sells out before you even know you critically need it.  As soon as we find out one such crucial item is available, we’ll give you a heads up, regardless of the fact that the timing of the content seems absurd.

If this is your first winter with a toddler, you will undoubtedly scoff not only at the timing of this post, but at the cost of the item I am recommending that you purchase now, in the heat of July, or in the next 6-8 weeks, before they sell out.  The Patagonia Baby Down Sweater ($80) is hands-down the single best winter jacket for kids.  Period.  It is warm, well-made, light, durable, uber-washable, and. . . drum roll, please. . . your child will actually wear it.  Without protest.

If this is your second or greater season with a small child, you have
probably already clicked through to Patagonia, because you know what I’m
talkin’ about and it ain’t pretty, sister.

I purchased three winter jackets totaling about $90 for Huck last year, none of which he would wear without first having a day-torching melt-down.  It’s little wonder considering he looked like the kid from A Christmas Story and I was taking the “Put your arms down at school,” approach, before my super-perceptive and ever-generous mom bought Huck his first Patagonia Down Sweater.  He happily wore his Patagonia jacket October through March, layered with a fleece on colder days and on its own in the car and on warmer days without a complaint.

These babies were sold out in everything but the 18 month size by early November of last year, so don’t sit on this info too long if you want your pick of size and color.

Put Your Arms Down at School


Sanity saver + cost per wear = happy Mamas.

– M.


  1. Being that I had to have R’s shipped special from a store in FL (I think I got the last 2t in the country)…I almost wish you hadn’t posted this. Or at least waited until I purchased mine, lol!! I’m joking, of course. Kind of.

  2. Thanks! I had been eyeing the puffball jacket, so I am glad to hear this is the better one.
    Questions–My son is average for his age–he’ll be 2 in November. How did you find the sizing to run? Should I go for the 2T?

  3. Same goes for me. I was wondering if the sizing runs small. Also, for those who are budget conscious, depending on the size/color you need, I’m finding last year’s “style” on sale for $40. The style looks exactly the same, so seems like a good deal…

  4. The Puffball Jacket is also very nice. It has a hood, is reversible, and is easy to wash. About the same warmth, I imagine, as the Down Sweater. And Patagonia uses recycled materials on both!

  5. Uber washable, you say? I actually just got one of these for myself. I’ve been wearing it every morning here in Berkeley, when its in the 50’s….. Its dirty already, but I’m afraid to wash it. Any tips?
    As for the fit question – don’t know if adult sizes translate to kids’, but mine is quite short-waisted and long-armed.

  6. just got my sons today. as far as fit, C is a pretty average built guy. he’ll be two in Nov. I thought the 2T was pretty big on him, but was worried he’d outgrow 18 mos before winters end. went with 2T. i would say it runs a little big.

  7. My son was just born and will be 6 months in January — we live in NYC. Would you recommend this coat for a child this young or should I wait until next season?

  8. For a six-month old, I would recommend a hooded one piece snowsuit.  In a stroller, Id put him in the snowsuit with a weather-appropriate blanket or Bundle Me, like this http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2809541, and if its really windy cold, Id add a wind/rain cover over the stroller.  Patagonia has some great young baby products, like these snow suits: http://www.patagonia.com/web/us/product/patagonia-baby-reversible-puff-ball-bunting?p=60129-0-320 and this http://www.patagonia.com/web/us/product/patagonia-infant-synchilla-bunting-fleece?p=60121-0-319, and they also have great thermals, like this: http://www.patagonia.com/web/us/product/patagonia-baby-capilene-3-midweight-baselayer-underwear-set?p=60052-0-311, but I just use sleepers as a base layer in really cold weather since the Capilene is so pricey.  If you want to keep your costs down further, check out Gap or Old Navy for their fleece baby suits, too.  

  9. Perfect timing as usual! Son just turned 1, is average height/weight, will be 18 mos in Feb…in BOSTON, yikes! We have a hand-me-down puffer jacket in 18 mo size…but what else does he need? And should we get 18mo or 2T if we get this sweater? We didn’t get out much last year and we lived in warmer climes. Thermal long johns? Down pants? Boots? (He’s not even walking yet so I’m having a hard time imagining.)

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