Goodbye Ain’t No Mom Jeans…

Sweetpeas, it’s time. It’s time to say goodbye to Ain’t No Mom Jeans.  The new site is *just*about*ready*, and I’ll still be blogging about all of the same stuff, and frankly, if we do our jobs right, changing to The Mom Edit will be seamless…but still.  It feels like a new beginning, which also means an end.

Ain’t No Mom Jeans was originally named partly in jest and partly because six years ago the landscape was vastly different.  I remember being pregnant with Raines, and having to buy regular skinny jeans two? three? four? (let’s stop counting) sizes bigger to fit my pregnant body.  You guys, maternity skinny jeans were impossible to find.  At the time, I was taking a class a CU-Boulder and as I’d strut my pregnant stuff around in tall boots and skinnies I would get non-verbal ‘thumbs up’ from girls on campus.  One offered me a high-five as I passed.  “You GO, Girl!” she said, cause that’s what we said back in 2007.  “I hope I dress like you when pregnant!”


Clearly, we had NO IDEA that blogs were about to become the next big thing and that in a few short years, not only would bloggers (and celebrities) start treating baby bumps like the coolest new accessory, but that both fast-fashion and high-end designers would respond, churning out maternity gear that – heck! – I still want to wear (hello, Hatch Collection, anyone?).

So yeah.  Saying NO to mom jeans once felt like a brave new world.

Thankfully, things have changed – to such a degree – that NOW, the only people wearing mom jeans are the teens and young twenty-somethings, but in an ironic way.  It’s a slippery slope, though, A SLIPPERY SLOPE.  I want to tell them to BEWARE!  That they’ll still be wearing those damn things at 45, and that their children and their grandchildren will make mad, mad fun for wearing such unflattering jeans…..

Nah.  They wouldn’t listen anyway.

So in the spirit of looking forward, of new beginnings, let’s take 56 seconds to look back.  If you haven’t watched the old SNL mom jeans skit in a while…well.

Ain’t No Mom Jeans, you have served us well.  I, for one, am beyond excited for this long-overdue refresh.

Here comes The Mom Edit.