Goodbye Summer



Oh, Mamas. Summer's lease hath all too short a date.  R is in pre-school, mornings have a chill in the air, and time marches on.  This was likely my very last summer with a baby.  Good things are ahead, certainly, but I can't help feeling a little lost. I'd like one more beer at the end of the dock, please.

If the back-to-school routine snuck up on you…here are a few good things I found:

An awesome list of back-to-school books.  The title "Hooway For Wodney Wat" cracked me up.

Raines' new backpack.  The half-pack size is perfect for pre-school, the nibbler size for younger.  If you are local to Philly, Nest has them in stock.

We've been using Skip Hop's Bento lunchbox and it's awesome.  It's technically a bento, but simpler and less intimidating.  I can still throw a sandwich in there (cut up into fourths) on busy mornings.  I actually bought this set a while ago, but somehow* lost all of the lids.  When I called Skip Hop for replacements, they sent me out a new set – gratis!  

Also, this thermos keeps soup warm for five hours.  Perfect for grabbing something out of the crock pot in the morning.

I'm so happy with the pre-school we found for R.  They go outside everyday, regardless of weather (except for insanely cold temps).  We have to keep a pair of rainboots at the school, so I wanted to find something cheap-ish, yet durable and cool (no crazy animals or cartoon characters, please).  These plain black Tingley Stormtrack rainboots were only $14, and are awesome.


What are you up to this weekend?  I think we're going to try and catch Philly's Open Air exhibit, which lets you record a voice message, and then uses robotic lights in the night sky that will react to your voice's frequency and volume.  No joke.  They even have an iPhone app.  R will be totally geeked out (and so will we).

Happy Fall!



*Pax went through a "throw things in the trash" phase.




  1. Glad you found a preschool that you like for R! Preschool search can be very emotional. Although I miss going to the beach in the summer, I love the Fall: going back to routines,fresh apple pies, fall fashion magazines, etc. There is too much pressure in the summer months to be traveling to exotic destinations, to be doing something “fun” every day. Since I’m a working mom my summer vacation plans are limited. So welcome Fall! We’re going apple picking this weekend.

  2. This was my last summer with a baby too. Sigh. Seasons of the year are as fleeting as seasons of life. On a brighter note? One wild Jersey night in the Meadowlands with Springsteen!!

  3. I really, really, reeeeaallly like autumn. 🙂 The moment summer starts, I can’t wait. 😀
    I just can’t take the heat…that’s all.

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