Hats Are Tasty: Dansko Giveaway Take 2



UPDATE 3/30/12: Jennifer Hughes, you're our Dansko giveaway winner. Email us at aintnomomjeans@gmail.com so we can get these to you.  Congratulations!

I’ve got to tell you, Mamas.  Hats are not only pretty and comfortable—they are tasty too!  We here at Ain’t No Mom Jeans have been snacking on hats (or crow) a lot lately because there’s been some talk surrounding a certain comfort footwear brand—namely Dansko—on this blog: they’re soooo comfortable, but a thing of shame, to be hidden under scrubs, Chefwear and boot cut or flare denim.  Dansko has responded to our biased banter with not one, but now TWO generous giveaways for our readers.  I submit for your approval (and mine) the Dansko spring footwear line.  It is fab under flares and it is worthy of skinnies and skirts.

When Dansko approached ANMJ for another give away, I was wary.  I perused their spring line and was delighted by what I found: stellar details with seventies-inspired braided and tooled leather, brass nail heads, rich colors and fresh designs.  I was torn between the Mirabel line Tori, Tru or Tasha, and the Rio line Randi, Rowena or Ryder, and I was shocked to find six pairs of crazy comfortable but heightening (I am not a woman of stature, after all) sandals that I would not only accept as a consideration but would definitely buy in a store at full retail.  It was a difficult choice, but I finally decided on the Rowena and I’m so glad I did.

P3220055These kicks are not only hot, but they are crazy-comfortable.  They were my first choice for a three-hour, standing-room-only Radiohead show hubs and I recently went to, and in spite of their three-inch heel, I came home with feet that felt not just decent, but actually good . . . almost massaged.  Like (gasp!) my closet Dansko clogs.  I wore them with destroyed Hudson flares and an appropriately (for Radiohead) drab ruched (postpartum muffin top) tee.

The neutral color, tooled leather and retro styling are more than flare-ready, though.  I’ve pulled them off with my Naem skinnies (above left) AND my fav Current Elliott leopard print stiletto jeans (left).  They’re also great with a high-low or mini skirt and even shorts with the right styling, but my pasty, postpartum legs are far from camera-ready as yet (stay tuned, I’m working on it).

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– M.


Dansko detailEnter now to win a pair of fab shoes from the Dansko spring line!
To enter to win a pair of fab shoes from Dansko’s spring line, a ~ $140 value, courtesy of Dansko, visit the Dansko website and tell us on the Ain’t No Mom Jeans FaceBook page which of Dansko’s spring styles you would choose if you won.  Entrants must be 18 or older and located in the US or Canada.  Winner will be chosen at random on Thursday night, March 29th.

Full disclosure: this is not a paid or sponsored post.  I received the Dansko Rowena sling backs as a consideration but have otherwise received no compensation for this article.  Ain’t No Mom Jeans has a strict policy of editorial integrity—we do not endorse or recommend anything we don’t truly adore. 




  1. I wish I could get on board with these, but I just… can’t. I think you picked the best of the spring options, but they still look like something my eccentric 60 year old aunt would wear. Sorry! Consider me still among the dansko-dislikers. The rest of your outfit in each case is great though!

  2. I’d still go with the classic clog. Specifically the Professional Tan Floral Croc. They’re the most comfortable for me to walk while pushing a stroller and wearing a baby through our NYC streets.

  3. I’m digging the Rowena and the Tori. I’m on my feet at work at least half the day, in casual dress, in TX (where we have 6 months of sandal weather annually). Pick me pick me! 😀

  4. Tru, Thea, or Ryder for me! I had Dansko clogs in my 20s (they were a big splurge for me then) and my puppy ate them! A brand new pair (even better than the clogs) would be fabulous!

  5. I love the Rowena.
    And, can I just say Molly – you look AMAZING! I love your outfits and would love the details – especially the outfit with the flares – I could use a top like that one. Truly- you look fabulous!

  6. What post-partum muffin top?? You look fabulous! Me, on the other hand, still look preggo apparently 🙁
    I’m going to vote for the Donna just because it’s my namesake!

  7. Loving the Rowena, the Tasha, AND the Ryder. I suppose I would have to go for the Ryder, because I think in the brown, they could stretch through 3 seasons the most easily, and I get the feeling if i won, I would want to wear these babies a LOT!
    Love the studs, and the thick, rich quality look of the leather. These are super cute, in a 70’s kids way. Love em!

  8. I have to agree with Tara in the first comment. These are really hard to like but after looking I kind of like the Sam. I saw my hairdresser in a pair and she managed to make it look really cool. I like the Rowena for occasional wear but at $145 I don’t think I could justify the cost per wear. However, if I won a pair that would be golden!

  9. I’m really liking the Rowena in that orangey-brown color. But I’m a dansko faithful. I love the comment about them being something “my eccentric 60 year old aunt would wear”. I get compliments from plenty of 60ish year old women when I wear my leopard print clogs! I still love them.

  10. Ola! Aintnomomjeans,
    This question may be a little off-topic, Being a new mom is one of the most exhilarating times in any woman’s life. Your head has probably been spinning ever since you found out you were pregnant, and now the baby is here. It probably seems like the last nine months was a blur and now there’s a whole new batch of questions and things to think about now that your baby is out in the world. At this time in your life so many people will try to let you know what you should be doing and how you should be feeling. But when it’s all said and done this is your own unique experience and you’ll end up finding your own way and forming your own opinions.

  11. oh man oh man, it is almost EMBARRASSING how many times i have come back to check this post to see if I have won….lol. Crossing fingers for those Ryders!

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