Happy (Almost Thanksgiving) Weekend….




How did your week go?   Ours was a blur of laundry, trying to recover from Pax’s bout with pinkeye last weekend…only to find out that Raines now has pinkeye.  SIGH.  We cancelled Pax’s birthday party on Friday…so we’re left with a house full of balloons and a just-turned six-year-old who has been playing Die, Stormtrooper since he opened this new costume for his birthday.  I’m all DON’T SHARE THE HELMET WITH RAINES because seriously.  That’s the last thing we need.

Don’t be surprised if I’m suddenly wearing sunglasses in all of my pictures.


Nine West started their Black Friday sale today.  It’s so good that Scotti rounded up all of her favs here.

These seriously cool hair-tie bracelets would make great gifts.

Speaking of gifts…Laura found this hysterical Lionel Richie mug.  (Perfect for tea lovers.)

The most-shopped item from last week?  These velvet skinnies.

This little faux-fur puff is a total lifesaver (it’s the only way I can easily find my keys in a jam-packed bag).

Suddenly we’re all obsessed with star prints.  I’m seriously considering this dress, Gwen has me drooling over this romper, and, of course, J.Crew’s Tippi sweater and metallic star tee (both 30% off right now).


Also, This…..

Amanda is taking over The Mom Edit’s Snapchat (@themomedit) this weekend!  Amanda says, “I’ll be headed to a benefit to raise awareness for postpartum depression/anxiety, which I had with both babies. If you’ve been affected, too, consider making a donation to the National Coalition for Maternal Mental Health“.

If you’re ever wondering why we love Nordstrom so much….here are a few reasons why.

Book nerds, get excited.  Amazon just released their list of the 100 best books of the year.  (Thanks, Amanda!!)

The most amazing big brother ever.  Wow.

Still reeling from the election?  I know I am.  A Cup of Jo had a good post recently on 5 Ways To Get Involved, as did Rebecca from Girl’s Gone Child.  Sing it, sisters.

From our slack channel…..Scotti has been working on gift guides, and came across this gem:


Locals Only

Philly families!  The Center for Architecture and Design is hosting a series of family workshops every Saturday through December.  Think architecture via gingerbread, designing and building an entire city (in a box), and going nuts with K’nex.  Full schedule is here.




Enjoy your weekend!





  1. OH. MY. GAWD. If those hair tie bracelets are everything they seem to be I’m buying one for everyone I know! Thank you!
    Has anyone used them?

    • I’m also curious if anyone has tried the hair ties. Totally adding to my list if they are as great as they seem. Thanks, Shana! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your adorable family!!

  2. Thanks for the Girls Gone Child link. A well worded & curated roundup of ways we can be vocal, active and include our children. My daughter’s 6th birthday is coming up and, as she’s become more interested through books we read around the election (HIGHLY recommend the book “I Dissent” a book on Ruth Bader Ginsburg!), we’re going to frame her party around getting active, including making DIY patches, creating art for people who need cheering up, and donating travel size toiletries to a local women’s & children’s shelter. And also a glo-stick dance party! Because 6 year old girls. Please continue to share these types of resources here & there as you come across them – so needed and appreciated.

  3. Yes, thank you for speaking out about the election, even though you were criticized for it. It made me like this blog even more than I already do. Fashion and politics have long been bedfellows, anyway.

  4. I’d like to second Elizabeth’s comment–thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. Also, I love your little stormtrooper and the toes peeking out from his costume….

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