Guy Style: Two Easy Ways To Wear Black Jeans





For a while, I thought black jeans could only be rocked by guys who were under 130 lbs, smoked, or had a band.  At least two of the three had to be true.  As it turns out, the right pair of black jeans – barely faded and slim cut, IMHO – are surprisingly easy to wear, even if your guy is more preppy than hipster.  (My guy is right in the middle.)  Best of all?  These outfits work for weekends with the kiddos and a low key date night.

Stripes + Brown Accessories

The brown accessories tone down the rocker vibe, and the clean stripes are more Euro than Frat boy.  It works. (Especially when accessorized by a little boy in red stripes.)





Outfit Details

SweaterJoe Fresh Striped Merino Wool Sweater c/o (wearing size M for reference)

JeansJoe Fresh Black Straight Leg Jeans c/o (on sale for $25! Size 32 for reference)

Boots –  To Boot New York

Belt – old, but Gap’s Textured Leather Belt is similar

SunglassesSALT Optics

WatchShinola (made in Detroit)

Backpack – Herschel Heritage Backpack in stripe (sold out, but this gray/black plaid is available)


Black City Sneakers + Shawl Collar Cardigan

If your guy doesn’t yet have a shawl collar cardigan It. Is. Time.  The key is to find one that’s slim cut.  I love the slightly Grandpa vibe of the cardigan with the sleek city sneaks.






Outfit Details

SweaterRag and Bone (I wait until Bloomies, Shopbop or Saks has a major men’s sale, then I snap these up.  Mike is wearing last year’s model. Or try this one from H&M – the fit is nice and slim.)


JeansJoe Fresh Black Straight Leg Jeans c/o (on sale for $25!)




Here are a few additional items, similar to the pieces Mike is wearing.  (I tried to find some more affordable options, especially in footwear.  I realize I have created a monster.  Ben, I partially blame you.)


BTW – we swear by The Klutz Book of Paper Airplanes.  It has THE best designs, instructions, and it comes with seriously cool paper to make your first set of airplanes.  We bought this book after Pax was born, and it’s still one of our most-used toys, almost FIVE years later.  (If you can’t tell from the pics, we take paper airplanes verrry seriously round here.)






  1. Great post! My husband loves his black jeans. I’ll pass on these new combos to him 🙂 Off topic (and not intended to sound creepy) but Mike looks different, maybe slimmer in the face-is that from biking to work? He looked healthy before just noticed a change. Now i super feel creepy, but posting…now!

    • Here’s the thing that I know is true: our men keep getting more and more handsome with age! Don’t feel creepy. Mike looks great! Men get pretty hot in there 30s, especially late 30s, and I’ll let you just imagine the 40s! It’s kind of cool isn’t it? I say don’t feel bashful. It’s awesome!

      Shana, this post was such a fun deviation from the norm. Right on!!

      Lookin’ good Mike;D

      Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

    • Jess, we cracked up reading this comment!! Also? You made Mike’s day!! He has been walking to work everyday, eating healthier, and dropped 10 lbs instantly. God, men are annoying like that. But YES. You’re right on. 🙂

  2. Thank you for adding the bit about the paper airplane book! I went directly to the the link and finished purchase 🙂
    My little boy LOVES paper airplanes – THANK YOU SHANA!!!

  3. As for the paper airplane book, it’s my go-to gift. I have purchased it over and over again for birthdays. I love the Klutz Book.

  4. I’m a little late in responding to this post, but da-yum your hubby is gorg! I could never get my hubby to wear these types of clothes – he thinks a henley tee is dressing up – oh well, still love him! I do love these guy posts though! You and Scotti are 2 lucky ladies!

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