Are Gola Sneakers The New Sambas?


If there’s one thing I feel reaaally passionate about, it’s sneakers. If it were up to me (and not my wallet) I’d have every pair out there in all the styles and color-ways available. They’re not only the most comfortable pair of shoes, but they just look cool with anything and everything. So, Gola sneakers? Abby officially has them on my radar. 

We’ve debated as a team about the Samba sneakers (some of us love ‘em, others not so much). But, this low-profile shoe is admittedly easy to style up and loved by many regardless. Now, though, Abby’s thinking Gola might just be the supreme shoe of the two. And I totally understand why. Not only do they have the most unexpected color combos, but there’s something else that makes them just a tad bit better (but I won’t spoil the video for ya). 

Gola vs. Samba: The New It Shoe For 2024

If you’re someone that likes a more playful sneaker, then Golas might be the one’s for you. At the very least, check them out. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed by the fun colors available. They definitely take a basic outfit up a notch. They also have a super similar low-profile look to them as the Samba, but Abby explains in the video why she’d personally go for the Gola over the Samba. And, guys. I think she’s definitely right. Step aside, Sambas.

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Danielle & Abby

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