Has InSTYLE Magazine Lost It’s Mind?


Do you ever read fashion mags only to think WHAT THE F—?



In the January issue of In Style magazine, there was a feature called, “Work It OUT.”  It starts by showing us how we can style our running jackets for…hunh.  I don’t…quite…know what.  Let’s take a closer look, shall we?  Where, exactly, would you wear this outfit?



“The Running Jacket:  Functional enough to  get you through your morning jog, it can also extend the life of your cutest outerwear once the temperature dips.”

Uh….OK.  I like this thought in general – using a running jacket as a base layer for other jackets – but I’m not wild about their “futuristic spin on sporty”.  And I certainly wouldn’t refer to that silky bomber with the vaguely mechanical print as “cutest outerwear”.  I can usually hang with some cray-cray prints but even I’m struggling….and why – DEAR GOD WHY – would you choose to pair big white sneaks with this outfit?  I mean the linen and fringe bag (January, In Style, it’s JANUARY) is bad enough, but adding big white sneaks?

But, you know, maybe I’m wrong.  The proof of the outfit is in the wearing, right?  So I attempted to recreate their “futuristic spin on sporty” and came up with….






I found InStyle’s coverage so baffling because the general idea is solid!  Track jackets + pencils skirts can look awfully cute together:




When pairing an unusual combination – like sporty jackets with skirts – I find that it’s helpful to tone down the crazy.   “Matching” isn’t a bad word in this case.  And InStyle’s tip about layering a running jacket UNDER another lightweight jacket?  Total genius.  But I prefer something that naturally extends the sporty vibe….like a denim jacket.  And heels, please.




denim jacket: old Joe’s Jeans…this Joe’s Jeans Relaxed Denim Jacket is similar (but with black sleeves) and is on sale at Nordstrom Rack, or the reviews about this cool Kut From The Cloth denim jacket are pretty glowing (and it’s under $100).

running jacket: old Adidas….but one of my fav’s.  Here’s Adidas’ latest three stripe black track jacket

skirt: Weston Floral Reversible Pencil Skirt (on sale for $49)….or heck, this Abstract Brushstroke Print Skirt from Forever 21 is stretchy, and would also work.  (It’s $7.)

boots: old…but these Nine West booties are virtually identical, and on sale for $59


But the styling advice that really made my head explode……



So.  Let me get this straight:  According to InStyle, we should take our everyday tennis skirts (the kind with attached briefs) and layer them OVER a pair of leggings.  If we then add a white sweater, vest and SANDALS to the mix, we have an outfit with, and I quote,  “the flirty appeal of your go-to Friday night mini!”

Sweet!  I’m always looking for something flirty on Friday nights!



Friday night:  #nailedit




 I mean I just can’t even.

Can we fix this?  Can this outfit be fixed?  I mean OK:  if it were summer maaaaybe bust out your tennis skirt with a silky tank and heels…???  But it is WINTER.  It is WINTER PEOPLE.

So.  If I were forced to wear a tennis skirt out on a Friday night….here’s what I’m thinking:  take advantage of the fact that it’s short, and go a bit mod.  And keep it all black (cause there’s a whole lot of crazytown happening already).


The advantage, of course, is if the wind blows, you’re good.





sweater:  Vince, old…try this black Vince Vneck (on sale at Neimans) or this Vince textured v-neck in gray (also on sale at Vince.com)

scarf: Madewell plaid scarf

skirt: Nike

leggings:  Niki Biki c/o Shop Buru (and easily the best leggings I have EVER worn.)

boots: Nine West (I’m wearing last year’s version – this year’s is virtually identical and on crazy sale) or try this waterproof pair.  The fit is very similar but…WATERPROOF.


So there you have it.  My very favorite January styling tips from InStyle Magazine.  #NOPE

Enjoy your weekend!





  1. So in InStyle’s defense I have worn a pencil skirt with slip on sneaks (ala Vans) and it was pretty awesome. I think I did a denim jacket with hoodie. But let’s be honest, heels and my life are just not friends anymore.

      • White nike air max and Stan Smiths are everywhere, just check instagram or even pinterest. You’ll be rocking them in odd combinations before the year is though:)

  2. Well I do wear a running skirt to my kids swim meets but that is totally for comfort. I also bought it a size bigger to be more comfy for everyday wear. I don’t think I’ll be taking this trend farther then that though.

  3. Haha nailed it Shauna! I thought exactly the same thing when I read this article. insane! Your faces wearing their suggestions are classic 😉

  4. I literally lol’ed. Hilarious and so accurate. I actually really love this kind of post. I see SO much things in magazines that make the think…hmmm don’t ya think you’re reaching just a liiiiiiittle, magazine? Love this!

  5. You are hilarious! Great photos! Thank you for livening up my Saturday morning. I like InStyle but they’re often a little crazypants.

  6. I agree that InStyle’s suggested outfits are totally off the mark… I think your first recreation (the running jacket, moto jacket, pencil skirt, and sneaks) could be saved without heels, though. The bright pink is a bit much when you’re stretching it already with black sneakers and a bright blue skirt, but if the running jacket was black and still fitted/slim, I think it’d look great under the gray moto with low-key black sneakers to bookend.

  7. I LOL’d too and was still skeptical with just the skirt and track jacket but then Boom! the denim over it made it soooo wearable! And Vince… Vince… you have me obsessed… I saw one in a small for sale at a consignment shop for ’bout $50 and want you to tell me to buy it or not! Black Vneck, oversized with what seems to be slightly dropped shoulders…

  8. Ummmm, This. Was. Hilarious. HILARIOUS I tell you! And praise the Lord that I am not the ONLY one who had these EXACT sentiments when I perused that feature in InStyle. I was like ‘Wait, HUH? Jigga what? Are they for real right now? Am I crazy or is this really, really, REALLY bad?’ Well either you and I are BOTH crazy or it was really really bad (I vote the latter of those two). InStyle usually nails it in my opinion, but in THIS instance? Hashtag MISS. Major miss. Maybe InStyle should hire YOU girlfrann. Your takes on how to make their ideas work were waaaaaaaaay cuter, WAY cuter than what they came up with. Boom baby. New follower, btw. Love reading a fashion blog from another mom who keeps it real. xoxo

  9. So freaking hilarious.

    Any way you could do a post on cute workout/running/athletic attire though? While we’re all still fresh on our resolutions? 😉

  10. They obviously gave away crack cocaine as Christmas gifts at instyle. High.as.kites. That’s why I stopped that line of bull coming into my home (I bought it for 10 years). You are much more sane, not completely, but I don’t want to yawn either.

  11. I have loved you for years, but never commented. Through my extra pounds post child birth, through your struggles with breast cancer, and ALL the ways you have inspired me, I have never commented. But this…THIS post had me laughing so hard, not just because of your genius perspective…which you have in spades, but because of your ability to sniff out a bomb in fashion advise and illustrate to all of us what a bomb really smells like. Thank you for being so funny and so magnificently smart. Earning my trust once again.

  12. This made my day! So funny. I read this InStyle issue about a week ago and shook my head through these parts, too. In fact, I cancelled my “Lucky” subscription because of too many months of going “WTH?” with half of what’s in it. Thank heavens I can rely on you for both style inspiration and laughs.

  13. Omg I don’t even care if this post is for real or not- I lolled and you are the bomb! (PS your hair is cute. Props. I just grew out a pixie and you’re past the WORST of it.)

  14. This was hilarious. When I read fashion magazines I pretty much ONLY think “What the F..?” Style blogs are so much more realistic and accessible without the desperate need to sell fast fashion trends. Nowadays, style mags mainly serve as a terrific source for a bulging file folder I keep of ads for ugly, expensive purses. I call it “Thin woman, ugly bag”.

  15. Okay Shana, I am putting this to the test. (The 2nd outfit). I teach dance on Tuesday evenings and my daughter has dance early in the morning, with napping twin boys this,is literally the only other place I go. It has been such a conundrum the past couple weeks to figure out what to wear (I hate “wasting” an outfit for 1 hr a day)! I will probably be wearing fleece lined tights as well because well… Chicago. I will keep ya posted on how this works. (I really was on the #theylosttheirmind train… but it might work in this situation)

  16. I laughed so hard my vision was blurry and I had to read again. Next time I see some similar style advice, I’ll send it your way.

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