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Hey there!  I haven’t done one of these Friday posts in a while.  I’ve had family visiting for two solid weeks – first my parents, then Scotti, Zack and baby Greenlea.  It was crazy and awesome and fun and A LOT.  Exactly how family visits are supposed to be, I suppose.

It was especially tender to watch Scotti and Zack as parents.  Every night (Every. Night. those poor things) we’d hear Greenlea wail for a bit at 3AM, the rustle of tired parents trying to shush a baby in bed.  Even in the darkness of our bedroom, I’d see my husband’s grin.  We’ve been there, baby.  Oh, we’ve been there.  But listening to little Greenlea, the hushed (slightly desperate) voices of Scotti and Zack, and the sudden huge silence that follows a baby who gets their way and is finally allowed to nurse (for the 239482 time that night)… it’s bittersweet, these moments.  It’s when we realize that we’ll never again shush our babies in the dark of the night, or squish their impossibly chubby thighs.  It’s a strange combination of sadness, relief, and pride.  High-five, Mike.  We did it.  We made it out of that all-encompassing baby phase.

Time to get a dog.  #hahano

But life is so fun with my little guys right now – and I swear, kids just get funnier as they get older.  I fell asleep reading to Pax last night, and he woke me up by slapping my cheeks.  “MOM!! MOM!!”  I opened my eyes to see his serious little face, his nose inches from mine, his round eyes gleaming in the dark.  “Mom.  Do you know where whirls wive?” he asks, urgently.  I am groggy.  “Uh….where squirrels live?” I reply.  “I’m not sure…where do they live, Pax?”

“DEY.  WIVE.  EVERYWHERE.  All around DA WURLD!!!”

He is dead serious; I crack up.

Now for fun links!

Reader Recommendations & Shopping

You guys have been so insanely helpful in the comments/emails/facebook, I thought I’d recap a few tidbits:

Reader Amanda discovered a different Over-the-knee Weitzman boot on sale at Saks.  These have a 2″ wedge, and lots of sizes/colors available (especially black).

Hoping for a budget-friendly option?  Reader Jen loves her OTK boots from H&M and Danielle swears by her $50 pair from DSW (although she says they prob won’t hold up in crappy weather).

Reader Lindsay swears by these Paige flare jeans.  A slightly higher rise, and she reports that they feel like leggings. Yessss.

A ton of you swear by Gap’s Girlfriend jeans.  I’m intrigued!  Especially the lunar selvedge wash or the indigo deconstructed.

Madewell is having a huge sale – an additional 20% off already reduced items.  I just bought this plaid skirtthis long-sleeve, v-neck striped tee and a couple of these basic tees.   All of my favorites are featured here.

Drive Thru Target Is Here

Have you heard about the Curbside app?  It’s an app that lets you order from Target, then swing by the store without having to get our of your car.  The app is free, but currently only available in the Bay Area, LA, NY, Chicago and Philly.  So freaking genius, especially for new moms.

What We’re Doing After School

Now that it gets dark so early, we’re busting out these insanely gorgeous shadow puppets by Moulin Roty.  I’m thinking of picking up the Paris Rooftops set as well.  AH-mazing.

The Style Hour Podcast is Back!

Meagan and I are (finally) back at it!  In this podcast, we’re talking about leggings, leggings-as-pants, and how to wear them now (or for holiday parties).  We also recruited Scotti to give us the scoop on BB creams vs CC creams vs Blur creams vs foundation.  (As always, if there’s anything you’d like us to address, let me know!)

Philly Fun This Weekend

We’re going to have a relaxing weekend in….but would love to check out this Parkour gym for kids.  Has anyone been?  My boys watched parkour videos and have spent the last two days literally climbing the walls.

Happy weekend!!



  1. I’ll add my vote for the Gap Girlfriend jeans. I heard of them in the comments herr. Though they really aren’t kidding about ordering 2 sizes down. I’m 2m post baby #3 and ordered a size up for bootcut and my usual size in the gf, the gf went back for the next size down. I also highly recommend ordering talls if you are tall (5’9″ here) as the regular length hit at a really awkward capri-like length but the talls are the cute ankle like length.

  2. My husband and I tried Parkour (prior to kid 1 when we were on an “lets do something DIFFERENT for date night” phase, we may have also tried ceramics, indoor rock climbing, tastings, etc.) and it was a great deal of fun. Learning to fall and roll is always helpful and uses so many interesting muscle groups!

  3. That Parkour only has kids open gym for age 7+. We are having my (almost) 6yo’s bday party at Pinnacle Parkour in Cherry Hill next wknd – they allow younger kids.

  4. Unrelated: hightops and dresses?? I’m considering getting black Vans hightops to wear w dresses. I thought Cams had an article with Superga black hightops but I can’t find it!

  5. That story about Pax cracked me up. They say the craziest things. My oldest (4.5) came to me the other day and asked, quietly but urgently, “Mama…are we still on Earth?” And when I assured him we were, he relaxed visibly with a huge sigh of relief. “WHEW. Thanks, Mama.” I have no idea where that came from, but he was seriously concerned about our current planetary location.

  6. We do Main Like Parkour in KOP and my son LOVES it!!! We go sporadically, but we did have his b-day party there last month and it was a huge hit.

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