There’s a part of me that hates Mother’s Day.  It sometimes feels like extra pressure to be this perfect mother, with perfect kids and a perfect life.  Yet it’s also a reminder of how fast time marches on (especially with the school year drawing to a close), so on Mother’s Day, I often find myself feeling both weepy and like running away.

What I want, on Mother’s Day, is a moment of stopped time.  I want to lounge in bed, cuddling two little boys, and reading books.  Not graphic novels or chapter books, but Andrew Henry’s Meadow or Rain Makes Applesauce.  I want them to not fight or wrestle #impossible and just snuggle me quietly like they did when they were babies.

This is the sentimental, weepy side of me talking.

Last night, Raines wanted to know when Mother’s Day was.  When I explained that it was this Sunday, his jaw dropped, and he suddenly ran downstairs yelling, “DON’T COME DOWN HERE MOM!!” so obviously he has plans.

It breaks my heart – he’s so earnest and excited and loving – and I’m just so overwhelmed.

So we are running away this weekend.  We’re heading to DC for one night.  It didn’t need to be DC, it just needed to be away.  I want my three guys, no distractions.  We’ll wander around, probably sit in the grass for a while, get some food, make some paper airplanes.  There’s something about away that feels special.  It feels like a break.  It feels like my overwhelmed brain can stop spinning for a few cycles.  Away is when we create a little space to really look at each other.  I’d love to say that we could easily create that space at home, but that has always been my struggle.  There’s too much laundry/dishes/chores/friends/phone calls/plans at home.  But away?  Away….it’s just them.  And me.

ps. I learned this away trick from my Dad.  He’d whisk us off to a random hotel in Green Bay, WI (of all places) several times a year.  Just…away, together.

Still my favorite gift.  I can’t get over how much fun we’re having with our push-pin travel map.  I keep meaning to hang it up, but we’re pulling it out and talking about it so often that I have it propped up near our kitchen table.  Mother’s Day gift or no, this is something that has brought me so much joy.

Favorite graphic novel for kids?  Raines has devoured the Amulet series and everything by Doug TenNapel and I’m now considering The Lost Boy – a mystery about a boy who went missing years ago.  It sounds dark, but the reviews are glowing.  Any other recommendations?

A trail-to-street tee.  My favorite hiking tee (you can see me wearing it here) is on sale.  I’m getting one in black, too.  It’s lightweight, dries quickly, and looks cute enough for every day.    

So I was looking for stripes…I know, so predictable. BUT….I was looking for stripes and stumbled upon the most glorious round-up of striped tees, at all price points.  Standing ovation, Bloomingdales, standing O.  They’re all 20% off right now for loyalists (free to join).  I think my favorite is this one – such a cool, vintage vibe.

Cool kicks.  These Nikes are calling my name. The color combo is chic yet… playful?  Love ’em.  (More sizes available here.)

No man-bun??  I’m totally obsessed with these personalized family mugs.  I just wish they had a template for little boys with crazier hair.

Hey Marquette, MI!  Come hang out with me…I’m honored to be speaking at the Women in Entrepreneurship event next Thursday, May 17th.  I’ll be sharing my blogging-to-business journey, as well as a few lessons learned along the way.  If you’d like to hang, you can register your spot here.

What’s in the Newsletter this week?  Seriously fun summer towels.  Like this one.  If you haven’t yet subscribed to the newsletter, we gift one lucky subscriber a $200 gift card each month.  Which reminds me….

The $200 Gift Card winner is…..Jodie V!  Look for an email from us!

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone.



ps.  That gorgeous illustration?  It’s by Jess.  (Thanks, Babe!)


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  1. Check out Marcus Emerson’s books on Amazon for your boys! Diary of a 6th Grade Ninja, Recess Warriors, The Secret Life Of Ben Braver, and etc. My boys love them!

  2. This is a great little post with some valuable tips. I totally agree. The way you bring passion and engagement into the things you do can really change your outlook on live.

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