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I am literally always on the hunt for jeans for girls with big butts and smaller waists (#curvygirlproblems).  I can never find jeans that fit without squeezing my butt flat or gaping at the waist so when I heard about Good American, Khloe Kardashian’s new(ish) line of denim, I had high hopes . . . and I wasn’t disappointed.

These jeans run from size 00-24, are made ecxlusively in the US and fit a “curvier, sexier, stronger shape.”  They run big . . . as in I’m normally a size 6/28 and a size 2 fit me.  Size 2!  I’ll take it.  There are currently three cuts available:

  • Good Waist (My FAVORITE) – high-waisted, back lift and corset-slimming elasticity and my FAVORITE
  • Good Legs – skinny jeans in regular or cropped length with hip and leg sculpting fabric
  • Good Cuts – a skinny boyfriend with straight legs

Good Waist


Good American Good Waist Jeans, also available in a cropped length

Slim Fit Portofino Shirt, I like how this is easier to tuck in

Peacoat (seriously, a coat under $40??)

J. Crew Earrings (they come in some cool new colors for spring and are currently 20% off!)

d’Orsay Shoes (similar)

Leopard Print Clutch (similar, but much more expensive . . . I also like this one with the zipper detail and it’s a much nicer price point!)


Good Legs






Good American Good Legs Skinny Jeans

Mural Blazer (available in olive and navy)

Wayf Lace Top (sold out, but this one is similar and also available in pink)

Booties (these TOMS are similar and currently 40% off and these Steve Madden booties are 50% off!)

Bracelet (similar, but SO much cooler . . . I also love this one that comes in a ton of colors)

Earrings (similar)




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  1. Ok! You’ve sold me! I’m going to try a pair post-partum. I think Levi’s tried to do something similar years ago (was it called extreme fit??) but true to Levi’s form the pockets made your butt look wider than it was. The pockets have to be perfect for curvy gals! You look great-and it is good to know they are waist sized…I too have a waist (ha when not pregnant!) that is two sizes smaller than my hips. Also I love that they have near equal number of plus sized models on their website as straight sized!

  2. Thank you for doing the research for us curvy gals! It is always so hard to find the right things and I so appreciate you modeling such great looks!

  3. I really like the “good legs” on you! I have a similar body type and I have had good luck with Joe’s Jeans, just got their high wasted skinny jeans and they are very similar to the “good waste” pair.

  4. How is the length? I’m only 5’2 and I didn’t see a short length.
    They look great and I love that they are made in the USA:)

    • In the above article you have showed different pictures of American Jeans. A beautiful lady in jeans we can see in the above good looking pictures. Its really find and good effort which you did here for us.To be honest i don’t like to wear jeans because i don’t feel comfortable in it. However, I want to know about and for this purpose i’m exploring different articles of this site.

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