Happy, Happy Weekend




More snow out East, you say?  Hold tight, because winter’s not over?

Well.  As we speak, I’m watching the sun come up over the Emerald Coast in Gulf Shores, AL.  We’ve been here all week, visiting my parents.  I don’t usually disappear from the blog without a word, but right before we left there was a perfect storm of sick kids, school events, and a bout of hating my hair.

This hair, you guys.  It’s like I can no longer dress myself and look like me, you know?  I don’t know if that even makes sense (unless you’ve ever suddenly gone from super-long hair to pixie)….but GAH!  More on that front later.

But I do have several fun Friday links for y’all.  (Or is the proper use ‘all y’all’ in this case?  I’ll have to ask a local.)

Meagan Francis of The Happiest Home (formerly The Happiest Mom), is one of my very favorite bloggers.  So when she asked if I wanted to pop over and do a segment for her Kitchen Hour podcast, I didn’t even hesitate.  The Kitchen Hour is Meagan’s version of NPR – an hour of interesting topics, cool interviews, and fun discussions – something you can listen to while you get dinner ready.  In my first one, Episode 21, we talk about whether mom style really matters.  (And I’ll bet you can guess where I stand.)

Have you heard of Quirkie Kids?  It’s a line of unisex, hot-pink tees for kids.  And they’re awesome.  I’m loving the new rhino design, Pax really likes the monster.  The designer, Martine, is currently running a kickstarter campaign with 11 more days to go.

Kate Upton teamed up with Neff Headwear to create two perfect winter beanies (gray or black – bestillmyheart).  Purchase either of these before March 14th, and Neff will donate 10% of proceeds to Stand Up To Cancer.


Reader Laura swears by this Free People top.  “I was looking for a good, cool beach cover-up and ran across this. Thought I would share 🙂 I love it. Super cute with skinnies or leggings, too, I would think. Yay! Ordered it in plum, but that was the hardest decision!”  Love this – thanks, Laura!

Remember when I swore that you could wear plaid, leopard, stripes and camo all together in one look?  Kate sent me this link to the Atlantic-Pacific blog.  See?  I’m not the only one pattern-crazy.

Refinery 29 claims you can wear sweatpants on a date.  I kinda love it…but do I just want to believe?  I suspect Mike would be a firm NO.  He likes walking behind a nice-looking bum on date nights….

Madewell has some seriously cute denim styles for Spring.  I’m loving these overalls, these railstripe jeans (they look SO much better in person and are unbelievably soft), or these slightly-patched boyfriend jeans.  Yes!  Patches!

Speaking of…here are Boyfriend jeans for curvy Mamas.  According to my sister, “these jeans are awesome for your curvier readers (pear shape) who want boyfriend jeans but haven’t been able to find any that look good on them!”  Thanks, Scotti!

And the happiest news of all?  Scotti is pregnant!  I’m insanely excited, you guys.  Like, crazy, OMGsquishybabycometoAuntyShana EXCITED.  She finds out boy/girl next week.  YESSSSSSS.

Now back to the beach!