A Little Bit of Happy News: $50 Everlane Jeans This Week!


“Damn good denim. Just $50. All damn week. Because we could all use a little good news right now.”

Ain’t that the truth. Thank you, Everlane for lifting my spirits with this banner on your site and for this amazing sale.

A TME Lovefest: Our Fav Everlane Jeans

So, you heard it. Many of Everlane’s jeans are just $50 right now! I rounded up allll the teams’ faves below.

Shana’s Everlane Denim Picks

The Cheeky Straight Leg & The High-Rise Skinny

Everlane’s High Rise Skinny Jeans – I don’t love my white jeans to fit super-tight, so I sized up one. These are basically perfect. Love the wash, the thickness of fabric, the fit.

Everlane’s Cheeky Straight Leg Jeans – The sexiest mom jeans you ever did see. I may cut them off one more inch (to pair with sneakers, too), but I love the way these fit…and they’re soft. A total win.

Everlane’s Washed black, Button-fly Skinny Jeans – If you’ve been reading TME for any length of time, you likely know by now that the entire TME team is obsessed with these jeans. We love the wash, the two lengths, the button-fly and the stretch.

top left (26 ankle) | top right (26 ankle) | bottom (25 ankle)

Linzi’s Everlane Denim Picks

The Cheeky Bootcut & The Kick Crop Jean

Everlane’s Cheeky Bootcut – These are a great option if you’re bored with your “normal” jeans. I really like the two-tone in the classic blue wash. I hacked them off and may go even a tad bit shorter, so they sit right at the top of the boots.

Everlane’s Kick Crop Jean – One of my new fav jeans. The kick, wash and fit are just right…may hack them off a bit shorter, though.

left (27)| right (27)

Cam’s Everlane Denim Picks

The High-Rise Skinny & The Cheeky Bootcut

Everlane’s Cheeky Bootcut Jeans – Could really use a tall in these jeans (I AM 5’10), but they don’t come in that size. Darn. However, I wanted them and got them anyways…and hey! They’re cute and, like the other two pairs of Everlane jeans I own, they are comfortable and flattering. Also, I don’t mind a major crop look…and I plan on wearing them more often with booties anyways. 

Everlane’s High-Rise Skinny Jeans – Obsessed now. When I first tried them on I was a bit meh about them, but the more I have worn them, the more I appreciate them. There’s just something so simple yet sophisticated about the fit. I can wear them with most anything, too.

top left (27) | top right (27) | bottom left (27) | bottom right (27)

Julieta’s Picks

The Authentic Stretch High-Rise Skinny & The Cheeky ’90s

Everlane’s High-Rise Button-Fly Skinny Jeans – a beloved TME team favorite!

Everlane’s Cheeky ’90s jeans – 98% Cotton, 2% Polyurethane TTS. Soft and stretchy. These come in black with an ivory stitch, too. 

left (25) | right (24)

Jess’ Picks

The High-Rise Skinny & The Authentic Stretch High-Rise Skinny

Everlane’s High-Rise Button-fly Skinnies – First of all, I LOVE these jeans! I’ve been slowly moving away from wearing skinny jeans as much as I used to…but I’ve barely worn anything else since I got these.

Everlane’s High-Rise Skinnies (in white) – If they’re a little long, they look super-cute rolled up a bit.

left (29) | right (29)

Laura’s Picks

The Authentic Stretch High-Rise Skinny & The Authentic Stretch High-Rise Skinny Button-Fly

Everlane’s High-Rise Skinny – As we know, the button-fly, high-rise are a fave, but these are also so great because of all the amazing washes they come in.

Everlane’s High-Rise Button-fly Skinny – These are a team fav and also one of mine. I wore them on the long flight to Philly a few months ago, and they were so comfy yet didn’t stretch out. Win. TTS

left (27) | right (27) | bottom (27 ankle)

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Sending all the good vibes!


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  1. I’ve never ordered from Everlane before – how do the high rise button fly jeans run? I’m thinking about ordering in washed black and vintage blue.

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