Happy Juneteenth! Here’s a Few Black-Owned Businesses To Support


Hey Gang! The Mom Edit offices are closed on Wednesday, in honor of Juneteenth, but we wanted to take a moment to highlight some of our very favorite Black-Owned Businesses. We’re obviously fashion-focused, but Juneteenth is also really good excuse to get out and support some local, Black-owned businesses in your town (Harriet’s Bookshop and Mac’n macaroons – order online – are two of my favs in Philly).

If you’re interested in diving deeper into the history of Juneteenth – or, heck, American history, but a fuller picture that includes the Black perspective – give Jermaine Fowler a follow on IG, @thehumanityarchive. He’s soooo freaking interesting, and I’ve learned a ton. His podcasts are great, also, and I’m going to pick up a copy of his book. Reviewers have called it the “most important book they’ve read in years”, and one even shared her favorite passage about people enduring during the time of the US slave society:

“But it is important to remember that during this time people still clung to life: They still built communities and fell in love. They formed networks. They got married. They laughed. They joked. They played games. They hoped and dreamed. They raised children. They showed inexhaustible human fortitude and resiliency, a resiliency that is still part of Black culture.”

– Jermaine Fowler, The Humanity Archive, page 182

14 Black Owned Business We Love

All of the businesses below are ones that we’ve personally shopped – and many of these exact products we own & highly recommend.

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1. AAKS Lisi Stripe Raffia Bag

At Madewell

I LOVE AAKS bags. While most straw bags have a neutral, farmer’s market-inspired vibe, AAKS bags make a statement. They’re incredibly well-made, add personality to any outfit, and work especially well on date night (but obviously can be carried during the day, too, because…straw). If you’ve ever been worried about straw bags not being durable enough, try these (Laura, I’m talking to you!).

2. Woven Earrings

At Gwen Beloti

We’re huge Gwen Beloti fans over here. If you’ve ever been looking for real gold jewelry, at a price you can reasonably afford…check out Gwen’s stuff. We were thrilled to see Saks carrying her line!

3. Wildflower Honey

At Zach & Zoë

Aliya is a big fan of this honey, calling it a “total game changer”. The founders started making this honey to help their son with his asthma and seasonal allergies. “As someone who suffers from allergies,” Aliya said, “raw honey has been a staple in my everyday life. This honey is creamy and delicious and I love everything that this brand does.”

4. Mantra Mug

At Mantra Mugs

I can’t get enough Mantra Mugs. First of all, they’re omgsofunny. And/or sweet and clever. So much so that I’ve decided that I want to be besties with the founder. Second of all, these mugs are GIANT. They’re so satisfying to hold, and I use them all winter as my giant after-dinner tea mugs. Love, love, love.

ps. You can also order mugs with custom quotes.

5. Minted Grapefruit Candle

At Mount Airy Candle Co.

These seriously chic soy candles – made here, in Philly – have the most incredible scents: Sel de Mer, Fig Tree & Redwoods, Berries & Cashmere – just to name a few. I’m a citrus girl, though, so Minted Grapefruit is my favorite.

6. Brandon Blackwood Corey Bucket Bag

At Shopbop

Brandon Blackwood is known for making small bags with tons of personality. His whole line is worth keeping an eye on (this quirky straw bag cracks me up), but it’s the denim(ish) bag that will really go the distance.

7. The Lip Bar Vegan Matte Liquid Lipstick

At Walmart

Laura has loved this lip product from The Lip Bar for years. “It goes on like a gloss,” she says, “but stays all day without being overly drying. My fav shade is Unimpressed but they’ve added even more gorgeous colors lately!”

8. Jade Swim Contour One-Piece

At Goop

Jade Swim makes really simple swimsuits…that exude luxury. It’s the fabric, the simple design details that makes this swimwear really, really special. Size up, though – they tend to run small.

9. Renowned Sunsets at the Inkwell Graphic T-Shirt

At Nordstrom

Renowned makes the coolest graphic tees (and sweatshirts), hands down. Teen-approved, too, but everyone love these. The tees run a little small, sweatshirts TTS.

10. HONOR THE GIFT Oversize Cotton Rugby Polo

At Nordstrom

While Honor Thy Gift’s entire line is worth checking out, Bev and I both love the rugby shirt. 90’s vibes, super soft, oversized fit and so freaking cool. Comes in three colorways, too – highly recommend.

11. The Novelist Top

At The Tiny Closet

The Tiny Closet is slow fashion at its best. All of her designs are thoughtful, useful and…beautiful. I especially love all of the linen in this season’s collection.

12. Medium Duffle

At Telfar

Telfar bags have quite the following, and the sell out risk is HIGH. While they’re known for their classic square totes in punchy colors…I realllllly like this sleek little duffle. It wants to come home with me.

13. lemlem Anthea V-neck Dress

At J.Crew

Lem Lem makes the most gorgeous cover-ups, in fabric that’s really, really special. There’s nothing more comfortable, breezy, or beautiful.

14. Opalhouse Designed W/ Jungalow Dove Stitch Quilt Off-White

At Target

If you haven’t yet browsed Jungalow…GO. Like seriously, go look now. I’ll wait. The designs are so wildly inspiring, that we were all pretty darn thrilled when they launched a collab with Target. Aliya recently picked up this Dove Stitch quilt to replace her heavy comforter and loves it – a perfect weight for spring/summer.

15. Buzzoms Slip Dress


One last bonus piece! Aliya is a big fan of Buzzoms, a woman-owned brand known for built-in bras. She has their classic, black slip dress and loves that she doesn’t need to wear a bra with this dress (“strapless bras are the worst!!”). Aliya has had so much luck with the dress that she’s now eyeing their tops – this one for especially.