Handmade Alternatives: Nursing Covers


Nursingcoverdiapersdotcom For any mother-to-be who plans on nursing, or moms who breastfeed currently, modesty while breastfeeding in public can be an issue. While some women feel comfortable whipping it all out in any setting, and I do truly say more power to them seeing as it is pretty much the most natural act imaginable, others are a little more booby shy. And that's where a nursing cover comes in. After receiving a handmade nursing cover as a gift from a friend, I realized that while there are commercial versions like the Bebe au Lait Hooters Hider $35, from diapers.com (is it me, or is that name kind of…lacking in taste?)…I personally think you'll find a broader selection of gorgeous covers on Etsy with the bonus of being handmade or even customized (!!) to your specifications.

Behold just a few of my favorites…..

I love this slightly preppy, totally gender neutral TaTa Tent in Kelly Green Madras from LucyJaneStudio's for $25.

For $21.88 gingersnappz's Camilla cover is budget friendly but has an elegant print that makes it look pricey.

These covers, including Lemon Chiffon Nursing Wrap for $40, by mamawraps use a pretty and feminine ribbon around the neck.

Lotus Flower cover by Essiedesigns for $18.99 is bright, practical and boasts plenty of coverage for you and privacy for baby.


Have fun finding ways to make nursing as pretty as possible! Come back to soon to see my picks for handmade alternatives to teethers and pacifer clips!



36weeks2 Contributing author Lane is an intentionally unemployed social worker who is currently growing a human, following her husband's dream, trying to stay relevant, and practicing her mothering skills on two rescued dogs, Enid and Falcor.  Check out her fabulous blog, the Overseas Trapeze.


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