Earlier in January, as part of my mama-style resolutions for 2013, I vowed that I would try harder with my hair.  Before anyone gets too excited, allow me to issue a HUGE disclaimer:   I suck at this.  If my hair has ever looked good on this blog, it is for one of two reasons only:

1.  Hair gods were smiling that day

2.  I get blowouts.  I found a cheap(ish) salon here in Philly and blowouts are my new fav thing.  Manicure-smanicure.  Give me a blowout any day.

Thus:  If you are the type of talented mama who keeps Pinterest boards of cool hairdos to try (and then actually do it)….this article probably isn't for you.  If you were known amongst your high school friends for your elaborate prom updos…this article isn't for you.  If you already own (and use!) multiple curling irons…yeah.  Wow. I'm so not at that level.

But if you (like me) frequently gasp in horror when you catch a glimpse of your hair in the mirror (so greasy???)…keep reading.  If a pom-pom hat is your best styling tip…this might be for you.  If you read the words "curling iron" and actually snorted…yeah, baby.  We have that in common.

Got it?  Awesome. Therefore, in 2013, here are the ways that I'm going to try harder with my hair:

1.  …With Cute Hair Accessories

My sister bought me the adorable star bobby pins from Giant Dwarf (pictured above).  I love how they add a bit of whimsy to any outfit and instantly make my hair look cooler (even my typical pony).  Of course, if you are handy, you could always DIY some, like Camille.  

My other hands-down new fav, are J.Crew Tortise barettes.

Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 6.07.54 PM

When I'm pulling half my hair back, these things really keep it in place…and they look SO much better than alternatives.  J.Crew stores also have a giant version that's big enough to pull all of my hair back into a low pony.  I've tried the cheap imitations from Target, but they typically break after one or two uses (I have a TON of hair).  Mamas, if anyone else has found high-quality, LARGE barettes, please let me know!


2.  …By Faking a Blowout With Dirty Hair

The real thing is pretty fabulous, but I don't have the time or money to get them as often as I'd like.  Instead, when my hair is driving me NUTS with the flat-greasy-blahs, there are two products that work wonders:


Not Your Mother's Clean Freak Dry Shampoo | BigSexyHair Flip It Over Texture Spray

I've known about these (or products similar) for a while now, so here's my big resolution:  USE THEM.

I read on a Cup of Jo that dry shampoo works better when you spray it in before bed, then sleep on it. Which…ok.  I did that exactly once and yes, it worked.  However, at night my husband and I are usually too busy in our nightmare of a bedtime routine (approx length:  3.5 HOURS, I kid you not)…and the last thing I can remember to do is apply dry shampoo.  Instead, for mornings when I know a shower isn't in the cards and grease abounds….I simply spray a boat-load of Clean Freak on my hair, then BLOW DRY IT.  No white residue, and insane volume.  To pump the volume up even more, I'm in love with Bigsexyhair's Flip It Over Texture Spray.  You basically just do what it says: flip over your hair, spray around, flip it back.  On really bad days, I've stashed this stuff in my purse.  

This combo is the closest I've come to a dirty-hair blowout.


3.  …By Adding Random Braids


When my bangs get greasy, I've started braiding them away.  I just french-braid them down the side of my head, then slide a bobby pin in to hold it in place.  Spray with hairspray.

Or…when pulling my hair back into a ponytail (or half-back, as mentioned above), I've also started braiding a few thin pieces in random places on my head.  You spray the thin braids with a crap-ton of hairspray to keep them together (don't bother with an elastic) then pull your hair back into the usual ponytail, bun, whatever.  Voila!  


4. …By Creating BEACHY WAVES

Yup.  I'm serious.  Despite my propensity to snort whenever a curling iron is mentioned…I have managed to master come up with some moderately beachy waves.  And it only cost me two different curling irons (OMG!!) and 8 burns.  So…you know.  TOTALLY WORTH IT.

But here's the thing: I've tried two different methods, in an attempt to determine which one was easiest.  In the end, they both have different pros/cons…and since I've already splurged on both curling devices, I've found that I use them both, depending on the situation.  So while I was hoping for a definitive THIS IS THE BEST, EASIEST, FASTEST METHOD VOILA…let me just show you the two.

Method One: With a Curling Iron

Pros:  With touch-ups that literally take 2 min in the morning, I can make this hairstyle last 5-6 days.  For realz.

Cons:  This method is quite the process (shower, blow hair dry with diffuser, then curl omg).  And if you are as unskilled as I, expect a few burns, and uh…be prepared for mixed results.  (Mine always looks better the second day).

I was inspired to try beachy waves by this tutorial I found on Cara Loren's blog.  Go check it out – her hair is gorgeous.  My hair NEVER looks that perfect, but I am (usually) happy with the results. However, I do things a little differently, because at NO POINT EVER do I have time for a shower, a blow dry, and messing around with a curling iron.  I'd have to forfeit clothes. 

So here's what I do:



Not Your Mother's Kinky Moves Curl Defining Cream | Hairdryer diffuser | Nume Pearl Classic Curling Wand

At night:  I shower, then run a ton of Not Your Mother's Kinky Moves through my hair.  Then I blow it dry using a diffuser (Cara Loren demonstrates the diffuser technique in her video).  I was hoping that the diffuser would miraculously be enough and then I could skip the curling wand altoget–



SO THEN…I sleep on the mess.  In the morning, it's just me, my coffee, and my curling wand*. (Obviously, it has to be a weekend or something.)  

*I bought the Nume Pearl wand above, because Cara Loren provided a discount code that gets you one for $50 (down from $200).  But you don't need one.  I have it on good authority that you can use a regular 'ol curling iron for beachy waves by wrapping your hair around the barrel of the iron.  No clamp.  Don't use the clamp at all, or you'll get ringlets.  Just the barrel.

But in all honesty, the whole curling process doesn't take that long.  Maybe…15-20 minutes?  And I've got it down now to only one or two burns.  But when I'm done?  On a good day, it looks like this:


Cute and messy, right?  

On a bad day, however, it's more like this:


 Awww.  It's Curly Sue.  All growed up.

But regardless of whether my hair looks awesome on Day 1 or spends the entire day pulled back in a ponytail/smushed under a hat…by the following day, it always looks like this:


 And with a few minor touch-ups every other day…it pretty much stays that way.  You remember the pic earlier in this post, of Pax and I with the braided bangs?   That was day 5, Mamas.  DAY 5.

Method Two:  With a Deep Waver

Pros:  Super easy, lasts a couple of days

Cons: Only lasts a couple of days, looks vaguely like an instrument of torture


My new sister-in-law Amber (from my sister's wedding…you follow?) is also an insanely talented stylist.  With the cutest hair ALWAYS.  I was gushing over her hair on NYE, when she recommended the DEEP WAVER
(she didn't say it like that, it just begs to be written that way).  Everyone she's recommended it to (including her sisters, my sister, etc. etc.) LOVES it.  So of course, two cocktails in, I phone-surfed over to Amazon and bought it on the spot.  And you know what?  She's right.  It's super-easy to use, and looks awesome.  Like this:

Amber & Annie, NYE.   


Amber was nice enough to play around with the DEEP WAVER at her salon, so we could show you guys how it looks on different hair types.

One of these may be me.  Hint:  I was not at the salon.



Amber says:  

The bigger the sections of hair, the less of a wave.  The thinner the section of hair, the deeper the wave.  Also, let the sections cool before you touch them.  Touching before they've cooled will make the hair frizz. 

Ah.  I use pretty thick sections simply because it's fast.  By the next day, my hair looked like this:


I wouldn't call this beachy waves, but it's still cute.  I'll take it.  And while this method doesn't have the staying power of the first method (at least not for my hair), the total time commitment is under 5 min.  Seriously.  I've busted this out a few times before taking Raines to preschool*.

*We may have been 5 min late.  Which should tell you something about my time management skills.

Although, I suspect that if I tried pre-treating my hair with curl cream, then applying some hairspray after, I could probably increase the longevity of the style.  More research needed!!

Here are a few other DEEP WAVER tips from Amber:

This tool is perfect for second day hair (not freshly washed).  If you angle the tool just slightly around the hairline, it softens it just a bit.  But when you get to the top of your head, hold your hair straight up in order to get the waver close enough to your scalp.

Awesome!  Thanks, Amber!  Mamas, if anyone is looking for a stylist in the North Carolina area, go see Amber at the Beauty Bar Boutique.  She is amazingly talented.

ps.  Amazon is currently selling the DEEP WAVER for $38, down from $68.

I actually have one more trick up my sleeve…but it came to me via a reader, and I'm going to wait until tomorrow for that one (she included lots of awesome pics).  This post has started to feel like a dissertation anyway.  Let me know if you have trouble with the load time of this post – GAH!  All of these pics!  Now I see why so many bloggers just do videos.

That's it for now…but Mamas! If you have any easy (or insanely long lasting) hair tips, please let me know!  I need all the help I can get….



UPDATES – The below pics are from readers who sent in examples to go with a few of the comments below…

From reader DJ: The InStyler! It LITERALLY changed my life!  I have a lot of thick wavy frizzy hair. I pretty much look like a lion if I don't do anything to it (sigh). The InStyler only takes max. 20 minutes to not only straighten my hair but I can also curl the ends out in the same amount of time.  I can go 3-4 days without washing my hair (of course I try not to go that long but you know how it is)and my hair will keep the hairstyle THE WHOLE TIME.  Also I've been using it for 2 years and it hasn't damaged my hair at all. 


Scotti (my sister) and Beth were talking about the Deep Waver:

Scotti: Another plug for the deep waver? I can go 6 days without washing/doing my hair when I use it. I can wear it down 3-4 days (always looks better 2nd or 3rd day), then I'll pin half up for a day or two and finally all the way up the last day or two. Honestly, one of the best parts is that my hair is much HEALTHIER after using it for only a few weeks because I use much less HEAT on my hair. I bleach my hair, blow dry and have been straightening for years so my hair is fried. Even my stylist noticed the difference! 

Beth said in reply to Scotti …

Scotti- that is my hair exactly! Fine hair that is easily damaged. Thanks for the insight…any chance you can send in a picture????

Yup.  Here they are…down (on day 4) then pinned half up, then pinned all the way up.



From Reader Lauren:

I was the one who commented on your hair entry a few days ago and said I have naturally curly hair and struggle with my "cute rut".  I had a few people ask about photos…literally, I was looking for some to send, and EVERY photo of myself that I like has my hair done the same way.  I let my hair air dry, then pull the top part back above my ears; the portion I end up with in my hands I then twist and lift to the left side, and I bobby pin it in place. I go with more or less fluff/volume up top depending on my mood, and sometimes I change up the part (or lack thereof) or use a fancier bobby pin…but that's my daily mom hair.  

Hair Photos



Also Mamas, it might be easier to do a little Linky party.  If any of you have pics with a cool 'do, just link up here!


  1. I literally snorted when I read “curling iron” and then spit wine when I read ” If you read the words…” Yeah, this post was for me. I admit I’m a little scared of the DEEP WAVER, but I may give it a shot.
    As for my hair tips… I keep my hair short, about jaw-bone length. That makes it easier and faster to wash and blow dry.

  2. I am not sure if I am going to buy any crazy wonderful curling irons….but I just wanted to tell you that you are very, very funny. And I love your real, real, real-life photos. Feels good to read your words, Mama.

  3. So…best post ever! I actually have a cosmotology license (which I haven’t used for years) yet I am totally guilty of completely not doing my hair…I have also gone longer than I like to admit without washing my hair-but it is soo time consuming! So I loved all your input. In addition to the random braids (great advice!) one thing I do like to do when my bangs are greasy is wear one of those thick fabric headbands that look fancy. My favorite was $2 at Target and has silver beads on it-people actually compliment my unwashed hair! Go figure!

  4. So fun! My hair is getting really long and I always want to try something cute then think “nah, too much work!” My eight year old is getting good at doing hair, though, so I sorta figure if I hold out a bit I will have my own stylus! Ha!

  5. why don’t you just pop some mousse in your hair at night before bed, get your hair into 3-4 braids, then undo it in the morning?
    All you’d need would be mousse, and ponytail holders/ elastics to hold the ends…

  6. Shana you are very entertaining…and have great tips..but you look adorable even when you don’t “try harder” with your hair! Always looks good! I can’t wait for more shopping enabling tips though!!

  7. I thought your diffuser hair looked great (prior to the beachy waves curling)! I no longer have any patience with my hair, except to splurge on a really great cut and color every couple of months. A great cut makes ALL the difference.

  8. Here’s my hair routine:
    Day 1: wash, part. Do not brush, do not blow-dry. (my hair is naturally *slightly* wavy)
    Day 2: used to be put in pony-tail, but I got inspired by your posts. Now it’s clip the top half back in a barrette! (I have long, thick hair too, but the cheap target barrettes work fine for just the top.)
    You are a hair-goddess compared to me! LOL

  9. Oh dear. This post was not for me! Even before I was a mother I never had this much time to give to my hair….and now I also, since giving birth, don’t have much hair! Baby is six months old now, and showering/blow-drying in the morning is all about screwing my eyes shut & trying not to notice the big clumps of stuff coming out in my hands.
    Sadness. I’m hoping it’ll grow back someday. In the meantime, I looked at each one of your photos with envy. Consider yourself truly blessed!

  10. So… super easiest way ever to create waves… over night sock bun! I rolled my hair (slightly damp) after shower and right before bed into a sock bun super high on top of my head. By morning, add a little product and good to go! It even worked for second day hair. I re-rolled it and was ready to go the next morning. AWESOME!

  11. Sock bun! My hair is finally long enough to make one, and it is the easiest style for a bad hair day. Plop it right on top of your head with a fancy barrette or a flower and it is even worthy of a night out.
    The only other thing I have to add is that when you’re short on time you shouldn’t fight your natural texture. I have thick natural beachy waves that I have finally learned to let air dry, then tame the front with a curling iron. I can’t tell you the trouble I get into if I try to blow dry or straighten!

  12. I’m going to admit my dirty hair secret…I gave up shampoo. Seriously. I wash my hair often, but just with water and scrub the hell out my scalp. My hair stays thick and styles easily. Once a week or maybe every 10 days I use a clarifying shampoo. And yes, I workout everyday, so sweaty heads can do it too.
    Mostly I leave it down and pin the front back (its wavy and layered), but somedays it needs to be up so I do a partial topsytail/bun. Pin the front back (I twist it and bobby pin so hte bangs stay and its got a slight poof) and then make a messy knot of the rest (the ponytail that you don’t pull through all the way). Use your fingers to make a space in your hair between your scalp and the ponytail holder. Flip the messy knot into the space and stuff all the hair in. If I take my time I can use it as a nice updo, but if I hurry it just looks like a way less messy knot than normal. And it stays all day.

  13. Love this post, and all the ideas! So dumb question, but since I have really fine straight hair, I have to wash everyday or look super greasy and limp. What do you do with your hair when you are showering? I’m assuming you don’t go days on end without a shower, right?
    I’m a mama of four kids ages 1-8. I’ve been doing the beachy waves thing for about 6 months now, but have to do the whole wash, dry curl process every day. Anyone out there with fine super straight hair with ideas for me?

  14. Before kids, I did my hair every morning. After…I’d never have decent hair if not for no heat waves. There are tons of methods, but I wash my hair the night before and let it air dry. In the morning while the baby is just starting to wake, I quickly spray it with a wave enhancer and twist it up into two buns. It takes me 3 minutes. An hour or two later take them out and finger comb. Our morning routine is long, but you can sleep in the buns or I’ve even left the house in them.
    My hair lasts for 2 days MAX, even with dry shampoo. Those of you who can go longer without a wash can likely make this last for way longer. The waves also will make your pony tail or other quick up do look better when you need to stretch it another day.

  15. The InStyler! It LITERALLY changed my life!People compliment my hair ALL THE TIME!I have turned 3 people at work on to it and they love it too. My aunt’s infomercial purchasing habit finally paid off, this thing is awesome!
    I have a lot of thick wavy frizzy hair. I pretty much look like a lion if I don’t do anything to it (sigh). The InStyler only takes max. 20 minutes to not only straighten my hair but I can also curl the ends out in the same amount of time. Before I would use a flat iron to smooth my hair and THEN a curling iron for the ends, SO time consuming. I can go 3-4 days without washing my hair (of course I try not to go that long but you know how it is)and my hair will keep the hairstyle THE WHOLE TIME. You read that right: 3-4 days of perfectly straight curled-end hair! The thing gets SUPER hot so it’s a little hard to use without burning yourself at first but it comes with this little shield to help you, a training shield if you will. Also I’ve been using it for 2 years and it hasn’t damaged my hair at all. I believe it is ceramic? Not positive about that but it definitely has been kind to my mane.
    I wish I could upload a picture of my hair! Seriously though not to brag but my hair always looks great and it takes so little time. I usually wash my hair and let it dry overnight then in the morning wake up before my munchkin so I can have 20 minutes to straighten it. When my husband is home I straighten it before bed so I can sleep in and I kid you not my hair still looks perfect after sleeping on it all night. Even with a little toddler drool on it hehe ๐Ÿ™‚
    Oh gosh I’ve written way too much. Sorry about that, I was just so excited I finally had something to contribute! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Love your blog SO MUCH! Thanks for all the tips and laughs!

  16. is this your first baby? Are you breastfeeding? My hair fell out for the first 8 months after both my kids, mostly I noticed it in front around my face. But, as I was breastfeeding less and then weaned at a year, it started to grow back. Maybe its just the typical hormonal thing for you…

  17. I did this everynight in 7th and 8th grade…I would let it air dry for a bit then french braid it overnight. I should try it out again!

  18. Amber and Annie can’t possibly be moms, right? There isn’t an ounce of pre-night-out-prep-for-babysitter-kid-wrangling on their glowey faces. Please, please say they’re not moms. Please!

  19. Another plug for the deep waver? I can go 6 days without washing/doing my hair when I use it. I can wear it down 3-4 days (always looks better 2nd or 3rd day), then I’ll pin half up for a day or two and finally all the way up the last day or two. Honestly, one of the best parts is that my hair is much HEALTHIER after using it for only a few weeks because I use much less HEAT on my hair. I bleach my hair, blow dry and have been straightening for years so my hair is fried. Even my stylist noticed the difference! If you have dry, fine hair like me…not thick, naturally gorgeous hair like Shana (heehee), you will love it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Oh, I use a shower cap in the shower to keep my hair from frizzing in the shower, by the way. I put it in a loose ponytail on top of my head and it also helps to add volume.

  21. I’m with Megan. Good cut & color. And I refuse to spend more than 5-10 minutes on my hair. So I blow dry it upside down and use a round brush to curl the ends out a la Patty Duke at the moment. Could also be because my hair is stick straight and has no natural curl for products like the Kinky Moves to enhance. ๐Ÿ™ Maybe I’ll try to get it permed to beachy waves next time? Must consult my stylist…

  22. I so want to be inspired, Shana, but I always feel very helpless when it comes to my hair! I naturally have those ringlets that you mentioned above that you don’t want to create on purpose. The upside is that they CAN be cute, but only if they are pretty much perfect. Otherwise, they look messy and sloppy, not messy and cute. Whenever I try to go for looser waves, like the beachy look, frizz abounds! So I do this routine with my hair: wash, use curl cream, air dry. Fluff with a blow dryer and diffuser for about 30 seconds. Then pin one side back with bobby pins to create a bit of body. I hate that I do one thing 90% of the time, but whenever I see a photo of myself that I like, it’s with that style. I feel stuck in a rut…but is it a rut if it’s cute? I would love to be more adventurous, and I liked seeing your ideas. I might try to make some bling bobby pins. If I’m going to use them every day, they might as well be fun!

  23. Lauren, we must have the same hair. I’ve tried for beachy waves more times than I can count with results ranging from fuzzy to frizzy. I just straighten it in the winter bc frizz plus static makes me crazy. I’m never sure what to do with it when it’s curly in the summer, though. The messy pony/bun is my rut, but I’d love to see yours! I can’t quite picture the pin thing….
    S, I love the braid idea and I’m determined to try it tomorrow! Any tips for a cute and hat-friendly style while we’re talking hair? Great post, btw, and just the motivation I needed to get it into gear managing the chaos on top of my head. Thanks!

  24. When I can’t squeeze in a shower and my bangs are greasy, I’ll dry shampoo my whole head and then just shampoo my bangs quickly in the sink and blow dry the whole mess to style. It actually ends up looking pretty good and only takes a few minutes.
    Is your hair naturally pretty straight, Shana? The deep waver is intriguing (cuteness + easiness), but my hair is super-thick and straight, and typically doesn’t hold curl well. I’m also the girl who used to walk around in high school with burn marks from “trying” to use a curling iron. So, yeah, challenged…

  25. I have a friend who used to complain about her hair that sounds a lot like yours, and then she splurged on a stylist in NYC (she takes the train from Philly) that specializes in curly hair. She says it changed her life… and outlook on her hair. I guess it’s something about the way it’s cut with the curl and layered (I dunno… my hair is poker-straight)…
    It’s mucho expensivo BUT she only needs to cut it 2 times per year.

  26. I have embraced the beachy wave look too and have Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray to thank. It is pricey, but I LOVE it! I wash, spray and sorta finger lift it dry. Then on day two I may straighten. I haven’t tried going more than 2 days without washing, but maybe I’ll give it a shot.
    Thanks for the great post! You have inspired me to try a new look, which is hard to do. I tend to wear the same hair style for YEARS.
    Here is the spray I use:

  27. Looking at this post from a purely reader perspective… I have been reading this blog for going on 2 years now and I honestly have never seen your hair on here and thought anything but, “man, she looks so effortlessly cool! And with 2 boys, how does she do it?!” So I get the gist of what this is about – to inspire us to break out of our ruts – but honestly, I think, if most of us had this hair of yours or your clothes we would be happy! Shana, you are one awesomely cool chick that a lot of us look up to! ๐Ÿ™‚ Deep waver/texturizer/curling iron be damned!

  28. Yes! I did one for the first time yesterday and it’s going to be my pony tail alternative!! It was a bit sloppy, so needs some work, but definitely fast, easy, and cute.

  29. The only hat-friendly style I've found so far (other than giving up and just plunking it on my head), is a low side braid (or two).  The braids peek out from the hat, and the hat still fits.
    Sent from my iPhone

  30. Megan – super thick, super straight, and doesn't hold a curl well.  That's my hair to a T.  Love the sink idea!!  Will probably do it..uh…today.
    Sent from my iPhone

  31. Thanks for this post! I’m glad I’m not the only hair incompetent mom! I hate doing my hair. If I spend more than 5 minutes on it, it’s too much time. I usually resort to a pony tail. Bad, I know. We moved to Florida 5 years ago from dry California, and I’m still not sure how to control my hair in this humidity. In CA, I could let my hair air dry, but here it just frizzes. Any good products to fight humidity??

  32. Scotti- that is my hair exactly! Fine hair that is easily damaged. Thanks for the insight…any chance you can send in a picture???? I would love to find a way to do less to my hair. I have found that keratin treatments help (and I was lucky enough to find a stylist does a natural process- so it isn’t truly Keratin but it helps to smooth things and gloss it up a bit)- but to go for 3-5 days would be amazing!

  33. Ordered the deep waver on my husband’s amazon account- where he questioned “what the heck is this?” To mess with him I said it was a vibrator ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. LOLOLOLOLOL! ย Genius. ย I wonder how many times a month I could get away with that? ย God knows Mike would totally approve those purchases….
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  35. I actually bought 1 hat that is specifically too large for my head so that it can fit over my hair when I twist it up with a barrette (one of my most frequent instant hairstyles).

  36. Yes, first baby – and yes, I’m breastfeeding. In front is exactly where it’s happening – my bangs have started to look really thin especially, and at the sides of my face. It’s hard to hide it… I’m very encouraged by your comment though! Hopefully when I wean things might improve.

  37. Abbi– 1. get your thyroid levels checked. It’s really normal with all the hormone flux around pregnancy and breastfeeding to lose hair, lots of it. Yes. But also, sometimes hypothyroidism manifests around pregnancy and childbirth and one of its most common symptoms is hair loss, especially if it sort of looks like male pattern thinness (esp. thin at the temple and in the front).
    2. I know all the thyroid stuff b/c I had major thyroid issues and lost hair for 9 months. This was after I went through 2 separate more minor episodes where I thinned right in the front and on the sides. That thinning righted itself once I was on thyroid replacement and I did take a hair-skin-nails vitamin, which did help speed regrowth. This past episode. Whew. I took showers in the dark in order to not have to see all the hair loss. One thing I found (in the spirit of this ANMJ posting) to cover the emptiness at the front of my head in a cool way was the ETSY purveyor, 3 Bird Nest. She makes headwraps and “turbands” that you can wear right in the front of your head and they look cool, boho a lot of the time, but even sometimes a little preppy. Here’s one of my favorites she has up right now:

  38. Great thought- thanks! I love a hat when I’m too lazy *cough*four kids*cough* to fix my hair, but a boatload of frizzy curls busting out…not good. PS, tried the random braids today and loved ’em. Thanks!

  39. You need to try “the lovely little hair bun” that my wonderfully creative and talented niece-in-law makes. So stylish for that top of your head type bun. And they’re only $8!!! She sells 7 different styles/patterns, 3 different sizes each depending on hair and the magnitude of bun you desire, and the tutorial is right there on the website: http://www.lovelybun.com. I promise you won’t be disappointed and all you need is a couple of minutes!

  40. My hair is naturally straight but I can’t wash it every day and I love to take baths at night so… I battle this awful Mary-Tyler-Moore dip-in-dip-out hair thing when I don’t get to wash & dry it. I bought a faux InStyler at Marshalls for $30 and LOVE it. Would love to get the real thing as I suspect it’s even better, but this thing takes me about 5 minutes (I let it heat up while I’m doing my makeup for work) and my hair stays looking fab all day. Much better than my straightening iron.
    In terms of product, my stylist recommended this bamboo dry stuff that you sprinkle into dry hair and then kind of scooch up the hair to get volume. It’s expensive and in a tiny bottle but she used it in place of gels, creams, etc. and I get great volume even though my hair is thick and heavy.

  41. Concerning hair clips . . . I have a hard time with them too. My stylist says I have enough hair for 3 people.
    I love flexi clips from Lilla Rose. They come in sizes! I use the medium for ponytails (though they slip, sometimes I hide a small rubber hair band underneath) and the large for twisting it up.
    I also like using spin pins. They are small or large spirals that can hold my hair. I prefer to use multiple small ones instead of the larger one (it’s not large enough).

  42. That’s great info, it’s true. Pregnancy can mess up a girls thyroid. I am an OB nurse as a matter of fact, so thyroid was the first thing I thought as well. But , everything was normal…apparently making tons of milk was too much for my poor body! It all grew back after both weanings.

  43. I have a slightly A-line chin length hair cut and fine hair…anyone tried the Deep Waver on shorter hair? This sounds so interesting as I often get tired of doing my hair THE SAME WAY every time..and because it’s short(er)..well I don’t really have a clue ha!

  44. This is my favorite hair trick (found a blog with tutorial hope that’s okay)…
    This takes me 2 minutes at night, no kidding. It looks great and it’s a fantastic 2nd, 3rd, and 4th day hair. Sometimes I’ll even leave it in the headband if I’ve managed to use a cute one and will just pop a pin in, people always compliment it so ideally strangers aren’t just lying to me because I have a crazed “I haven’t slept in 4 days between my 7 month old and 23 month old, say anything mean to me and I may cut you” look in my eyes. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I also LOVE this stuff for soft hold, it’s dirt cheap and it holds even hard-to-curl hair. Yes, I’m linking to something at Walmart but whatever, it works and lasts forever! http://www.walmart.com/ip/Lotta-Body-Texturing-Hair-Setting-Lotion-12-fl-oz/10321869

  45. Thank you for this post! I still have my hair in its typical pony..but I decided to braid my bangs back into it. Love it! Even staying home all days with two kiddos, I feel a bit more put together..heck, I even put makeup on because of it! ha! It’s the little things in life ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the inspiration!!

  46. On this: Bare Minerals! I truly can do my makeup in 5 minutes.. foundation, blush, eye highlighter, including a quick swipe of eyeliner and mascara! (I used to use the loose powder, but it started to be too drying on my skin..so now I use their Ready Wear pressed powder..love it!)

  47. OK, super frustrated. Am I the only girl in this world that can do absolutely nothing with her hair! I tried some of the things above and other dos I found on pinterest, all “easy” hair options and its like I have two left hands, even worse because looking in the mirror and working a curling iron adds another layer of confusion. Man, why didn’t I have a sister growing up! My sister in laws try and help me now but I think I’m a lost cause. Can I just be rich enough to have a personal stylist do my hair every morning and have S pick out my outfits?

  48. Thank you Lisa! I am going to check it out now ๐Ÿ™‚ I am loving this thread and all the great input!
    I decided against the waver because it just seemed out of my skill range..but I did splurge on the nume pearl..with the discount code. S-you enabler you! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  49. This is so random, but – can you tell me where you got that camera strap on your Nikon? It’s rad!! Also, very nice hair style ideas.

  50. I have a daily struggle with making the effort to do my hair or use that time to do something more productive. My favorite go to product is the dry shampoo by Redken. It’s awesome for “refreshing” your hair just enough to make it look like you atleast tried!

  51. This was such a great post…thanks! Even though I don’t have kids, my work commute (7 hours away from home each week) makes hair styling hard and that was one of my new years resolutions. Thanks again!

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