Halloween Weeeeekend….



Happy Halloween weekend!  It’s funny, the boys are going as Harry Potter again this year.  But this time, Raines (my oldest) is going to be Malfoy, and has been practicing his sneer (I just posted a pic to Instagram – it’s hysterical).   We’ve been listening to Harry Potter via Audible, and the reader is AMAZING – the entire family is riveted.  It’s almost completely usurped movie night.

We don’t have any big plans this weekend…all of our trick-or-treating will be done on Monday, as well as the kids’ class parties.  I suspect my kids will be bouncing off the walls allllll next week.  Happily, my parents will be visiting so….good luck with that, Mom.


Jess just updated her shoppable boutique with all of her favs.  She included this velvet tank and I’m obsessed.  Now all I need is a warm-yet-sexy cardigan and I have a perfect holiday outfit.  THAT’S ALL.  A WARM AND SEXY CARDIGAN.  ANYONE?…..ANYONE?….BUELLER?

YES!!  The fuzzy sweater I’ve been stalking at Banana Republic is now 40% off!  You might as well pick up this beautiful metallic tshirt as well.

My fav Lucky Brand boots just showed up at Sole Society!!

Bag boredom?  Kate Spade has these tassel-and-strap kits that can completely makeover your existing bag (as long as you have a detachable strap).  I LOVE this idea.

Game changing boots??   The entire Mom Edit staff is intrigued by Tory Burch’s Convertible Riding Boots.  They look like a seriously cool tall boot…then unzip the top part off, and voila!!  Ankle boots.  You gotta watch the video.  (Thanks for the find, Jess!)

My absolute favorite skincare is on sale right now at Colleen Rothschild.  I’m obsessed with this cleanser (I’m literally excited to wash my face at night), and Scotti swears that this moisturizer doubles as a primer.



Patagonia has retention rates of 100% for working moms.  Here’s why.  (Prepare to be blown away.)

I’m 4% Introverted.  Amanda has us all obsessed with this free personality test.  (I’m an ENFP -A, a ‘Campaigner’ who is “unlikely to have the heart  to establish…limitations” in parenting.  OMG TOO TRUE.)

Wondering what Fashion It-Girls look like in Indonesia?  My friend Brent is currently at Jakarta Fashion Week.  You can see the street style scene on his IG, @UrbanFieldNotes.

I learned something new:  PSL?  Pumpkin Spice Latte.  As in, ‘Is this top too PSL?’  (Yes, this was a direct quote from the TME slack channel.)

Need a last minute costume idea?  Mother Mag’s roundup is pretty great.

Or this stunning Mommy-and-Me skeleton costume from Hello Fashion totally blew my mind.

I  hate crafts.  But explorative art?  YES.  I’m totally intrigued by this skeleton leaf project (prob best for slightly older kids)  and this stunningly gorgeous yet simple art project with leaves.

Laura’s having a Halloween party…she’ll be taking over The Mom Edit’s snapchat account this weekend!  (@themomedit).  Here’s one of her party tricks:



Happy Halloween!!!



ps.  Send sexy cardigan recommendations.  The world needs this roundup.




  1. The man who reads HP is amazing! So much so, that we looked at what other books he narrated and ended up listening to Around the World in 80 days. So good!

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