Weekend 3.16


Our winter in Vermont is almost at an end – we only have one week left before leaving for Pax’s competitions in Colorado. I always get really sad in March, when winter starts to wrap things up. I’m such a cold-weather baby, and I love the natural slowing down that happens in the winter. While my kids’ training schedule can be grueling, there’s something about this single-minded focus that feels so…simple. The kids do school, train, and then we have dinner and cozy up by the fire. Repeat. We have a weekly breakfast, lunch, and dinner schedule that changes very little (monday is fancy sandwich night, Tuesday is taco night, etc), and even my activities (and Mike’s) fall into a rhythm (cross-country ski after drop-off on Wednesday, bring boys to the mountain and run the Notch on Friday, etc). It turns out that this amount of structure – something I often chafe against – actually allows me a little more space to think.

I don’t know if I can maintain this structure year-round (haha – I absolutely cannot), but at the end of these three months – between the structure and the fresh air and all of the family time – it often feels like I’ve given myself a gift.

And then we head to Nationals and I become a complete and total stressball. Ha! So much for that gift. 😉

But whatever. That’s life, I guess.

Currently, I’m feeling pretty lucky for this freaking team at The Mom Edit, too. Running a business is, just, so hard (people say that and you can’t really know until you do), but this team has been an absolute blast to adventure out into the internets with. Our internal slack channel cracks me up on the daily (the differing opinions are amazing – this Adidas Samba video is just a small taste, you should see us talk about barrel jeans, haha), and this team is just the most supportive, creative bunch. We’ve been focusing pretty heavily on our YouTube channel as of late, and some of the content our video team (Kat, Syd, Con) have been churning out is their best yet (they will ruthlessly use ANY footage we give them #evenapplejuice). I’m totally bragging – but it’s only because I feel like a proud mama. 🙂 So if you haven’t checked out our channel in a while, our Denim Trends video is worth it for the comment section alone (people were JUST as mad about skinny jeans, haha), Amy’s Target Haul has some Reformation vibes, and Scotti’s video about baggy jeans for big butts is useful (and funny).

Oh boy – they had a little fun with my new Golden Goose video, too.

The prettiest, sweetest swim. This Beach Riot one-piece literally stopped me in my tracks. I cannot think of anything cuter with cut-offs and flat, tan sandals. I love Beach Riot because their swimsuits are made from a comfortable, ribbed fabric and there’s never any sort of itchy seam situation.

Looks more expensive than it is. A really pretty, detailed botanical print (like this Alice + Olivia top) always gets me going, and this under $100 top from Liverpool definitely has a similar vibe. I like it.

Here we go again. I’ve been striking out, for the past four(!!) summers, on finding a ribbed tank top I really love. Every year I try a bunch, but they’re either too tight (even when sizing up), too modest, too long, too short, too…something. Last year, I basically just wore this one from Reformation all summer, but it’s a little thick – almost more cotton sweater than ribbed tank. But I’m kicking off my search this year with this one from Sezane and this one from Nordstrom’s Open Edit. Both of these ribbed tank tops have a lower, square neckline that’s bra-strap friendly. Sezane’s, however, has a higher back than Nordstrom’s. It’ll be interesting to see which one has a better fit overall (and if the straps stay up).

One more tank! While it’s not a classic ribbed tank, I did happily wear Kule’s strappy cami all last summer (see my Kule try-on, here). The neckline is perfect – not too high, not too low – and the body is loose and comfortable (but still cute). Last year it was only available in bright green or stripes, and promptly sold out. Kule just restocked it in neutral colors, and they’re currently 20% off two or more. I sized up one size. It’s great – highly recommend.

Reporting back. Someone asked if I still liked my Beeks (color: honey), a year later, and did they end up getting dirty? I don’t know if it’s the memory foam or what, but they’re still VERY comfortable. And there is something about this leather that seems to resist dirt, because they still look – almost – like new.

This tote. I can’t stop thinking about Mark + Graham’s waterproof tote. It’s a perfect size for a beach tote, waterproof, and seriously chic. I keep playing around with the colors & monogram, and the white tote with a black, “LET’S GO” would be so fun.

Well, well, well. Usually Linz is our comfort shoe queen, so color me shocked when Kat – wearer of all of the sexy designer heels – casually remarked that she had found a “great dupe” for those Golden Goose sneakers I love: these Vionics. Yes, Vionic, as in the comfort shoe brand. The moral of this story? COMFORT COMES FOR US ALL MWAH HA HA.

Finally!!! My beloved ALC puffer jacket (the one with zip-off sleeves that converts to a vest) is freaking finally on sale at Saks. I just wore it as a vest the other day (we’ll throw a pic up on IG) and it’s just as cute without sleeves. (Of course, I promptly got cold, so the sleeves came back on, but still: Spring is close.)

The coolest outfit. Dude. These black jeans are so freaking good (I don’t know why I’m feeling black jeans for spring, but the heart wants what the heart wants) and I realllllllly need to see someone rocking them with this top in – I kid you not – jalapeno print.

Let’s make it plus size: Since those black jeans also come in plus sizes, let’s swap out that jalapeno top for either this seriously chic & sexy linen top or – wow – this flirty & feminine one (I like the ‘madonna’ print).

HOLD ON: Those same jeans come in a studded blue wash that literally made my jaw drop!! 25% off, and available in sizes 00 – 32. Gahhhh they’re sooooo gooood. I can’t resist.

I really love my skin right now. I mean…it’s not perfect, I’m still, ya know, aging, and my face is changing (mostly my neck, haha) but in general, I like the bit of glow I have going on. Drinking water and working out definitely help, but I’ve been using this little serum pretty religiously (day & night) and I think it’s making a big difference.

Dinner. St. Patrick’s Day is this weekend, so I’ll be making our usual: Love & Lemon’s vegan cabbage & potato soup with this vegan soda bread. Honestly, this dinner is delicious.


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