Handmade Alternatives: Teethers and Pacifier Clips


The following is part of a series of posts by contributing author Lane about a few fabulous handmade alternatives to the usual mass-produced baby items.  Also see her articles on handmade alternatives for baby slings and carriers, shopping cart covers, and nursing covers.  


I don’t even have my baby in hand yet, but from what I’m told by expert moms everywhere, when it comes to teethers Sophie the Giraffe is the queen of the world. You can find her at Toys’R’Us for $19.99.

But while Sophie may reign supreme when it comes to relieving little achey mouths, you may want a back-up or companion, so why not shop handmade?

Wooden teethers, either unfinished or finished with organic, non-toxic oils, have a sleek look and a smooth feel for sore gums. I love the Little Michigan Teething toy (28 other states available, along with other shapes) from littlesaplingtoys for $12 and littlealouette’s organic Modern Maple Oval Teether for $17.

Teetherlittlesaplingtoys Teetherlittlealouette
For a softer, more colorful choice, try the Organic GNOT Teether and Clutch Toy (shown in Yummy Veggie Colors) for $11.85 by babus or, for $26, chunkychooky’s Mr. Lovely softie toy rattle monster.

Teetherbabus Teetherchunkychooky

Pacifier Clips

To keep your baby happy and in a small effort to preserve your own sanity, a pacifier or soother clip can prevent the disaturous loss of a pacifier at the most inopportune time. You can find a standard clip like the MAM Pacifier Clip for $5.49 at Babies’R’Us,

but an item you’ll be bound to use almost daily deserves a little more thought. The following are some of what Etsy has to offer:

I love the beautiful look and texture of felted versions like the Owlen Pacifier Clip for $8 from cranberriesandcapers and the Mr. Puppy Felt Pacifier Clip for $8 by ELLEigatorClips.

Pacifiercranandcapers Pacifierelleigatorclips

For a natural, neutral look with the bonus of being made from non-toxic, sustainable materials, I would choose the Eco Friendly Soother Clip from LoveMyBump for $8.

judybagcompany’s Custom Monogrammed Pacifier Clip for $5.50 and Bellamina’s little lovebird pacifer clip (available in several colors and combinations) for $8 allow you to personalize your choice.

Pacifierjudybagcompany Pacifierkarensagez

– Lane


36weeks2 Contributing author Lane is an intentionally unemployed social worker who is currently growing a human, following her husband’s dream, trying to stay relevant, and practicing her mothering skills on two rescued dogs, Enid and Falcor.  Check out her fabulous blog, the Overseas Trapeze.



  1. Emily – Do you think they’d custom make something for me? I love that they do a Michigan teether…but I’m a UP girl. I need an Upper Peninsula one, LOL!

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