The Traveler: Gifts for the Guy with the Most Miles


Some guys fly. And so do some….OK, never mind, that’s not that funny. For reals, in our global world, we find a whole collection of people who travel, by plane, for work — and often. And by train. And who take frequent, long overnight road trips too. While that might seem super-glam from 1,000 feet below or away, trust me, it’s not. Make the lives of those travelers a little more organized, a bit sexier, and a lot more fun with this set of gifts for the man who will genuinely appreciate them!

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1/  Set of 5 Cord Tacos: Yes, they are genuinely called Cord Tacos, and they are genius. Perfect for both the guy who loves to keep his stuff organized, and a great hint for the guy who might need to work on that too!

2/  Native Union Smart Charger Set: Can any of us ever have enough chargers? Nope. Never.

3/  Beats Studio3 Wireless Over-Ear Headphones: Tuning out is sometimes as important as tuning in when traveling. These will get them there.

4/  Aer Duffel Pack 2 Convertible Backpack: There was a guy. On a plane. He had this. And then I had envy. And now I have one too. And so should you and your guy.

5/  The Frank: Shoes take up space in travel. How about a pair that are good looking enough to wear while traveling in pants and a sport coat, or jeans and a sport coat AND that you can actually workout in while away?

6/  Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3 Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker (Waterproof): Ours mostly travels to the beach and back, b/c hey, Waterproof Amazingness. But it’s also gone camping, out to the yard, to school class parties, block parties, and even just from room to room in the house. Traveling dance party is our kinda groove.

7/  YETI Hopper Backflip 24 Soft Sided Cooler/Backpack: Again, one my favorite recent moments of envy and admiration while traveling. There was a guy. A very, very obviously cool guy. Who boarded a plane with this as his carry-on. I don’t know him. But something tells me he’d be a good person to know and a smart one to follow. Whether it’s for travel on a plane, or if travel is just the schlep to the beach or bay or lake or pool…free his hands. So he can help schlep other things.

8/  Bric’s Men’s Moleskine Weekender: If ever there was a good-looking, perfectly sized, well-made, durable, and sleek weekender or couple of day trippers, this one is it.


Safe travels near and far! Enjoy them all as best you can!

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