Help! A Reader Needs Emergency Styling Advice For Valentine’s Day!


Reader Question:  

Hi Shana & Molly,

I have recently discovered your blog and I have been loving it ever since.  Each time I read a post it reminds me that it is possible to be a mom and at the same time, a person (I think you know what I mean here).   I am a mom to one 15 month old son, and his birth and first few months of life were pretty traumatizing to me, and by this I mean I was essentially a basket case in pajamas for 3 months.   Yes, I know this happens to everyone, but I took it….HARD.  I couldn't figure out how to be Enzo's mom, but still be myself.  I was not that embarrassed to admit I kind of wanted to return to work so I would have a reason to get up, blow dry my hair, and pull it together!  I didn't realize how much I loved my job and the feelings of accomplishment I had surrounding my professional work.  In any case, thanks for your blog, it is a great reminder that many moms experience the same challenges.  And your writing is hilarious!

My style challenge is my V-Day date with the hubs.  Let me preface this by saying….I. NEVER. SEE. MY HUSBAND.  I have a high stress job in HR for a luxury hotel company, and my husband works 2 jobs at all hours of the night and day to make ends meet.  Literally all hours.  The only time I see my husband, I am wearing a suit (work requires), or pajamas.  Not my top choices, people.  And I am pretty sure not his.  Especially if you see my pajamas.  Since our V-Day date (observed on the 12th due to aforementioned insane work schedules) is a much anticipated special night, I would really like to wow him.  Here is where the problem comes in.  We have decided to go bowling, and then out to dinner.  Bowling you say?  Believe it or not my husband and I have never been bowling together, even in 3 years of dating and another 3.5 years of marriage.  He's foreign, I'm an awful bowler, he works nights & weekends, you do the math. 
Now HOW, pray tell, does one dress for the romantic ambiance of Valentine's Day, bowling, and dinner out at a semi-decent restaurant with tablecloths – all wrapped up into one?  Any cute outfit I can muster in my mind (usually involving skinny jeans and boots) only transitions to utterly ghastly once I picture myself in those damn bowling shoes!  I want something that will be comfortable enough to bowl in, while still remaining sexy and date-nite-esque which I can confidently wear at a restaurant we can't afford.  I also thought about a sweater-dress (for some reason my husband really likes these, he bought me three for xmas), but still the problem with the bowling shoes/curvy hips is even more exaggerated with no jeans to hide the shoes and balance the hips.  My last resort is a post-bowl wardrobe change.  Any last minute pointers or suggestions? 


Katie, thanks so much for your kind words and for writing in!  So glad you and hubs will be celebrating Valentine's together.  And bowling + unaffordable restaurant?  Totally a night to remember, LOL!  

Screen Shot 2012-02-08 at 9.31.17 PMI myself have been on many a bowling date-night.  Denver has that LA transplant Lucky Strike which is a bowling alley/nightclub and it IS a fun date night.  Like you, I am also a terrible, terrible bowler, and irrationally competitive when bowling, which leads me to Tip #1:  Drink.

But what to wear?  There are two options that immediately come to mind:



Option 1 – Hide the Shoes with Flares

Flares will help to hide those horrible bowling shoes.  But bring a few safety pins (or duct tape) so you can pin/tape up your hem.  When bowling is over, release the hem, bust out the sexy shoes and be on your way!



That's the safe option.  But my favorite…..

Option 2 – Distract From the Shoes By Using Your Womanly Weapons

Chick.  It's Valentine's Day.  You and hubs never see each other.  He likes you in dresses.  You have killer curves.  I say screw the shoes and give him something else to look at.  A tight dress, a little cleavage, some sexy tights and he won't be looking at your feet.  Promise.




Ok Readers – Your turn!!  What should Katie wear for her romantic night of bowling (WOW – I just typed "blowing"…yikes) and dinner fanciness?  Any other ideas?  Let's help a mama out!



  1. I would go quirky if it were me! I would wear skinny jeans and a long sweater and boots to dinner, but wear argyle socks and when it was time for bowling, roll up the jeans a bit to show off the funny socks! Colorful tights or patterned ones like S featured with a sweaterdress would be the same sort of idea too 🙂
    PS just saw this and pinned it to pinterest-I would totally wear this to dinner and bowling:

  2. I love this post — both the original question and the response! Both the sexy and the safe options are HOT! I would normally be most comfortable rocking tight, dark jeans and a sexy top with big earrings in this situation… but damn that gray sweater dress and black tights combo is making me question my ways! 🙂

  3. Thanks ladies! I think I am going for the dress and tights look, although it’s not my first choice, you are right, its what he likes. My accessories are seriously lacking so I am working wtih bare bones here. (bones, hee hee) Lukckily sis/babysitter is bringing reinforcements. Can’t wait!

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