Goodbye, 2010! Looking Forward to a Year of Style (amongst the chaos)


PC297501 I love this pic.  It strikes me as peaceful, contemplative.  So different than most moments with an almost three year old (he turns 3 on Wednesday, sob!).

2010 has been quite a year.  I felt, for the first time, what it really means to parent (hint:  letting go is a big part of this), and my little man has started coming into his – independent – own. And this rather heartbreaking process has started all over again with the birth of my second.  Whew.  2010.

Being a huge New Year's geek (seriously – it's my very favorite holiday), I always like to take some time at the start of a new year to reflect.  Now that I'm a parent, it's both harder to find that time, but more important that I do.  Ironic, no?  My single biggest goal for 2011 is to be a more mindful parent.  To be present, in the moment.  To not be distracted by worry, or all the stuff that creeps into our lives.  I can't believe how fast these three years have flown past…and already I can see the little boy my baby is becoming.  I want to enjoy every moment I can, with both of my boys.

That said, I know I'm a happier mum when I'm also taking care of myself.  At least a wee little bit.  For me, that means eating healthy, waging a war on wrinkles, getting in shape, and being able to throw on some clothes (quickly!!) that make me look and feel good.  That's it.  That's all I'm askin'.


In reality, I'm slowly losing my war on wrinkles (despite the fact that it IS a recurring resolution each year LOL), I haven't worked out consistently in three years, and dressing around the postpartum pooch is, most mornings, an exercise in despair. Which is why I've worn the same outfit every day for the last six weeks.  (Giving new meaning to the lyrics, "if you want to destroy my sweater".  I do.  I really, really do.)

However.  All we can do is try.  So for the next few weeks, we'll let you in on our new favorite war-on-wrinkle products (one is like sleep in a jar, I swear!!), the workout plan I might try and follow (how's that for wishy-washy?), a postpartum playlist to get your buns movin', a scary health-nut product that I SWEAR will help evade the flu, and enough style inspirations and how-tos to make getting dressed and out of the house THAT. MUCH. EASIER.  Cause we can't fix the I DON'T WANNA WEAR BOOOOOOOOOOOOOTS or last-minute blowout issues, but a postpartum pooch or a skinny jean conundrum?  Now THAT we can help with.  

But here's what we want from you:  Your style resolutions.  Is this the year you are finally going to embrace skinny jeans?  Is this the year you want to rock a moto boot?  A belt?  Or has it been so long that you are just looking for a place to start?  

Personally, I need to embrace my current shape and clean out my closet.  I need to find a handful of outfits that disguise the pooch and allow for babywearing (which I'll share with you).  I need to find a cute winter hat (any suggestions?) and loungewear that doesn't make me feel so frumpy.  

And, according to my mom, I need to start taking calcium. 

So Happy New Year, Mamas!!  Thank you all for your support in 2010!  We are just so excited to see what 2011 brings – so let us know what you want to see!



ps.  We still haven't forgotten about belts.  It's on our editorial calendar for 2011 – promise!!!


  1. I’m doing Yoga Journal’s 21 Day challenge.
    And my only resolution is to be more present – parenting is so amazing that I don’t want to sleep-walk through it.
    looking forward to it!

  2. YOU inspired me to embrace skinny jeans… and I ended up buying three (!) pairs of (cheap) tall boots to go with them. Loving the look. This year I’d like to try wearing a belt, for the first time since middle school. So I look forward to that post.
    I also have a 3yo and a baby born in 2010! Right now my biggest style challenge is related to breastfeeding. First, I can’t seem to find a good nursing bra; I usually wear nursing tanks from Target. And second, I’m having a hard time finding tops that work (for access and hiding nursing pads without making me look like I’m still pregnant). Would love to see any suggestions on that front. Thanks!

  3. I’m not big on resolutions, but I’d be really curious to read your take on Vogue’s assertion that long and lean (especially with regard to somewhat high-waisted and flowing pants) is the new silhouette. In particular, Vogue seems to really have an agenda against the skinny jean/oversize top look (which is so friendly for my never-been-very-flat stomach).
    What do you think? Is the skinny jean trend coming to an end? Is the long and lean silhouette appearing anywhere other than the pages of Vogue?
    You’re my go-to for fashion advice, so looking forward to reading what you think!

  4. Nursing Bras: Bravado and Medela are great brands.
    I’d like some help finding a style that I can afford and how do I know if I’m wearing it right? I am a Mom of a 3 year old and will begin a teacher credential program in the summer. So I need some work clothes that will out last trends, that I can wear in front of teenagers, and that I can afford on very little income for the time being. Also one last request I have no time to try and match clothes to find the perfect outfit in the morning.
    Thanks for your help.

  5. Thanks to you (and some encouraging from my hubby), I have embraced skinny jeans! I’m loving the look with boots & ballet flats. It was a skinny jean Christmas…Santa brought 3 pairs!

  6. Emily – Thanks for the tip! I’ll have to look into the Yoga Journal’s challenge – it sounds right up my alley.
    Decaf Mom – I feel your pain on the breastfeeding front. All of the outfits I’ll be wearing will have to be nursing-friendly, so stay tuned. However, I have a tendency to force it…meaning a bunch of stretched out necklines….but traditional nursing tops start to drive me crazy after a while.
    Gretchen – Wow – great question! Let me check out the Vogue article and form a better response, but my gut is this: Flares might be the “new” silhouette now…but wide legs were the “new” silhouette 5 years ago…and they’ve come and gone while skinny has remained. I’m betting that skinnies will stick around for a while. They might co-exist with other styles, but they aren’t going anywhere soon.
    Ashly – thanks!! You’re right – Anthro has awesome loungewear, but for some reason, I always forget about them. So thank you!
    Tristen – We’ve gotten several requests for a mom-friendly work wardrobe. Let me work with M to try and get this on our calendar. It’s a really, really good question.
    Suzanne – You lucky girl!! LOVE it!
    Whit — Happy New Year!!! And thanks for the well-wishes. Two has been so….wow. Crazy-but-amazing? Crazy-amazing? But much harder than one. Wow. 🙂

  7. Can’t wait to read what is in store for 2011! For me, from a fashion perspective, I think I will continue down the path I’m on now. Which is reading Ain’t No Mom Jeans ;), and buying fewer, high quality pieces.
    By the way, I am nursing now and will be for another 6 months and also need some good, stylish nursing tops (that aren’t necessarily meant for nursing). For Christmas, I picked out a FABULOUS top that is sooo great for nursing. It’s Eddie Bauer and I looove it. I nursed in it all day yesterday. The cowl neck pulls down just enough to get access and it will hide the mom pooch. It comes in other colors (I have the taupe color) and now it’s on SALE! Love it!!–CARDIGANS&pCategoryId=3&pCategoryName=WOMEN&gpCategoryId=1&gpCategoryName=EB&catPath=~~categoryId=95~~categoryName=SWEATERS–CARDIGANS~~pCategoryId=3~~pCategoryName=WOMEN~~gpCategoryId=1~~gpCategoryName=EB&viewAll=y

  8. You made me finally embrace skinny jeans! YAY! I really want to work on cleaning out the closet- I made the initial sweep, but I need to let go of a lot more… & make all of my future purchases ones I LOVE, not just things that look ok & are closet fillers…

  9. i have a 6-wk-old and have been in the market for cute nursing-friendly tops as well. i recently bought jcrew’s pararuffle blouse, which is button-front for nursing access, and hides the tummy pooch admirably… love it.
    also got this top by Mayreau, the cuff-sleeve henley, and am wearing the heck out of them (i got two colors):

  10. I too have fallen in love with the skinny jean and especially the skinny cargos! My husband loves when I wear cargos with boots as I look like a jedi…..He’s a total star wars freak, so this has been good for the marriage;) Why did I ever fight this trend?
    I look forward to reading your advice on belts! I am afraid of belts, as I have a very short torso and I think they cut me off and make my behind look bigger.

  11. Lisa – Thanks for the tip! And I agree – buying fewer, more high quality pieces is always the way to go. I’m currently living the nursing situation, so I’ll be posting my finds here!
    Heidi — Nice job on the closet cleanout! It’s a big job. I have a system I love and will (eventually) get it posted here…
    Vegeater — Ummmm…that is quite possibly the worlds most perfect pooch-hiding, nursing shirt. I want. I want. Nice pick! Wow – those ruffles would camouflage nicely! The henleys aren’t bad either! Thanks for sharing!
    Cheree – I’m also loving the skinny cargos and have recently picked up a pair myself (was coveting M’s Houlihans for the last 9 months). And belts – yes. You are not alone in this department. 🙂

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