Happy Friday….



It's that boot time of year, Mamas.  As I write this, it's pouring down rain.  Definitely a hot chocolate morning.  And since I have the flu, instead of a rainy-day walk, we'll probably watch movies all day.  The boys will be thrilled.  Mike, who has been gone ALL WEEK will finally be home soon.  This week has been a long one.

Here are a few things that caught my eye:

Refinery 29 did a roundup of sophisticated fleece pieces.  Fleece = sweatshirt.  What's not to like?

Jane of Sea of Shoes threw up a few dressing room snaps from a recent shopping trip.  Notable?  She's trying on everything with a pair of fab red sneaks.  I just pinned her LBD and red sneakers.  My next outfit to copy.

Did you guys see Kilee's recommendation to layer a long knit vest under a denim jacket?  Yeah – Olivia Wilde must have, too.  (grin)

Still trying to find your perfect Fall momiform?  Blake Lively wore a fabulous option with moto boots.  Happily, the Budget Babe posted a budget-friendly recreation of her outfit.  Also, I think this Vanessa Jackman pic would make a fab momiform (with tall, black riding boots!).

Curly-haired Mamas!!  Check out the latest post from Philly style blogger Chaucee (who has gorgeously curly hair).  Her fav styles are all super simple but adorbs, and would be perfect for busy Mamas!

We're having a discussion on Facebook about kid shoes or boots that don't get stinky.  UGH.  This has been a problem for us, lately.  I'm ready to toss all of R's shoes.  Any advice or shoe picks?

Lastly, good news for fans of 77Kids!  This baby and kid's brand, which used to be part of American Eagle, was going out of business, however…two weeks before the official closing, they were bought out!  The turnover will happen sometime next year, no word yet on who bought them.  However…my secret source says that 77Kids will get all-new designers, but will keep the same casual-cool vibe, meaning, hopefully, no puppy shirts (I'm looking at you, Gymboree).  I'll keep you posted when I learn more.



ps.  Getting into the Halloween spirit?  Check out this old post on our fav scary books for kids.



  1. Sucky being sick! Get better!!!
    Pinned the hair ideas. Husband bought red converse last week (might have to *borrow* them). Good times.

  2. Hope you realize how fabulous you are. A+ stellar. Loving the Vanessa Jackman look and think it will make a great mom-iform for fall. Thank you thank you for the great suggestions! Feel better, mama!

  3. Feel better soon!!! Sickness+ being a mama= Big time bummer.
    And even sick you manage to pull together fabulous posts! I LOVE the Vanessa Jackman look!!!
    Once again you read my mind. I have been on the hunt for a way to pair leather and knits. I have been drooling over this sweater dress with leather sleeves, but the price point is way too high http://www.shopbop.com/sweater-dress-leather-sleeve-10/vp/v=1/845524441952165.htm?fm=search-viewall-shopbysize.
    Sending you hugs and healing! xo

  4. I too am loving the Vanessa Jackman look. Was out shopping for a similar look yesterday after days of scouring fashion blogs. One thing I really need and am having a hard time finding is the perfect black skinny to go with outfits like this. My prob is I have toothpick legs, like no calves, like my legs havent changed since I was 12 🙁 I need something flattering.
    also, I am for sure going to make a layering vest, sooo easy! Thanks to Kilee, she rocks, will be checking out her blog.
    And lastly, feel better, how sweet of Pax to help you get some housework done. weetheart.

  5. Ree – they are a really old style from 9west. I keep getting this question though…am currently on the hunt for a similar pair. Will let you guys know when I find them.

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