Hello, March (and some exciting news!!)




If there is one thing I can count on for joy and inspiration, it’s these monthly collaborations with my dear friend Jessbobess.  She manages to illustrate exactly where my head is in such a unique and inspiring way.

So this March, we’re thinking about cozy sweaters in washed out shades, a dark and unexpected lip, and a little hint of bloom – on the cheeks, on the bud.



1. West Elm Mountain Laurel Branch

2. Bite Beauty Cashmere Lip Cream in Bordeaux

3. Anthropologie Elka Mug

4. Pixie Market Leila Sweater


If you follow along on Instagram (@shanachristine) you may have seen the exciting news:  we’re adding another contributor to The Mom Edit!  All will be unveiled on Monday, but here’s a hint:  she was, once upon a time, featured here as part of our old Mom Street Style column.  I’m pretty excited, you guys.  I think you’re really going to love her.


And because it’s how I do (#shoppingenabler), here are a few more cozy pastel sweaters and dark lips.  (Truly, I’m obsessed!)


Hope you are enjoying your weekend!


Jess, every month I SWOON.  Thank you for sharing your amazing work with us!  If you guys want more Jess, check out This Wild and Precious Life Blog or follow her on Instagram (@jessbobess).

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