Henley Styling: How Moms Can Get a Rocker Vibe


I did so much research for our first henley post, Mom Uniform Update: The Henley, With a Romantic Vibe, that I hated to see so many cute finds go to waste.  Especially styling a henley with a rocker vibe — it's actually quite easy and mom friendly.  Why?  As several of our readers commented, henleys are inherently "boyish" (which was why it is fun to girly them up), but the rocker vibe takes advantage of the boyish-ness of the henley, adds a few kid-friendly accessories on-trend (yet cheap) pieces and oozes cool.

Lna019-2 Pictured at left is one of my favorite henelys to date.  It's the Long Sleeve Button Henley by LnA, currently on sale for $35 at boutiquetoyou.com.  (Yay!  It JUST went on sale!)

I love the button detailing on the sleeves, I love the long-but-not-too-long length, and I love that it comes in either midnight blue or black. 

To really get the rocker vibe, pair this henley with a pair of skinny jeans and, for bonus points, ankle boots (see our post Cool Ankle Booties For Moms).  You could also try a pair of straight-leg jeans, but the wider you go, you'll start to lose the whole rocker vibe.

Again, do the half-tuck into a belt (check out our original henley post above for more info), and add rockerish accessories and a little something to keep you warm.  Here are my picks:

Forever 21's Lace Overlay Belt Forever 21 Faux Fur Vest 

I love Forever 21's Lace Overlay Belt in Gold.  It's basically a gold belt with lace on top.  Lace is huge this season, and while I don't think lace is particularly mom-friendly, paying less than $6 for an on-trend rockstar accessory certainly is.  This belt retails for $5.80.

Layer Forever 21's Luscious Faux Fur Vest on over your henley.  These fake fur vests are ridiculously trendy and not worth spending a fortune on, but for $24.80, it's a fun way to perk up some of your plainer outfits, and works amazingly well to give off a hip rocker vibe.  Think Janis Joplin over Megadeath.  Fake leather is totally uncomfortable to wear (as is, in my opinion, real leather) but fake fur is a different story.  Comfy, cheap and fun.  

Lastly, the henley shown above certainly doesn't need much more embellishment, but if your henley is a bit plainer (as mine are), I would add a studded leather cuff to complete the look.

studded leather cuff 

This studded leather cuff is from Urban Outfitters and retails for $28.  Nice.

Soooo….what do you think?  Love it?  Hate it? Let me know!

Rock on, Mamas!



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