Go Buy Now: Plush’s Fleece Lined Tights, Leggings and Thigh-Highs


Plush2000112867_p2_v1_m56577569831852085_150x296"Go Buy Now" is our section dedicated to the stuff that sells out before you even know you critically need it.  As soon as we find out one such crucial item is available, we'll give you a heads up, regardless of the fact that the timing of the content seems absurd.

I'm very sensitive about what touches my bum.  And my thighs.  Well legs, really.  Ok – skin in general.  Itchy?  It's out.  OUT.  My long-suffering husband just rolls his eyes as I justify my cashmere sweater purchases as a necessity due to a disease known as sensitive skin.  While I can always manage to find baby-soft tops and jeans…one area that has been the bane of my existence is tights.  Especially warm tights. 

Last fall, Plush released a pair of fleece-lined tights (as well as a pair of fleece lined thigh-highs) to wide acclaim.  And sold out virtually everywhere.

Realizing that these were destined to become my new winter BFF, I searched the globe for a pair.  The verdict?  LOVE.  The fleece makes these tights insanely warm and insanely soft, yet without any added bulk. Even better, these tights are surprisingly durable and were actually warmer than most of my leggings.

Of course I wanted to immediately post about these wonder-tights…but alas, by then, they were completely sold out.  

Now, however, Plush tights are back in stock!  And if the plethora of shorts-and-black-tights all over the Fall runways are any indicator…they will be selling out again this winter.  If shorts aren't your thing, check out M's fabulous post on Transitioning Summer Dresses.  All of M's outfits can be worn with tall boots in early Fall….but will still look equally fabulous with a pair of crazy-warm, super-comfortable black tights come winter.

While I did find my Plush tights fairly durable, moms may do better with Plush's newest offering:  the PLUS-WP6_V1 fleece lined legging.  They offer standard black in various options (although I'm skipping the stirrup, shudder)…but the standout is Plush's version of the leather legging (pictured at right).  I love how edgy and sexy leather leggings can look, but I'm so over suffering for style.  However…faux-leather lined in fleece?  How can that be bad? 

Irissinger_2117_297875139 Also, if you were coveting the denim legging we featured last fall, Plush has also come out with a denim legging that is, you guessed it, lined in fleece (shown on Nicky Hilton at left).

Lastly, if you are curious about Plush's thigh-highs…I simply love mine.  I wear them to sex up little black dresses or dressy shorts for date night…as well as layer them over gray knit tights for a faux-over-the-knee boot look.  They are fun.  And warm.  If you are interested in hearing more about the thigh-high look, let me know in the comments and I can work on a longer post. 

Where To Buy

Shopbop.com sells Plush's tights, various forms of leggings, arm warmers and hats here.  Revolve Clothing has a better selection of Plush leggings (but no tights) here, and Singer22 has pretty much everything (except free shipping like Shopbop and Revolve). 

Hope you are enjoying the last few weeks of summer!




  1. you’ve got me hooked. ordering the tights from shopbop right now. They’ll be great with my little black skirts and boots this winter.

  2. would love to hear more about styling the thigh highs. you KNOW i can’t do full on tights, but maybe I can deal with thigh highs? just have no idea how to wear them without feeling a little inappropriate 😉

  3. I love the idea of transitioning summer(y) dresses to fall/winter with tights, especially with my expanding pregnant waistlne and thus shrinking wardrobe. Any recommendations for quality maternity tights (with or w/out fleece lining)?

  4. Buying the thigh highs now. SO cute–and they look so cozy!
    And Cara, I lived in my Spanx maternity tights last winter. They’re both supportive and comfy, with a nice opaque finish.

  5. Ok, I’m going to surrender and buy some tights & leggings. I’ve been just ignoring it trying to get my early college years out of my head with sweaters and leggings. Alas, work is back in session and I do have some fabulous skirts that are ready to wear and have been lonely for 3+ years. Thanks, S.
    xo, ss

  6. SS – You have fab legs. You should have some tights/leggings. And Lisa – sigh. Tights, boots and skirts. I am actually VERY ready for winter.
    Amy, thanks for weighing in on the maternity tight issue. Cara, my solution (with baby #1) wasn’t great…I’d just fold the waistband of regular tights waaay down. Not the most comfortable. I’m looking into the Spanx options or the options from Yummy Tummy….anyone else try the Yummy Tummies?
    J – I’ll work on it!

  7. So for those of us who live in warm climates, is there an awesome non-lined pair of tights out there? I’d love a pair that would stand up to frequent wear.

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