Gang, I got tired of seeing Grandparent gift guides filled with candles, mugs, and those personalized necklaces where there’s a charm for each grandkid. Those things are hard to pull off with two kids…having a whole slew of grandkids on there? Too much.

So after a bit of discussion, here are our go-to grandparent gift ideas. These gifts are useful, cool, and things the grands might actually be excited to receive. (In addition to the usual DIY art project, but we figured you prob have that one on lock by now.)

Custom Night Sky Print

This custom Night Sky Print is such a cool idea. You specify a location and a date, and they’ll print up a custom star map. You can also customize the background colors, and add a personalized message. I got one for Mike — it’s the night sky on the day we met at Michigan State University. Below the star map, I had them print:

He was into mathematics, wore glasses, smoked, and could buy beer.
Obviously I fell in love.
20 years later, it still feels like fate.

Home Upgrades

These types of gifts are sometimes met with suspicion initially (at least in our house), but they’ll eventually prove their worth.

Hulu / Netflix – Free them from cable tyranny.

Nespresso – My mother doesn’t even know how badly she needs this. This is freaking life-changing.

Amazon Echo Show (sponsored) – This was our grandparent gift last year. One year later, and it’s still the best thing we ever did (especially if you live far away from grandparents). I wrote more about that here.

Kindle Paperwhite – The best part? Not only can you read in bright sunlight and in the bath (the new Paperwhite is waterproof), but you CAN MAKE THE TEXT AS BIG AS YOU NEED.

Top Shelf

Chances are, if they’ve been around long enough to be grandparents, they probably know what they like to drink. Get that, and put a bow on it. Done.

Want some recommendations? Here are our favs:

Oban Scotch | Hendrick’s Gin Woodford Reserve Whiskey

Cozy Lux

My mom wants UGG slippers, but she’d never pay for them. Which makes them the perfect gift. (Besides, if you’ve never felt the joy of slipping bare feet into fluffy sheepskin…you’re missing out.) If you really want to go all out, include one of west wlm’s faux fur blankets.  ahhhh…..

UGG Slippers for Her | UGG Slippers for Him west elm Faux Fur Throw


This is dangerously close to recommending candles…but both of these products are really, really good.

Beauty Bio Microneedling Regeneration Tool – I’ve been using this tool and freaking LOVE it. It’s supposed to reduce fine lines and….I’m pretty sure it’s working. This might be my Mom’s gift this year.

L’Occitane Lavender Foaming Bath – My Dad always loved a good bubble bath. This lavender-scented foaming bath is one of my all-time favs. It comes in a giant metal bottle, too, and just feels special . (Hint: it is.)

Upgraded Loungewear

Classic menswear pajamas re-done in soft, drapey material, plus cuter sweatpants. All grandparents need these.

Eberjay Gisele Jumper Daniel Buchler Modal Lounge Pants (side note: modal is super-soft, doesn’t crease, and good quality (keeps shape/hard-wearing).

Monthly Flower Service

I stole this one from my big brother. He had the brilliant idea of calling a local flower shop, giving them his credit card number, and having the florist deliver flowers every month. Best. Gift. Ever. If you really want an online floral shop, Urban Stems is hard to beat (and they have subscriptions all ready to go).

Something Personalized

For personalized photo gifts with a minimalist, cool aesthetic, we love Minted.

Stuff to HangMinted Instant Gallery Minted Filter Heart Snap

Stuff to UseMinted Custom Journal | Minted Custom Calendar

Hope this helps!



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