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As I write this, Mike and I are in Brooklyn for a much-needed weekend away.  We’re so excited.  Over the holidays he surprised me with tickets to Then She Fell, an immersive theater production (only 15 people per night, and you are part of the show), based on Alice in Wonderland.  We’re staying at the Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg – any recommendations for a birthday brunch tomorrow morning? 😉


Hello, Dark Angel.  You guys have been asking for date-worthy tops for Valentine’s Day, and I’ve got alllll the feels for dark and moody.  Something like this or this.  I’ll do a roundup later this week.

Speaking of ….I just discovered the online boutique And Other Stories and have become obsessed.

You looking at me?  This cheeky pj set is seriously sexy on.  I have it in an xs for reference.

Tiny pops of color. Sorels with bright, contrast laces.  Alway yes.


Hey, Pretty. 25 Famous women on what it means to feel pretty.  (Thanks, UKH!)

Laura is going to make these healthy strawberry chocolate bars.  Think coconut, dried strawberries and dark chocolate.  (So pretty for Valentine’s Day, too.)

From Amanda:  Listening to the powerful song “I Can’t Keep Quiet” performed by a guerilla choir @ the women’s march in DC led me to this amazing charity called Step Up that partners professional women with inner city teen girls in mentorship programs. You can donate, mentor, attend fun events (like this one at the Coach store in NYC). Also, this One Woman Riot tee is freaking awesome, 20% of proceeds go to Step Up’s LA branch.

Cam discovered The Cuddler Program at Jefferson Hospital where you can volunteer to cuddle opioid-addicted babies.  This program is in Philly, but you can try calling your local hospital to see if there is a similar program. SOB!

Midwesterners, remember Prairie Home Companion?  Leave it to Garrison Keillor to call hooey and horse hockey when he sees it.  *cough*Trump*cough*


Enjoy your weekend!





  1. I’m now obsessed with that song! Does anyone know how to find an existing choir in your area? I see how to start your own but not how to find one if it already exists.

  2. Shana there are several & Other Stories stores in NYC, as well as online. They’re fabulous – I always visit there, and Cos, when I’m in NYC or back in England.

  3. Shana, I’ve been truly enjoying this wonderful blog for the past couple years. It’s been an incredible fashion inspiration for me in times where there are seriously none (hello black-ish yoga pants and Target t-shirt!)…mainly after a two/three week run of kids coming into our room, multiple times, in the middle of the night. I look forward, each day, to seeing what you guys are up to, and greatly appreciating you all guiding me through this fashion black hole, that is this stay-at-home-mom’s (by choice no less!), current reality!
    I have also respected and appreciated (as I do for everyone) your opinions about politics and women’s rights. I’m a big believer about folks being involved and discussing these issues, out loud and with others, with different opinions. It’s how we learn and grow. We are lucky (and yes, it is truly, just by chance) that most of us were born and brought up in the greatest country, in the World, with a constitution that safeguards the right for differences of opinions, among other rights that many other countries do not have. I’m incredibly humbled and grateful for this, not only for myself, but for my two young children. I do, however, feel a great discomfort and sadness reading and hearing from people that are not satisfied with this election outcome having complete (or close to) intolerance towards people that feel differently about this election outcome. I think debating and expressing thoughts about ALL of our different opinions is an amazing right of being an American, but I don’t think we need to try (subconsciously or not) to make others, that have different opinions, feel badly about WHO they are as human beings. I hope, for everyone’s sake that all of us can be more open minded and do everything we can to support this President whether you voted for him or not. I’m pretty sure that most of us want the best for our country, and that’s the only way for it to happen. Our future depends on it. Not just ours, but our children’s future. As a mother of two little ones, I plead to all of us to find it in our hearts to be positive, hopeful and supportive to the current and all future Presidents that are elected, no matter which political party you represent. That is my plan, and I pray others will decide to do the same. That is my definition of love for my country.

    • Come tell that to my two children, whose green card holding father, my husband of ten years and a nine year USA resident, cannot leave the country to see his dying grandmother and expect to come back.

      I promise it won’t make them feel better.

      • Please know, my words are well intentioned. I’m writing my opinion without making anyone feel badly about the choices they make. I’m actually just asking/hoping for all of us, me included, to have a little faith in our democracy and what it stands for.
        Would you rather say to our children to not have hope? To hate and distrust the country/government that we live in, voted for(depending on the candidate), and ruled by? There are plenty of countries outside of the US that are that way, and have NO possibility of changing within the next 4, at best/worst 8 years. Honestly, if it’s that awful for all of us, fortunately, we’re free to leave, at any time, we choose. Nothing is perfect, but we are all damn lucky to be living in this country, whether it be by luck of the draw or by choice.

        • I tell my children the truth. And the truth is the current president has issued illegal, unconstitutional executive orders that hurt my family and many other families around the world.

          The truth is my husband cannot leave the country because his valid green card may not be accepted for re entry.

          The truth is that the very institutions you think are going to save us just because they exist mean nothing without vast crowds of people for defense, protection, and enforcement.

          I have good intentions, too. I demonstrate them through daily phone calls to congress, showing up to protests, and demanding that the people in power defend our democracy.

          So, again, feel free to come tell my children all about your good intentions and your hope in the president who signed the order that affects their father’s ability to see his own family and come home.

          In the meantime, we’ll be st a protest.

          • Of course it’s important for us, as Americans, to make sure the law stays enforced and protected. I never said otherwise. I’m simply saying that I wish folks wouldn’t verbally or physically go after each other because we’re all not thinking the same, and not in the same exact situation. That is our right, as Americans. Period.

          • Tiffany, what exactly are you objecting to? In this post (and in every post I’ve seen on this website that mentions politics), Shana has objected to Trump, politely. Where are you seeing people “verbally or physically [going] after each other because we’re all not thinking the same?”

            Also, objecting to the choices our President makes is our right and our obligation as Americans. Period.

      • Kim, I’m so sorry. The results of this election have been hard not to take personally for a lot of us. I’m thinking of you and your family.

      • Kim, I’m so sorry you and your family (and so many other families) have to face this awful situation. Hopefully Congress will start listening to the calls coming in against these discriminatory actions and show some backbone soon.

    • #notmypresident

      You are right–I feel differently about people who voted for this racist demigod who openly admitted to sexually assaulting women, who is taking away the health care that my family needs, who is denying my colleagues who are PH.D educated HUMANS the right to go back home to visit his family. Yes I do feel differently and want to make people who voted for someone who is a bigot feel bad–because you should feel bad. SHAME on you for voting for such a horrible horrible dictator. You people who claim to be Christian. Good for you Shana and TME blog–keep on with your political posts to try that call out the Trump supporters. It will take a county of strong willful people to overcome these next 4 years.

  4. How about keeping a fashion blog about fashion and taking the debate to other forums where they are better situated?

    I am here for fashion not politics and opinion. Whether or not anyone else will admit it, I know I’m not alone. By all means, start a blog with that focus, TME, and carry on the debate there. Bc here, I’m starting to dread posts. I’m getting enough politics and opinion literally in every other direction. I was so relieved to see today’s, until the last line. About to lose a long time reader….

    • I think she lost a lot of her non liberal readers a while ago. Or most of us are staying quiet. It’s interesting, the last post welcomed open discussion yet a reader started a discussion and Shanna never replied again. I completely agree it’s starting to drive me away as well. The little jabs here and there. I think the Assumption from the start that because we were all women we must all think the same and would welcome her first political post with open arms was where things went wrong. Anyhow, I’m on the verge of unfollowing as well but I’m hanging on by a thread for the fashion because I really do enjoy this blog and the links. Maybe I’ll just scroll to the links and not read anymore. It’s beginning to be a major turn off though for sure and I’m beginning to feel a bit unwelcome. Perhaps that was or is the intent? Many have complained but it continues to be political and one sided, so maybe the intent is to have all readers who view things the same. That would make sense as to why it continues.

      • Sara and N – I appreciate you taking the time to leave comments – we’re all so busy these days, and the fact that you actually care enough to leave comments was not lost on me. So allow me to respond to a few of the things you found especially troubling:

        1. I’m under no illusions that all women think the same, nor did I expect that all of my thoughts and opinions would be shared and welcomed by 100% of my readers. I understand that many of you voted for Trump. And while I’ll admit that this is hard for me, I am trying (honestly, really really trying hard) to give you the benefit of the doubt. I have friends who also voted for Trump, and they are not racists or bigots, or people who endorse sexual assaults on women. They voted for Trump because they believed that he was the better choice, despite his shortcomings. They are people of intelligence and kindness, and while I struggle to understand their choice, I still love and respect them. I extend the same love and respect to you.

        2. Why do I keep talking about this stuff? I understand that TME is *mostly* fashion, but we’ve never been JUST fashion. On this blog, we’ve talked about the struggles of motherhood, of women’s sexuality, of breast cancer, of growing up poor. The last one was written by a reader, and continues to be one of my favorite articles to date. Here’s a link if you are interested: http://themomedit.com/2014/09/reader-style-sarahs-daily-uniform-and-heartbreakingly-honest-journey-on-finding-her-style/

        But the biggest reason I keep talking about “politics” is simply because I do not see this as politics as usual. We’re not talking about the tax codes, or big vs. small government philosophies, or being fiscally conservative…..we’re talking about basic human rights. We’re talking about unconstitutional policies based on a person’s religion. We’re talking about innocent lives lost. We’re talking about a very real threat to our democracy. This is why Senators McCain and Graham (both conservatives) are expressing concerns as well, this is why I cannot be quiet.

        3. N, you said that it felt like I was taking little jabs as you, and that you felt unwelcome. That’s a fair point. Please know that that my intention was never to make anyone feel unwelcome, rather I was hoping to make people think, to expand their views. It looks like in that respect, I’ve been failing. (In my defense, there are people all over the country trying to figure out how to have productive conversations on these topics….it’s hard, right?)

        4. I didn’t respond to Teri’s last point (N, you referenced another article above) because I’m still mulling over what she had to say. Firing back another quick comment is not necessarily productive.

        Which brings me to my last point: These issues are too important for me to be silent. But N, Sara (and Tiffany above), I hear you. I hear that you are feeling unwelcome, and that is exactly counter to what I am trying to achieve here. Soooo…..let me think about this. I don’t have any answers, but….know that I’m thinking.

        • Shanna, I reay really appreciate you taking the time to reply. It means a lot! I love your blog. I’ve been a reader for
          I think 6 years now. I’ve bought a number of things based on your reviews and have gotten so much out of this blog. The fact that our political views are different isn’t what really is driving me away from your blog as much as this is a happy place an escape if you will from motherhood, stress, etc to look to for fun and fashion. I usually love to read the comments too but basically it’s a battlefield lately and isn’t fun to read. Between Facebook (which I’m taking a big break from), other forms of social media, the news, etc sometimes you just want a happy place where you can forgot everything and just look at cute jeans and read about how cute they’ll make your butt look. Haha. Anyhow, on the issue ofnTrump I don’t want to argue or get into it with you or anyone anymore. He won the election it is what it is. Is he perfect? Absolutely not but like you said I didn’t think the other candidate was a good choice either. My reasons for voting him over her are my reasons and my choice in our democracy. I hope the country comes together and we are a safe place and good comes to all. We shall see. I’ll keep reading for now but I do hope the reader spats and arguements don’t continue. Let’s just stick to cute jeans if possible. Thanks again for replying.

          • It is easy to think all this is happening to “somebody else”. But it isn’t. My husband went through a huge amount of vetting, paid a great deal of money, and got his green card in 2008. We own a home here. We have two children. He cannot attend his international conferences for work. He cannot attend his grandmother’s funeral, should she pass away.

            This is not business as usual. I don’t think everyone who voted for Trump is terrible. However, If Hillary had won and she was doing what he is doing, I would be calling congress, I would be furious, I would be protesting, and I would be sorry.

            This is not about jobs. This is not about Russia.
            This is not about Trump.
            This is about fundamental human rights and common decency.

            You’re well wishes for “coming together” mean nothing to the people who are being illegally detained, or those stranded in other counties with visas granted in good faith, or my husband, who pays his taxes, pays his bills, follows the law, has a green card, and cannot travel.

      • Or maybe she feels so strongly about what’s happening in the world right now that her own moral compass won’t allow her to fail to use the voice and the reach she’s built here to speak out against what she sees. Maybe that’s it.

  5. I appreciate your using your voice and your platform in areas beyond fashion, Shana. I hope you keep it up. For those readers who are saying “Can’t we just respect each other’s opinions?” — Yes, we should respect opinions, absolutely. But that respect absolutely should end when it moves beyond opinion and into oppression, as it has done with these executive orders. This is the time for all good people to stand up and fight.

    • So based on what you’ve written, you should stop respecting someone that has a different political opinion than you, because you don’t agree. And everyone that doesn’t agree with your political opinion is not a good person. That is a form of oppression and intolerance. Disagreeing with one another is our right, thankfully, in America. No one goes to jail for having a difference of opinion and deciding to voice it, like in other countries, as long as it’s done legally. I love hearing everyone’s different views, but I don’t care for the intolerance. That’s un-American. Keep writing/calling your Congressman, keep on protesting and standing up for what you believe in. I know I plan to, but I’m not going to stop respecting someone that I know nothing about or what their personal story and motivations are just simply because they may or may not agree with my political views.

      • You know what, Tiffany? You’re right. Writing “this is the time for all good people to stand up and fight” is exactly the same level of oppression and intolerance as banning Muslims (including those with valid visas), from our country, stoking the fires of white supremacy and nationalism, and leaving children to be slaughtered in war-torn countries. MY BAD. Yes, I’m the one who is acting un-American.

        • In no way is that the same level, and I didn’t say, nor do I feel, that it is. In fact, I haven’t even mentioned my own political prefence in any of these comments.
          For the 4th(?)) time, all I’m saying is that when someone has a difference of political opinion from your own, it would be nice if we all tried to not go on the defense and take it personally. You never know
          what that other person has going on in their life.
          Thank you Shana for responding, not just for responding, but for responding kindly. We all have a lot to think about.

  6. Shana I appreciate your political comments, though few and far between. I don’t know how anyone could just stick to fashion at a time like this. I can’t believe anyone, even conservatives could possibly be ok with what is happening. Anyone who cares about human rights needs to speak up. ” Washing ones’s hands of the conflict between the powerful and the powerless means to side with the powerful, not to be neutral.”- Paulo Freire

  7. Hey there! Just a point of clarification…babies can be born dependent on substances, but they can’t be born addicted. Addiction is defined by actively seeking substances. And, as you know, comes with a social bias. FYI and thanks!

  8. Shana and TME, I appreciate your political posts and think you have always made them gently and in a respectful way. If anything, I have been turned off from other bloggers that go on with business as usual when there are more important (alarming!) things going on in the world than a cute pair of boots! You walk the line well by focusing mainly on style but acknowledging how people are feeling. At 49, I can’t pull off half the things you do but I love following you for inspiration. Keep it up!

    • Also, I love & Other Stories! Discovered them a few years ago when they did a collaboration with Clare V. Did you know they are owned by H&M?

  9. I am a long-time reader and was compelled to post my support of your including political posts. It is a frightening time and so important not to stay silent or just internally hope that things change or get better on their own.

    I’m not really clear on the objections from people that posted dissent of your political posting? I don’t believe I ever read anyone person being intolerant towards another here just intolerance towards policies or towards Trump. I do hope this remains a safe space for anyone to make a political point from any side – unlike 99% of the internet. Reading and assessing a position you don’t agree with is so important to knowledge and examining life – exactly what we want our children to do.

  10. I love that your posts talk about style and life. What’s going on around us influences what we wear, after all. I’m feeling the dark & moody look these days, too.

  11. I find it very interesting that so many people keep telling bloggers that they shouldn’t discuss their political views, as if they live in a vacuum. I can’t figure out if it is because the bloggers’ political views differ from their own or if they truly believe bloggers shouldn’t stray from discussing fashion (Which TME always has so no one should be suprised. It’s what makes this site awesome.). In other words, if you were writing about how great Trump is and how the choices he’s making really are going to “Make America Great Again” would they still think you should stop? I think not.
    Just my two cents.

  12. Shana, I’m a cancer survivor too (around the same time as you) and I love fashion and I’m the mom to two darling kids AND I believe in the right to protest and in the right to freely share your political opinion. Our president has made it impossible to stay quiet. I understand good people have voted for Trump. As a woman of color, it’s hard to see the good when this president is supported by the KKK, alt-right, and the Nazis. I can’t believe we’re even having a conversation that normalizes this presidency. This is your blog. Say what you want. I don’t agree with you all the time, but I appreciate anyone in the fashion/style blog field who is standing up all women, all people, not just those who look like them. Thanks!

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