Hey, Weekend. (December Already?)



This morning was a mess.  Raines was so upset because his homework wasn’t finished, we were running so late I forgot to pack lunches (and school lunches are pretty bad – even my boys hate them),  and then Pax bit it hard (skinning both knees) on the walk to school, which required several precious minutes of sitting on the sidewalk, wiping noses, drying tears, and murmuring comforting words as the realization set in that there was NO POSSIBLE WAY we were getting to school on time.

At one point I looked up – as I was towing a crying boy in each hand – and saw a mom pushing a stroller, walking right towards us.  For a moment, our eyes met, and then she smiled.  It was a smile of camaraderie, a smile of understanding, of compassion….a smile of sisterhood.  She almost said something – there was a pause – and then we were past.  But in that instant, no words were necessary.  Fortified, I soldiered on.  Not screaming at my boys, not yelling at them to ‘hurry up!!”,  just calmly walking my crazy train the last few blocks to school.

Thanks, Mama.  I needed that.


WHOA!  Little Bits electronic kits (my fav STEM toy) are 35% off at Amazon!

If the words Carven, Cinq a Sept, and Derek Lam make your heart beat fast….check out Intermix’s sale:  an extra 40% off already reduced prices.  Including my favorite Rag and Bone Dre’sthis Derek Lam top for $100 and this See by Chloe bag for under $200. But choose carefully:  the sale products are all final sale.  For more of my favs from the sale, see my Editor’s Shop.  I just updated it with an Intermix sale section.

Speaking of editor picks, Jess and Gwen have also recently updated their Editor boutiques.

The latest in “teething technology” (har har har but no seriously) – The Teething Egg.  Cam’s all over it.

He’ll probably kill you.  But Pony Up Daddy takes horsie to a whole new level.  Tell hubs to blame Laura for this gem.

Rock the cookie exchange.  Obviously, Scotti needs these Ugly Christmas Sweater cookie kits.  Goes perfectly with  her GoT Christmas Sweater.  (Thanks, Cam!)

Also, this….

We’re offering a sneak peek of our STEM guide, downloadable to readers who subscribe to our posts and weekly newsletter here.  Our first newsletter drops TONIGHT (can we talk about it like an album?) and we hope you love it.

Leave it to our millennial to find these ah-mazing Holiday Jello Shots.  GWEN.

Trying to dial it down this holiday season?  Cam found The 4 Gift Rule  and has us all obsessed, and the White Envelope Project  moved me to tears.  A truly beautiful tradition.  (Thanks, Amanda!)


What are you guys doing this weekend?  Jackie hits theaters Dec 2 (today), which I’d love to see….but it looks like instead I’ll be taking the boys to see Dr. Strange.  It strikes me as a wee bit violent, but this is where the three of them roll their eyes at me. I’m so outnumbered over here.  🙂  Later this weekend we’re hoping to head over to Rothman Rink (which I covered last year – here) – and it sounds like it’s even better.  So excited.

Lastly…Jess is taking over the TME Snapchat this weekend!! We’re super excited because she’s moving into a new house, and is going to be hitting some antique stores in Grand Rapids, hoping for a little DIY inspiration.  She’s good like that.  Congrats, Jess!

Happy weekend, everyone…..




  1. Oh man I want those Rag & Bone jeans SO BAD. But I’m worried because they’re final sale and what if they don’t fit? Do you know if they fit well on curves? Or how they run, TTS?

  2. I actually sort of loved Dr. Strange. Anyone who had been seriously injured or dealt with chronic illness will recognize the stages of grief of saying goodbye to the formerly able body. Also the end! The idea of pain! I’ll say no more other than it is not typical superhero fare

  3. Ugh I want those rag and bone jeans! But hesitant because it’s final sale. I wish I knew whether it’s tts or stretches out during day etc. sigh.

  4. Has anyone heard of or experienced the Mysterious Package Company or the kid version-Mail Order Mystery? I LOVE the idea so much! My husband is totally freaked out about the MPC because people have been so freaked out they’ve contacted the police thinking it’s real and they ask for your blood type and crazy sh*t like that. I think I’ll keep that in the back pocket for when the boys get older, but Mail Order Mystery looks awesome! You get mail with little bits of information, clues, codes, etc and you have to figure it out. Sounds awesome….

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