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Every summer I splurge on one absolutely fabulous dress.

One well-designed, star-quality, stunning summer dress that is so WILDY good, it can’t possibly stay in my closet waiting to be invited to a wedding. A dress that must be worn to anything and everything…every chance it gets (even on Thursdays).

A dress I definitely don’t save “just for special”.

A.L.C Tate Dress

dress (6) | bag | sandals | sunnies | earrings

Don’t Save This Summer Dress Just For Weddings

A.L.C. Summer Cotton Dress

dress (6) | bag | sandals | sunnies | earrings

Add heels, pretty jewelry, and a chic bag and this dress is obviously ideal for summer weddings and special events. Elegant, romantic, and quite special.

I truly believe, however, dresses like this A.L.C. one are far too charming to save ONLY for weddings and special events. MUCH more fun to just wear the really pretty dress any time you want… and not be too precious about it.

Strapless Cotton Dress

dress (6) | bag | sandals | sunnies | earrings

I’ve found the secret to really special dresses, that also feel versatile enough to wear for “casual-ish”, is the balance of the material with the design.

This A.L.C. dress is designed with a dramatic and romantic shape (nipped in waist, big spin-worthy skirt, strapless), which gives it that “super special” and “fabulous” quality that makes it wildly fun to wear. BUT it’s made from 100% cotton, which makes it a bit more approachable for wearing on a regular basis (not just for special).

A.L.C. Strapless Tate Dress

dress (6) | bag | sandals | sunnies | earrings

Add a big woven bag and chic flat slides or cute sporty sneaks and you’re ready to explore or celebrate or meet up with friends or WHATEVER it is you decide to do while looking fabulous.

I have an older A.L.C. floral dress that I bought several years ago that I have worn to 3 Bar Mitvahs, a rooftop birthday party, a school auction, multiple date nights, tons of vacation outings, brunches, art galleries, coffee shops..and so much more. I don’t think I will EVER get tired of wearing it.

A.L.C. Summer Dress

dress (6) | bag | sandals | sunnies | earrings

The A.L.C. Tate dress is 100% cotton, has a shirred bodice, an eye-grabbing print, and pockets. Yay for pockets…always.

Sizing Notes: I’m wearing a size 6 here, and am happy with the fit. There’s a smidge of extra room in the top of the dress, so I could have maybe gone down to a 4, but the structure of the dress keeps the top up extremely well, and I didn’t want it too squeezy. For reference, I’m small chested (32 B), 5’2, 140-ish lbs, with curvy hips.

Shop More Stunning Cotton Summer Dresses

Saks is often my go-to for searching for special pieces in general, but they really excel with their fabulous dress selection. I actually found 2 gorgeous splurge-worthy dresses this summer, but unfortunately the La Ligne one below is sold out. I will keep an eye on restocks, and I’m also linking to similar cotton black and navy cotton stunners. Lots of beautiful cotton floral options as well.

dress (s) | bag | sandals | sunnies | earrings

More Black/Navy Cotton Summer Dresses

More Floral Cotton Summer Dresses

Here’s to wearing your prettiest summer dress out and about all summer long. Enjoy it!


Thank you, Saks for sponsoring this post. It really is SUCH a treat to shop at Saks and incorporate your gorgeous pieces into my wardrobe. Saks always has SUCH a lovely selection of special dresses. And thank you, TME readers, for your time and support. It is so very appreciated.

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