Happy Labor Day Weekend




So this is it, then.  The dog days are coming to an end.  We’re trying to eeek out every last bit of summer, so we’ll be heading back to the shore for a day or two.  My boys became obsessed with boogie boarding, body surfing and all things BIG WAVES this summer, and they’ve just been incessantly pestering us to take them back.  Gone are quiet beach days with a chubby baby seated in the shallows, making the water go ‘splat’ with his hands.

Which also means…gone are the days when Mum takes the boys to the beach by herself.  Now, between the serious waves and their completely unfounded swim confidence….I need Mike to be there, too.  Last week, right under my nose, Raines got completely washing machined in the waves and just – POOF – disappeared for a good 10-15 seconds.  He came up, staggering, with his hair plastered to his face, a sand burn on his shoulder and a sort of Beevis and Butthead snigger that totally reminds me of Mike.  GAWD.

I did boogie board, a bit.  But dang, this East Coast water is cold.  I find myself slowing turning into a Mum Who Doesn’t Swim.  Which totally bugs me, because I’ve always – always – been the one to go in, get wet, play.  Even before kids!  So I confronted Mike about this issue.  “The water is too cold” I reasoned.  “If only we could go somewhere where the water was warmer, then I could set a good example for my boys, really show them that Girls Are Tough And Play Too.  I think I’d be a better Mum if – just thinking out loud here –  we took frequent trips to Hawaii.”

Mike said no.  So I bought this wetsuit and told him I just saved $5900.  AT LEAST.

I do feel like a poser with a wetsuit (it’s preschooler-level boogie boarding, not epic surf in CA) but I don’t care.  The wetsuit is actually pretty cute, and should be warm.  I’ll report back.  (NOTE:  I went with a size 6.  The 4 fit, but it was so hard to get on/off and so tight when on and I just think I’ve reached that point in life where nothing should be that tight, you know?)  I also liked this one – it’s a cross between a one-piece suit and a wetsuit.


We bought a GoPro HERO4.  Mike and I are totally and completely obsessed.  It’s hardly the stodgy video cameras of old, with fuzzy footage and forced interviews, “what’s in the present?? SHOW THE CAMERA WHAT’S IN THE PRESENT!”  We don’t quite have it figured out yet (ie. we’re nowhere near OE and Dave), but are having a ton of fun.  Here’s a little sample from our time in Michigan this summer and YES:  it can be used underwater.  AMAZING.  (If you get one, be sure to also get this goPro stick – it makes shooting much easier.



Always hoodies.  The hoodie I’m wearing in the vid is by Sundays NYC, an up-and-coming loungewear company with some really unique twists on the usual.  I found my hoodie downtown Grand Haven at Panache, but will let you know when this line is more widely available.

Speaking of loungewear, Athleta is coming out with a DEREK LAM collaboration.  You can see a sneak peek of the collection here.  The whole thing launches next Wednesday, and the local Athleta in Philly is having a launch party.  I’m going to try and head over.  This collab looks amazing.

Need a good book?  HuffPo just came out with a list of 33 Must-Reads This Fall.

Kate Spade is having a sale.  Take an extra 25% off already marked down items with code DELIGHT.  Ends Monday.  I’m obsessed with this cool little bucket bag (in black), these perfect sunglasses, and this quirky bow cross-body minibag I’d wear as a wallet (while carrying another bag).

Attention LemLem or Ace & Jig fans:  ShopBURU has a ton of Lemlem and Ace&Jig in their sale section….which you can take an additional 25% off with code C-YASUMMER.

C-ya summer?  SOB!

Hope you are enjoying every last little minute.







  1. You don’t need Hawaii (although I don’t blame you), you can always just drive down the coast to warmer waters. Us coastal Georgians wouldn’t need that wetsuit until November! And I have a surfboard you could borrow 😉

  2. Having moved to the Pacific Northwest a few years ago, I’m convinced the entire family needs wetsuits just to enjoy some wading at the beach. Although Hawaii is much closer than it used to be…..

  3. Sing my song, sista — I’ve watched myself becoming more and more affected by the cold water (we’re in Chicago, and the lake never gets as icy as the ocean, but it can get damn frigid), and less inclined to go in, which is neither the person nor the mother to my son I’d like to be. Wetsuit = BRILLIANT. Don’t even care if it makes me look like a crazy person at the beach. Thank you!

    And I’m with you also on summer ending. So many tears! We’ve been going full-on summer crazy the past month: endless trips to the beach, pool, picnics, eating outside, ice-cream walks, mini golf. I love it all and always am sad to see it end.

    I’ll draw this novel to a close by saying a big huge THANK YOU to you and your team for upping my fashion game and tipping me off to great stores and looks. It’s made me more conscious of what I’m putting together and new ideas for using what I have — someone at work actually called me “hip” the other day. All credit to you!
    Enjoy your beautiful weekend at the ocean!!

    • Jennifer – THANK YOU! What a kind comment! And I’ll look for you on the beach next time we’re in Chicago. You can’t miss me – I’ll be in a wetsuit. 🙂

  4. Come down to the Florida Gulf Coast 🙂 I’m in Pensacola and our water is clear, turquoise, and warm for another month at least. Though your blog did inspire me to buy a cute striped rash guard for this summer and I’m loving it. Not having to coat myself in sunscreen every hour rocks.

  5. Love the wetsuit idea! I’m struggling right now with swimming pools. I used to love swimming and horsing around in the water with the kids, but I can’t bare upper leg skin anymore and now I have to figure out what to wear in the pool without feeling conspicuous and awkward. Ideas, anybody? I’m desperate! (The wetsuit seems like overkill for a heated indoor rec center, you know?)

  6. I live on the jersey shore and I adore my zip-up surf sweater from Roxy! I wear it all summer long! And it is way easier to get into and out of than a full wetsuit. It also came in handy at the supposedly heated pool at Great Wolf Lodge in the Poconos. Maybe it was because I stood knee deep in the kiddy pool for 7 hours straight….

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