50 Ways to Show Your Love (Valentine’s Day Gifts for ALL of Your LOVES)


I have no desire to leave my lover. I only have desire to LOVE…my lover, my loves, everyone!

Holidays are so fun! All of them but especially the ones that celebrate LOVE!!!

Assuming you aren’t planning to just slip out the back, here are a few ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day 2018!

Gifts for Lovers:

A weekend AWAY!!!

Make a new plan?  We all need a trip to look forward to, or a break, time to connect, heck any twist from our everyday. Why not pack a bag for a weekend away, somewhere close, somewhere far, somewhere fun, somewhere meaningful? It’s so special when someone plans something for and with you! Ski weekend, golf weekend, somewhere warm, or cold with big fire places! Somewhere romantic, a quaint little town, or maybe even the hotel in your own town, but JUST the two of you for a night! Start with a great Weekender Bag, and load it with the basics! And maybe a scavenger hunt, a fun hint, a love letter…or just some fancy plane tix!



Big Hearted+Lil’ Bit Naughty Fun!

Don’t need to be coy, just listen to me:  A little naughty can be a lot of fun! It’s the suggestive piece of something fun in bed that says, “I want you.” But it also says, “Let’s have some fun!”  What’s better than that?



(if you need the skinny on why those rabbit man panties are so amazing, msg me for the spelled-out adult wink;)


What’s better than laying in bed reading beautiful erotic but tasteful and well versed poetry together? Ok, fine. Maybe a few things. But if you need a fire lighter, here’s your spark, especially if you wear something from above for adult story time:

Gifts for LOVES, all of them!!!

Hop on the bus, (Aug)Gus(t/a), don’t need to discuss much, here’s a whole bus load of fun gift ideas for your lover, love, girlfriends, boyfriends, teens, tweens, kiddos and baby loves:

Kicks: Walk the LOVE Walk.


Bling: All the things that shine and/or make a heart shine.

love is complicated, you are my missing link, love always, time started with you, my love for you is timeless, our love is intoxicating, our love is clutch, my love will find you wherever you (and a tile) go, I love your face (roller). you get the idea. feel the love. xoxo






Hats: Capped in LOVE.

Tops pour les femmes:

Tees pour les hommes et pour les femmes:

LOVE Tunes: It’s the 80s teen in me whose heart can still be melted or won with a playlist and a headphone splitter!

Just drop off the key, to your heart and HOME and we’ll fill it with all of this amazing LOVE:


LOVE a Wall:

LOVE Lit-up:

LOVE Pillows:

LOVE Blankets:

LOVE Mugs:


LOVE in the Kitchen:

My mom LOVES hot chocolate…real, genuine, chocolat chaud, drinking chocolat. That in one of the mugs for breakfast or an after school treat would just be a perfect way to celebrate the holiday! We also grew up with a stove-top heart-shaped waffle iron. So fun. So much love. The one below is easier! And the rest of this kitchen LOVE is just a little cooking love inspiration! And come on, who wouldn’t LOVE a little tea from a company called LOV???



All you need is love, your own charger, a secret decoder ring and some joggers. right?

LOVE Reads for Teens/Tweens:

Age appropriate Poetry Perfection. Let’s just remove the genderization of ‘manliness’ and challenge on our kids to rewrite basic manners in a genderless way, but maybe give them this as a starting point from which to rewrite ‘how we do’…And there’s nothing like a love correspondence, pre social media/technology/instant communication to inspire us all!

And a ‘lil somethin’ for our little loves and baby loves:






Love to your and your LOVES! Everyday. xoxo A

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  1. When did this become a blog for those with thousands of dollars in disposable income? $600 for sneakers? seriously? If that’s who your target audience is these days, I guess I can stop reading…which makes me sad since I’ve been with Shana since the Ain’t No Mom Jeans days.

    • Rebe-I am so genuinely sorry! In no way, do I ever intend to offend anyone, but it does happen, and seems to have here. So let me just say this: those kicks, represent nothing, about anyone’s income, priorities, audience, etc. All they represent is that I, as an individual, have a sneakers fetish. I genuinely love sneakers and yes I genuinely love those sneakers. Not their price tag, but yes their design and graphic. And so they made the cut in the the collection of 50+ items. I don’t love them more than my $20 chucks from Century 21, my free hand me down nike collection from a friend’s teenage boy who keeps growing but hit my size for a blip of time, my favorite running shoes, nor my other go-to high tops. The crazy Guccis sat along side sub $100 sneakers (that are also expensive $100 is also a ton of money)…but were so amazing and EDG (who I think is just great!). I am a Philly girl that loves the iconic LOVE graphic and is just obsessed with high tops. And, admittedly, I love a little understated Gucci stripe. I do. And that is all their inclusion represents. Please don’t be sad. Just tune out me and my crazy expensive high tops that might make their way in here and there. Or roll your eyes at me and laugh like S does. She thinks I’m nuts too. And that’s ok. I’m a heartfelt crazy that just loves her kicks. xoxo

  2. Easy way to write a v-day post: round up a bunch of things with hearts or LOVE on them. Hard way: brainstorm some thoughtful unexpected gifts that say “I love you” more subtly (and believably). Help — need more V-day ideas!

    • Maren-OMG, this feels like when I make my kids 3 courses for dinner, and they sit down and say, “But Mom, where’s the ____?” And I just smile and think, ok, keeping it real…I’ll work harder next time. Goodness Gracious. At least they are asking for ‘more’. Don’t you worry lady, there are plenty more VDay ideas coming from this whole crew. And hopefully one of those will give you the warm fuzzies! xoxo

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