Weekend 12.16


Raines and I were in the grocery store on Sunday, trying to find something to make for dinner. The grocery store was an explosion of Christmas – it was almost disorienting, given our headspace right now – and I suddenly wanted to do something festive.

I marched over to the refrigerated section, and found Pillsbury sugar cookie dough, ready to be rolled out & baked. “Raines,” I said, “how about cookies before dinner?”

Gang, Pillsbury dough is never my move. I’m a bake-from-scratch kind of girl. I’m a let’s set a festive ‘creative table’ with frosting taste tests and 45 different kinds of sprinkles, and make a whole day of it kind of girl. But that girl can’t get her shit together this year, so my new move close enough.

So Raines and I went home with our Pillsbury dough (we threw a couple of gingerbread house kits in there for fun) and pulled out all of the old sprinkles I could find in the cabinets, realized I no longer had cookie cutters (where did they go?) so we used a knife, and I remembered how my mom used to make cookie frosting (powdered sugar, a tiny bit of milk, pinch of salt and a drop or two of almond extract). I ran around putting everything into little bowls (little bowls make everything look fancy – I can never have enough of these), approximated a ‘hot cocoa bar’, and by the time Mike & Pax got home from walking the dog, we had a Christmas extravaganza waiting for them.

Were the cookies good? Nah. But they weren’t bad, either. And for a couple of hours, the four of us sat around, cutting out cookies, decorating, and listening to Christmas music.

It was – exactly – what I needed.

A matching moment. I’ve been wearing more color lately, and this lavender Free People cable-knit sweater is calling my name. I’d wear it with my Halfdays beanie in ‘disco’.

Are Citizen’s the new, hot denim? I’ve been so annoyed with all of my usual designer denim brands lately (Mother, rag&bone, AGoldE) – none seem to be making anything I want to wear. And then here comes Citizens of Humanity, quietly churning out horseshoe jeans (Amy’s favorite, I like this wash), these seriously cool baggy jeans (also at Nordstrom in a pretty gray wash), and these French-editor straight leg jeans in a faded black (with a perfectly unskinny, straight-leg shape).

Snowy date night heels. I ordered several pairs of heeled Sorel boots during Black Friday, and these were my favorites. They’re ridiculously cute, and, thanks to the zipper, a little less narrow than the other Sorel heeled boots I tried. They look especially cute with my ivory, faux-leather puffer. (Mine is from GAP, but Anthro also has a good one.)

The boots. I don’t know what took me so long (this style has been around for years), but J.Crew’s Nordic Boots are currently packed in my suitcase. I ordered them last minute for our trip to Park City and was shocked: they’re comfortable, warm, and brimming with playful apres ski vibes. I went up a half-size and they’re perfect with cozy socks. I got the silver, but the tan (with red laces, swoon) was also calling my name. Honestly, the black would be really cute, too (love the polka-dot laces, or you could swap them out for red). Anyway, I highly recommend.

True to theme. Obviously I had to pack J.Crew’s apres ski sweatshirt and Naked Cashmere’s USASA sweater. I’m going to wear it as a midlayer. It’s like a softer version of those Perfect Moment ski sweaters. Runs small, tho. Size up one.

One statement sweater. I picked up this pearl-covered, rag&bone sweater last time Saks had a sale. The model photo is not great. In person, tho, this sweater is slouchy and nonchalantly cool – the pearls almost feel subversive – even though it’s still a festive, party sweater. I love it – it’s perfect to throw on with jeans (or faux-leather jeans) for a night out. If you don’t want to wait for the next sale, here’s a much more affordable dupe, and here’s a plus-size, affordable dupe.

I will continue: I’m very into this idea of one great statement sweater, so, for completeness, also check out this fluffy one from Anthro (seriously fun), this shimmery mesh one (also from Anthro – dead cool), STAUD’s mirrored turtleneck sweater (it’s the glam-casual combo for me), or even All Saint’s crystal-embellished sweatshirt.

Wait – this is amazing. Have you seen Madewell’s latest denim jumpsuit? It reminds me of a tuxedo, but in denim (technically, a super soft tencel lyocell blend) and it’s soooo coooool. It’s the kind of thing you could wear to work or to a party (40% off, too).

Oooo…these faux-fur lined Birkenstocks are the Birkenstock style with a back heel strap, if anyone has trouble walking around in normal Birkenstocks. (Faux-fur lined Birks of any kind are a must, especially for aging feet & hardwood floors. I wear mine around the house everyday – they make a huge difference.)

An easy holiday outfit trick: Layer jeans & a graphic tee under a double breasted satin blazer, then add big earrings and heels. Here’s a gorgeous, plus-size satin blazer.

Which fleece-lined pant? Athleta is 40% off right now, and if you’ve been debating between the fleece-lined Rainier vs Altitude pants, I made an IG reel on the differences.

Fancy sprinkles. I want to make sure I have some fun sprinkles on hand the next time the cookie decorating mood strikes. These edible gold stars made our cookies look really sophisticated, I think the boys could really get into edible glitter, and this colorful, cut sugar is seriously fun. Or I might just get a pack from Fancy Sprinkles – these are wild, and would be cute hostess gifts, too.

Coobook ideas? Every year, Santa brings us books, and mine is typically a new cookbook that I curl up with and read all day. Last year it was Ripe Figs, and prior years winners were Love & Lemons Everyday and The Blue Zones Kitchen. I especially love when there’s some sort of additional angle – travel, a memoir, photos, something. Anyone have any recommendations for a beautiful cookbook (that also has some killer recipes)? I’m currently eyeing up Nothing Fancy, Latinisimo, or Apres All Day. Thoughts or suggestions??

Enjoy your weekend…



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