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Hello, folks! Is everyone feeling that strange….I’m-busy-but-I’m-not-busy suffocating sensation? Maybe it’s because I’ve been moving between the same three rooms for weeks or the fact that pajamas have become my uniform. The motivation has been through the roof but also below ground level at the same time, and, guys… I’m so confused.

But, while I’ve been moving my bedroom furniture around and deep cleaning the bathroom while avoiding putting on jeans or doing my hair, I’ve needed noise. Music. Podcasts. Livestreams. Anything new and unfamiliar! Anything to make me do a little dance while I Swiffer away two weeks of dust.

Playlists, Podcasts & Livestreams: Shows Keeping Us Company Now

S and I had recently talked about digital museum tours and the opera live streams going on, and we came to the conclusion that we needed a list. A list of livestreams that were not only attention-grabbing but attention-holding! Some new audio (and perhaps visuals) to have in our lives. And so I ventured off into the far reaches of the internet (like Twitter) and came back with a guide to streams I found worth tuning in to.

*Titles with an asterisk next to them are Family Friendly!

Just Listening: Playlists & Podcasts

Our Favorite Playlists Right Now

And That’s Why We Drink

Abby and I have been binging this podcast since long before COVID-19 took a front seat in our lives. If you’re a fan of true crime AND supernatural stories (or wine and milkshakes), check them out.

Stuff You Should Know

The name couldn’t be more to the point. If there’s something you want to know (the topics range from champagne to Stonewall to LSD) this is the podcast to listen to.

Getting Curious With Jonathan Van Ness

A new episode comes out every week on different topics that Jonathan Van Ness wants to learn more about. He invites an expert in their field to come and talk through the topic of the week. One of my favorite episodes so far was “What’s the Difference Between Sunni and Shia and Why Don’t They Love Each Other?” with Dr. James L. Gelvin.

It’s Been a Minute with Sam Sanders

A podcast by NPR this is one of Lex’s faves. Sam Sanders is a millenial host, so a younger, hipper vibe than say Scott Simon. Some of the episodes bring in interviews with experts, and they all feature fun weekly news wraps alongside journalists (often with quizzes).

The Daily

If you’re looking for a daily dose of the biggest news stories told by journalists five days a week, try this podcast. Hosted by Michael Barbaro, each episode lasts around 20 minutes and is run by The New York Times.

Reply All

This is a podcast for those of us interested in the internet as a whole. I’ve had awesome conversations about how the internet has shaped our lives and how we, in turn, have shaped it and this podcast covers topics like this. Pj Vogt and Alex Goldman cover topics like scam callers, TikTok stars, and whether Facebook is actually spying on us.

Time To Watch

Wild Earth Twitch Stream*

I came across this Twitch stream while I was researching all the different zoo live streams going on right now. And, folks…this is a good one. This is a twice-daily livestream straight from South Africa, one at sunrise and one at sunset. You can send in questions live for the guides to answer on stream while they walk or drive around. The questions show up on-screen and it’s awesome seeing kids ask questions like “Why do lions have manes?” and having the guides give in-depth answers. What I really love about this stream is that there are multiple guides, and the stream jumps between them all as they find new animals to share.

Global Citizen Mini Concert*

Artists have recently been hosting live mini-concerts on Instagram straight from their homes. The first performance was by Coldplay frontman Chris Martin and many others have followed. Keep an eye on Global Citizen’s twitter to see who will be hosting the next #TogetherAtHome concert.

Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems*

I feel like most of you have seen this already, but Mo Willems has invited us into his studio every day to doodle while we eat lunch. He’s here to encourage creativity in writing and drawing, and hopes that we continue to create even after the stream. Here’s the playlist of all the past streams.

Adam Learns Twitch Stream*

Interested in learning while we’re all quarantined? I found this Twitch channel dedicated to edutainment projects (currently tech-heavy). Adam focuses on the learning process and tackles projects that fit into some parameters he set (there’s something for him to learn and it can fit into one week). Dive into his older videos if you want to learn how to make Minecraft mods, Discord bots, or learn web hacking. If you watch him live, he’s open for questions in his chat and will try to answer and explain as best he can. You can see his schedule for projects here.


COOKING STREAM! I see you buying up all the yeast and making bread. All you people doing sourdough starters. If you’re interested in learning more about cooking, check out this stream. Chef Jonathan Reed is here to help people who struggle with cooking and teach how to cook with fresh local produce. I couldn’t find a definitive schedule, but he lists his future broadcasts in his about section on Twitch. You can check out his past videos here!

LoadingReadyRun Twitch Stream

I’ve been tuning into LoadingReadyRun’s streams for awhile now when I need something to listen to while I work. The streams are composed of various members of the team running different types of shows each day including “Tinker, Tailor, Solder, Fry”, “Talking Simulator”, “LRRMTG”, and “Rhythm Cafe”. Check out their entire schedule here for each show and when they go live. My favorite is probably “Tinker, Tailor, Solder, Fry” with Ian attempting new crafting and DIY projects while learning new things. The other shows wrap- around video game discussions, Magic The Gathering, rhythm games and tabletop games.

Dude Perfect YouTube Channel

This one is definitely geared more towards the kids, but Dude Perfect is a super-cool YouTube channel that recently did a few YouTube Lives. They’re a group of best friends here to make sports a little more interesting. We’re talking trick shots with Nerf Guns, bowling battles, and water bottle flips. (And if you want more YouTube channels like this check out devinsupertramp and his absolutely amazing Assassin’s Creed Parkour videos.

Here’s a helpful graphic to keep them all straight:

Not only attention-grabbing but attention-holding — our shortlist of livestreams! Playlists, podcasts & shows on Spotify, Twitch & YouTube worth tuning into.

Leave a comment if you have other stuff you’ve been listening to. I know I’m always on the hunt for more stuff to listen to and watch. Hang in there, folks.

Your Resident Dungeon Master,


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