I once bought a cashmere sweater for Raines.  This was, of course, before he was born.  I brought home this teeny-tiny adorable bundle of softness, in a perfect lamb-soft gray.  Aaahhh…so sweet.

It was also $125.

My husband took one look and was like, "Babe! Have you lost your mind??"  And I was all, "look at how cute!  How soft!  Warm!  It'll keep him warm!!"  And he was like "Not just NO but H*LL NO" and really, he was right.  Raines would've spit-up/pooped/chewed it, for the total of the 8 minutes that it would've fit him.

There are many things babies need.  Cashmere isn't one of them.

J.Crew, obviously, disagrees.  They just launched a baby line as part of Crewcuts and it includes….a teeny-tiny adorable bundle of softness, in a (slightly darker version) of lamb-soft gray.

Screen shot 2011-10-25 at 3.43.56 PM

Ahhhh…how nostalgic for me.  In related news, is the recession over?

But in addition to all of the cashmere ridiculousness, they include these onsies, which, in organic cotton and retailing for $17.95, may be my new favorites.  

Screen shot 2011-10-25 at 3.47.02 PM

I just can't get enough of babies in stripes.  

And OOOO…look at this one!

Screen shot 2011-10-25 at 3.48.15 PM

Fahbulous.  And only….$88?  Sigh.  Why, J.Crew, why?  Why can't something this simple be done by, say, Gerber, for example?  And only be, like, $20?  Heck….even $40 might be do-able.  But $88?  Even if I wanted to (and honestly, even if we were bazillionaires), I couldn't sell my husband on an $88 romper.  Or a $125 cashmere baby sweater.  (Unless…these were the only two pieces of clothing that we ever purchased for the baby…so every day he'd either wear one or the other…maybe…NO. STOP IT SHANA.  JUST NO.) 

(BTW….I was too embarrassed to return the cashmere baby sweater, because I had had all of this "help" picking it out.  So Mike returned it for me.  And YES – they knew exactly who bought it.  But Mike got the sense he wasn't the only husband to storm back into the shop returning cashmere baby sweaters. Snort.)

Has anyone found well-priced, yet sohpisticated baby clothes?  One would think it would cost MORE for companies to add the tacky puppy decals that come on a $6 Gerber onsie, but NOOOOOO.  We end up paying a premium for plain, and even more for some cool, sophisticated details.  BOO!




  1. Cheers, Girlfriend! I just went through their baby line for little M and was so tempted but how to be tempted for #3? AGH! At least if I buy pricey stuff for big M I know it will get a good few years between him and A but geez… Trying to find decent simple, plain, sophisticated girls clothes is a whole other issue (and I was just getting good at the boys stuff ;))
    Miss you!

  2. Check out nextdirect.com. It’s a UK company that recently started shipping to the US. They do have some puppy decal-esque clothes but also some really adorable (and not horribly priced) sweaters, corduroys, etc. They’re my new go-to for my son.
    (PS – Can I tell you how much I love this website?? I just came across it recently and it is SO me. I’ve never been especially confident in what I wear, especially post-baby, but this! This is my style! And you’re not only confirming that I have an actual style, but you’re recommending it to others? And you’re also giving me great suggestions on how to pair items I already own in ways I haven’t thought of. Love it!)

  3. Tara – Thanks for the link & the love!! I’m always on the lookout for cute boy’s clothes. And don’t be afraid to send us a pic of your fab post-partum self. I’ll bet you look amazing. 🙂

  4. I love Zutano’s clothing. Lots of plain or striped tees in yummy colors. American Apparel also makes nice, plain (or striped) tees and hoodies. I’ve been admiring H&M’s baby tees, too.

  5. Have you seen the oshgosh genuine kid line at target? Their line isn’t cartoon-y and most of the items are soft and vintage feeling… american eagle also has a kids line… 77kids I think?

  6. So stinkin’ cute – I die!
    I completely agree about how hard it is to find cute kids clothes. So many of our family members give my daughter ridiculously ugly clothes that I’ve taken to letting her destroy them during play time. Then I buy some cute (read: more expensive) clothes for when I want her to look cute. That being said though, I do find sweet things at H&M and Target sometimes. And the bonus is that no one else we know shops at H&M, so they always think Eleanor’s clothes are so unusual and darling!

  7. Seems an untapped market for the most part. Why on earth would someone want to dress their kids in some of this stuff that’s so readily available? That said, my 3 year old daughter seems to really like that tacky stuff lately. She’s just not into the plain tshirts from Hanna Andersen anymore. It’s a fight everyday.

  8. I hear you girlfriend! All the stupid stuff on onesies drives me bonkers. Can I just get a plain colored onesie without some dumb saying on it? Pretty please? I noticed a few weeks ago that H&M had plain dark and jewel-colored onesies for $4.95, but they don’t sell online (boo!) and I couldn’t find the same thing in our local stores.
    I’ve had good luck with ebay for some good girls’ dresses (we had a girl after two boys!) and recently got a good deal on llbean dresses ($24 each if I bought three of them). But I tend to get stuff at Target and Old Navy and Kohl’s for the boys since they are so hard on clothes. (Or rather, I buy for H, and then M wears it later) Oh and Children’s Place, if you want for sales. Children’s Place is tricky though because if you wait too long, everything is out of stock in the size you want! (I’m bummed I didn’t get a matching “yam” zip up sweater for my younger son because I like to dress my boys alike sometimes. Sick, I know).

  9. Just diving into your blog and LOVE it! I live in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and need to buy most of my kid’s clothing online. I think one of my favorite sites for shopping for my baby girl ishttp://www.teacollection.com. They are not so big on solids and stripes, but they do have very tasteful patterns with multicultural flare.

  10. It is hard to find cute and simple baby clothes and I have the added bonus of trying to find clothing that works with a trach and gtube (surgically implanted feeding tube). Nothing too high on the neck, no onesies, no zippers, Snap fronts are best, footie pjs are difficult with her pulse oximeter wrap on her foot. She rarely matches and none of big sis’s clothes fit cause she’s so tiny. Seems silly, but with everything, I wish I could at least dress her cutely.

  11. I’m new to your blog, too, thanks to a friend’s recommendation, and I couldn’t resist commenting on this. I also have a little boy and I like some of the graphic T’s (especially for day care, where they get trashed) but I want some plain stuff, too. Love Tea for pants, especially. The Crewcuts outlet is decent and Nordstrom Rack has some good finds, too. I’ve been liking the button-down and plain T look a lot as well. One of his cutest is from Children’s Place w/ a plain T from Target. Also, Baby Gap had supercute shirts with elbow patches. I caved.

  12. I really like H&M for cute boy clothes. They sell organic onesies for about $5. I got my 3 month old son jeans with old-school button-on suspenders. It’s a lot more palatable to by trendy cute items that they’ll only wear for a month when everything is under $30.

  13. YES -Please find the better looking baby boys clothing… especially finding it for the little guys. Puppys, dinos, trucks… Some good ol’ plain Gerber onesies at Kohls are my best bets so far. And the clearance rack at Nordstroms. 🙂

  14. I honestly cannot even say enough amens to this post. What is the deal with lame baby (especially boy) clothes out there, and the lack of reasonably priced baby clothing that isn’t ugly?

  15. YES!! Do you remember Babystyle? Was that before you had kids? They had the best clothes, and when they went out of business I cried for a year. I still have a few of their mix and match pieces that were gender neutral and are being used by baby #4 now – and still look brand new. *sigh*
    Other than that, Gap is usually pretty good with their newborn stuff. Just plain and oh so soft. Olive Juice I love too, and their Outlet has great sales if you watch it. Hmmm what else… sometimes Target and ON – hit or miss.
    What’s getting to me, now that I have boys, is the ridiculous sayings on boy shirts – things like “all the ladies love me” and “studmuffin” would be shockingly inappropriate on baby girl shirts, so who thinks it’s any less icky on boys??

  16. I had to laugh when I read this, because I bought a lovely, creamy cashmere blanket for my baby (before she was born). It represented everything I thought my baby would be (because I was hormonal, lol!). Then my husband crashed all over my daydreams and made me return it. “Babies aren’t like cashmere,” he told me. “They puke and they always have green stuff coming out of their butts.” Unfortunately, he was right!

  17. We LOVE Toobydoo! http://www.Toobydoo.com delicious stuff! I can’t get enough of their knits, but since my “baby” is 3 are out of the baby range. Now I just have to wait for friends to have babies so I can shop their striped rompers and blankets!

  18. I absolutely second the American Apparel suggestion.
    However, my very favorite onuses come from ZeeSpot organics. I bought 2 5-packs of them through baby steals, and they’re absolutely amazing. Do you know how hard it is to find SOLID tees and onesies? Yeah, I know you do. Theirs are saturated colors in a full rainbow of choices, made of super cushy organic cotton. They wash like iron, too. And…I might just have a giveaway from them coming up, I love them that much.
    I’ll embrace JCrew Baby the same way I approach the rest of my JCrew obsession. Through the sale. Might bring that adorable striped romper into something close to a reasonable range, and the basics into true basics prices!
    PS… The Pup totally has a cashmere sweater. Bought for him last year by his grandma. And we love it, and have worn it to death, and he’s still wearing it this fall even though it’s a bit small (still looks cute with sleeves rolled over it). I wash it by hand, and it’s held up a LOT better than many of his cheaper clothes. And cuddling him while he’s wearing it. Yeah. Bliss.

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