Photo-15 My heart skipped a beat today on a Target excursion for toilet bowl cleaner and graham crackers.  I'm a long time fan of the Splendid brand for kids (we have a striped long sleeve waffle tee I've forced both boys to wear until it reached crop top proportions, for example), but I only buy Splendid on deep discount because spending $50-$80 on single items of clothing for my rapidly growing kids makes me want to either a.) vomit, or b.) have another boy to make my outrageous clothing purchases more cost effective.  Which is, of course, outrageous.  Now, happy day, they have a new line called Splendid Littles for Target, and it is quite nearly as splendid as their full-priced line, with buttery soft fabrics and classic styles–at a price point that's about 75% less.  Click here to see Target's online offering, but there was plenty more at my local store, including hoodies, baseball tees, pants and dresses .  I snapped up two adorable, super soft striped hoodies for the brothers for $17.99 each, about $60 less than I would spend on this fab little number from the full priced line.  I totally saved $120. Right?

Splendid saving to you,





  1. I know. I was desperately trying to text you but I was in that crazy AT&T Target vortex and they kept failing. I think only “boys” went through. LOL!

  2. Super duper cute! My SIL is preggo and finds out the sex next week. Guess who’s getting a Splendid Littles outfit! Oh and I guess I’ll get some things for my boys too. 😉

  3. *Snort.* I was literally writing this SAME POST for my blog when I saw yours pop up in my feeder! Oh well–I’m just glad someone else is as excited as I am. I bought the entire red/grey line for The Pup. It’s soooooooooo sooooooooooft. Great find!

  4. Oh no! Did I burn an Accidental Target? Amy, I was actually thinking about your posts just before I saw the Splendid line. I’d cruised through the ladies’ wear thinking, “hmmm. . . maybe I’ll have an ‘accidental target’ today. . . ”

  5. Mol – I saw these earlier this week and couldn’t resist. Awesome find. Maybe all the babes will be matching at the next play date, lol. And to think I almost got out of target under $100. Darn you Target!

  6. @Molly – Don’t worry…I have WAY too many Accidental Target moments to choose from! Our brains must have just been working on the exact same wavelength – I even had a pic of the same hoodie! This collection was just totally off my radar – I’m usually really good about knowing about Target’s designer capsules ahead of time, and I didn’t find out about this one until I stumbled on it at the store. So, it was a really nice surprise!
    And I’m still giggling about your boys’ croptop thermal. The Pup has a similar shirt (by boden) that I just won’t give up, either!

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