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Happy Memorial Day weekend!  This weekend is one of my favs – I like to think of it as a little calm before the end-of-school storm.  And it’s been pretty stormy ’round the Draugelis household.  Pax summarized things very nicely the other day:

“MOM!  Why you make ALL DA PRAHBUMS FOR ME?”

Good freaking question.

But first of all, I gots my boobs done.  Again.  Well, specifically, “the nipples”. (Don’t you hate that word? Even quotes can’t help.)  Anyway, I had some long-overdue nipple reconstruction last week which was supposed to be no big thang but was totally a big thang because DOCTORS THEY LIE.  So after a little oops with the lidocain and also a small infection and round of antibiotics my frankenboobs and I are as good as new.  Or as good as frankenboobs can be, anyway.

So this seems like a good time to say WELCOME NEW READERS!  [snort] Congrats to those who have not run screaming yet!  (To catch you up:  breast cancer, blah blah blah, mastectomy, etc, blah blah blah, all is fine, blah blah blah, getting a nipple tattoo sometime next month.  Stay tuned for over-sharing and maybe even some borderline-inappropriate pictures.  Welcome to The Mom Edit.)

Now, onto bigger and better things. Namely, Memorial Day shopping.

Memorial Day Weekend Sales!

We’ve already covered Nordstrom’s Half Yearly sale in detail, so if you haven’t checked it out yet, it’s worth a peruse.

EVERYTHING at my new fav, Banana Republic is currently 40% off.   A few weeks ago I did a round of #dressingroomselfies at Banana, and just updated the boutique at the end of that post.  Out-of-stock pieces have been removed, and I included a bunch of new items (like this seriously perfect post-partum, nursing-friendly maxi dress).

Anthropologie has an additional 20% off all sale items…I’m seriously considering these pretty little ruffled shorts, these cool, patterned sweatpants (available in petite!) and this delicate, rose-gold necklace.  (If you are in the market for a statement piece, I suggest this boho lace coverup by Eberjay or this drool-worthy silk maxi.)  Actually, here are my favs for the lazy:


If you prefer impeccably tailored pieces, Equipment is offering an additional 20% off their sale items.  This is my go-to brand for button-down shirts (in cotton, silk, OR flannel) as well as cashmere.  Here are my favs:


Little Mayhem’s collection just dropped at J.Crew.  It’s so freaking cute (makes me want a girl!).


You Guys Rock

Thank you all for your kind comments on our tiny living room makeover.  After that post went live, I received the sweetest email from Allison (the designer).  She sent back one of my “after” pics – the one WITH the horribly dirty white couch – and virtually redid my throw pillow situation!  She found some good ones, so I updated the post.  Go look (it’s at the end).

I’ve been blown away by how many mamas have sent in swimsuit pictures.  I’m behind in posting, but will share all of them – it’s just so darn helpful to see swimwear on real bodies!  If you missed it, a few mamas sent in pics of this long-loved swimsuit from Walmart, and one reader shared a seriously sexy (yet practical) bikini for busty mamas.  More to come.


Fun Links

There’s a new episode of The Style Hour!  In this one, Megan and I discuss whether (or not) your style should evolve and I also address my critics (and yes – harnesses were mentioned, haha.)  Would love to hear what you think.

Scotti’s been busy over on our YouTube channel.  Learn how to enhance your eye color, or do that Kate Hudson, reverse-cat-eye-thingy.  So freaking cool.

Loved this article about Freeing your Mombod over on Mom.me.


Local News

My two favorite play spaces for kids – Lulu’s Casita and The Creative Clubhouse have teamed up to offer one seriously great summer subscription:  get free drop-ins to both places for $180 for the entire summer, or $60 a month (for June, July and August).  I’m always looking for a way to beat the heat without resorting to watching-tv-in-airconditioned-livingroom, so this solution is beyond perfect.  Drop into either place to purchase the subscription.  (ps.  Lulus has been doing this genius Friday night BYOB and pizza thing – drop in on a friday night to let the kids play and have an adult drink.  We’re going to go check it out next week.)

Our favs, Spruce Street Harbor Park and Morgan’s Pier are both open for the summer!!  We went to Morgan’s last weekend, and were at Spruce St. last night.  There’s been some changes at Spruce Street, but I think for the better.  I’ll cover in more detail later on.

Wow, guys.  It feels like….SUMMER.

Happy long weekend!!!



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  1. Nipples are the worst. Just start calling them “nickles” instead. Works for my 4 year old, lol. But comedy aside, I think you are brave and awesome for sharing all this with us readers.

  2. S – have you seen the most recent Elle magazine….with T-Swift on the cover? There’s an article by Vinnie, who’s supposed to be one of the best nipple tattoo artists around.

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