Guest Post: Necklace-Layering Inspiration (and an AMAZING Stella & Dot Giveaway)



Mamas, do you remember Raines' very first nanny, Em?  The one he'd refer to as "my Em" and who will forever be part of our family?  She's been featured on ANMJ here for belting a cardigan in a really cool way and here because I was totally amazed by her ability to nanny all day in a skirt.

And?  She wears necklaces.  Multiple necklaces.  Around the kids.  So when a reader emailed asking about how to layer necklaces, I knew Em was the one for the job.  (And it doesn't hurt that she recently started selling Stella & Dot…although, if I know Em, I'm guessing it's more to fuel her own fashion passion.)

Anyway, here are Em's thoughts on necklace layering (and a crazy-fab giveaway just because she's awesome).

I have always had an aversion to spending money on accessories.  For the longest time, I thought my hard earned dollars should go toward pieces that would give me the most bang for my buck.  For me, that meant dresses (a whole outfit in one!) and tops (who looks below the waist?). 

Since then, I've found that a few new accessories will help any tired wardrobe.  Necklaces are especially versatile, can be thrown on while running out the door, and hardly ever go out of style.  [Note from S:  This is a good point, Em – how long have statement necklaces been considered trendy?  Uhhh…YEARS, now?]  

To take out some of the guess work of layering pieces together, here are a few looks I’m loving, most of which have been tested for wearability (that’s a word, right?) around a toddler or two.  Apologies in advance for the overload of mirror shots…my 22 month old assistant will only turn the camera on herself.


Two necklaces of Similar Length

Iphone honeymoon 257

This is my go-to look.  I feel pulled together, yet still on trend.   When wearing two similar necklaces (in this case they are both thin chains) it helps to vary the shape a little.  The pendant on the shorter necklace, along with the slightly different length, helps to keep the two from tangling.

Iphone honeymoon 259


Signiture Clover necklace and an old Target piece.  Instead of my Target necklace, you could also try the Rebel Pendant Necklace, $79.  [Note from S:  This is my fav.  So edgy-cool.]

You can also do this with two short necklaces…..

Iphone honeymoon 248


Warning!!!! This option is the most likely to tangle…but I typically play with my jewelry anyway, so I don’t mind.


1.  Maya Pendant, $39 

2. Custom charm necklace 


Statement + Delicate



I love the way the little arrow peaks out from the crazy beading of the statement piece.  It would also look great paired with a long delicate under the shorter statement piece.  

I got this idea while running, so excuse the rest of my outfit…

Iphone honeymoon 264



1. Statement:  Maldives Necklace, $118

2. Delicate:  On the Mark Arrow Necklace in gold, $59  

Or, for a longer option try the Demi Layering Necklace, $69, in place of the arrow necklace.  


Mix beading and metal

Iphone honeymoon 262

Colors are always a great way to breathe life into an outfit; why exclude your accessories?  I love mixing a beaded necklace with a chain.  


1. La Folie Necklace, now on sale for $36 

2. Demi Layering Necklace, $69


Vary the length

Iphone honeymoon 260

When in doubt, choose two necklaces of varying lengths.  They aren’t likely to tangle and will always look chic.


Iphone honeymoon 261


1. Delicate:  On the Mark Arrow Necklace in gold, $59  

2.  Big 'ol Target necklace (or try this as an alternative) 




Awesome, Em – thanks!!!  Now onto the….



Typically Stella & Dot just does at-home trunk shows, where the hostess of the party (as a consoloation prize for everyone drinking her wine) gets a percentage of the sale of the proceeds to use on Stella & Dot products for herself.  Know those crazy-amazing statement necklaces Stella and Dot is know for?  Yeah – that's how most of my friends ended up with theirs – by hosting a Stella & Dot party.  

Here's how the giveaway works:

Buy something (anything!) on Stella and Dot using Em's special link.  THIS IS IMPORTANT, MAMAS!  You must use only Em's special link to shop.  Not the product links in the story above – only Em's special link.  

Got it?

Buy purchasing something through Em's special link, two things will happen:

1.  You'll be sent (along with your jewelry) a $10 Visa gift card if you spend over $60.

2.  You'll be entered into a drawing (along with all of the other ANMJ shoppers) to be the mystery hostess.  The mystery hostess will win all of the credits (based on the number of sales through ANMJ) of this online Stella & Dot trunk show.  Make sense?  To boil it all down:  if you win, you'll get scads of new jewelry – all your choice.

The giveaway/shopping period only lasts until midnight on Thursday, Aug 8.  

Just for fun, here's what I have my eye on:



Layering Bracelets (which I'm obviously obsessing over, even though we've been talking about necklaces) are as follows, top to bottom:

1. Kismet bracelet

2. Gilded Arrow (also comes in silver)

3. Wanderlust Single Wrap

4. Gold Spike (also comes in silver)

5. Courage bracelet

All of my fav necklaces Em has already mentioned (the blue Maya pendant, the Rebel and the arrow necklace)…but I also love the silver & gold Together forever necklace (top right), and the Piper necklace (bottom right – comes in silver or gold).  

I'm dying for the gold earrings with the dark blue stone.  SO gorgeous.  In fact….I'd probably wear all of the jewelry pictured all together….

In any case, happy shopping, Mamas!  Just be sure to use Em's special link to be entered into the giveaway!  If you have any additional questions about Stella & Dot (or heck – if you want help pairing a necklace you ALREADY have with something new) shoot Em an email at emdeutschmann(at)gmail(dot)com.




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