High-Rise, Cropped Flares….DO WE LIKE THIS JEAN???




I’ve been working on some fall denim articles for Nordstrom….and, uh, this isn’t it.  In the process (during all of my “research” haha) I’ve become a bit stymied by a trend that I’m THIS CLOSE to embracing, but my 90’s loving, low-rise jean-wearing, ragged-hem-dragging-on-the-ground heart is struggling with.

And not gonna lie, my soul died a little when I saw this picture:


Oh, that bum.  That mumsy, mumsy bum.  I’m having high school flashbacks of bad 80’s denim that didn’t die until WELL into the 90’s.  But maybe it’s just that one picture.  An anomaly due to camera angles and all of that.  Because this pic isn’t bad:



Right?  And there’s something sort of feminine and sexy about high-rise denim and I find myself swaying more when I walk.

AND…according to Mike, these pants have a great bum (ignore Pax threatening his older brother).




I’ll admit the bum isn’t bad.  It’s….it’s….well, it’s very bummy.   It’s out there.  Rounded.  You kinda want to pat-pat that bum.  You know?  Where my old low-rise bootcut jeans were all about bum reduction, this shape is all about bum rounding.  At least that seems to be the deal.

But the waist thing.  I’m not used to having a waist, so this feels….sexy.  Modern.  In a 70’s throwback kind of way.



BTW, these shoes are comfortable.  For reals.  (This might be my favorite thing about cropped denim – it shows off cool shoes so well.)




So….what do we think about this trend?  I originally tried these jeans on with my beloved sneakers and it was a TOTAL disaster.  These jeans must be worn with cool shoes so they look intentional (at least on me).  And naturally heels would look better, but I’m not much of a heel gal, soooo…..

I keep thinking that perhaps they’re just an inch too long?  Maybe if I chopped them off a wee bit…???



But these jeans are growing on me.  I felt so inexplicably sexy!   All hips and bum and tiny waist (I know none of these things are actually true – it was feeling, you guys.  A FEELING).  Also….I’ve noticed that most of the mamas in really low-rise jeans tend to be….mamas in their 40’s (and up).  And many of the younger mamas are wearing a much higher rise.  Just an observation, but I think this might be a sign of what’s to come, you know?

Is this the bum of the future?  God help us all.



Outfit Details

tee: Monrow (mine’s older, this is the current version – size XS)

jeans: J Brand Adele High Rise Crop Bootcut Jeans (on sale!) – size 25

shoes: Sole Society Birch Loafer – honestly comfortable!! also available here

bag: Madewell Transport Tote

belt: Fossil (old – the one linked to is the current version)


So tell me:  Are you intrigued by this trend?  Would it be interesting if I messed around with the length to see if that made a difference?  I do know that a high-rise, straight leg crop jean is easier to wear  (specifically this pair of 7’s)…would a side-by-side comparison be helpful?  Some sort of high-rise cropped jean showdown?

Which pair, ladies and gentlemen, go with ankle boots the best?  Now…..heels!!  And FINALLY….SNEAKERS.  CAN THEY DO IT?




ps.  I was so moved by all of your sweet, supportive comments on my running article.  Gave me an extra little boost on my run this morning.  Thank you for that.  xoxoxo


  1. I don’t like this one bit. You’re wonderful. Those pants. I want to burn them. I can’t and will never even try them on. That’s how much I hate it. :/

      • Shana, you know that my fondness for you borders on the creepy but even I can’t get on board with these. If the first time we met you were wearing these, I would weep and shoo you away.

        • I can’t stop laughing at this comment. 🙂 🙂 🙂 so eloquently described and brutally honest. you are the kind of friend that every woman or man needs in their life. <3

    • I love them so much that I have thrown away all of my lower rise anything about four years ago. Lets face it; Low rise is the trend. It was cool from 2003 until 2009…and now it is time to wear regular jeans where the waist sits on the waist.

  2. I’m into it. These days, it’s all about that bass you know? And I’ll take any help I can get in that department. Love high rise anything (I affectionately call mine my “high waisties”), but a side by side comparison of different cuts and lengths with various (flat-ish) shoes would be v interesting!

    • I agree. You gotta go shorter. I bought the current elliott crop straight jeans during anniversary sale and I caught a glimpse of my bootie and immediately texted my sister about my horrible mom butt in these jeans. I think it’s because I’m not 5’10 like the model. Also maybe you need to go super sexy on top when you’re wearing this trend on bottom?

      • No. You need to be super simple on top when wearing these on the bottom, and they make buttocks look amazing. Much better then the droopy man butt you get from low rise.

  3. I don’t get it – not sexy at all. I think the high waist/crop/flare is wrong in so many ways, and definitely not “so wrong it’s right”.

  4. I like a high rise and I’m excited it’s back on trend, but paired with a crop just looks… weird. You’re brave for trying it out, but I’d trust your first instinct on this one. Stick to high rise with flares.

  5. Noooooooo! While I am a fan of a high waisted jean, a high waist teamed up with the – er – blousynes around the hips and thighs reminds me of those awful gap jeans circa 1991.

    • I’m not loving it. Maybe it is the length. Try a little shorter….

      I like the high waist (hard for me because I am short waisted and end up looking like my belt is holding up my boobs), it’s the crop I’m struggling with. Maybe it is the flash backs to kids making fun of my flood pants when I grew too fast!

      Keep trying it out though. I need to see how else it could work.

      • Short waisted girls, unite! High rise anything on me is exactly this – right under my boobs. When I was pregnant it was from my boobs to my knees and I hated my sister in law who was pregnant at the same time and all “oh I just bought low-rise regular jeans in a bigger size and I can wear those under my bump” Ugh. nope…I didn’t have enough torso to put anything under the bump!

  6. I gotta say I am NOT with these other commenters here. I LOVE this look on you and completely get why you feel sexy in it. IGNORE what everyone here is saying – they don’t get it, and that’s fine, but some of us do 🙂 I don’t think your bum looks mumsy at all, I mean, I sort of get it, but honestly that’s what women’s bums look like sometimes and that’s fine. I think this look is maybe hard to pull off for some, but you can do it. Hell, you ARE doing it. And LOVE the shoes. Hopefully some others will chime in on my side. Isn’t it crazy how different we all are when it comes to style?! I am actually inspired to try this now…

    • Ya I’m with you. My first thought was “huh”. Then as I read and looked on I think it looks kinda cool…like someone who knows who they are and isn’t afraid to say :ya I have a bum and hear it is” embrace it.. I agree with Shana..the low rise is going out…that does seem to be seen on moms that are stuck in a trend. My closet is full of them but I am trying to branch out I say try something new. I would like to see them shorter and maybe with the sock boot? or any boot? and on a different body type..

  7. Shana,
    You are the cutest and look good in everything but please say no to those jeans. I love the waist but the rest is no bueno.

  8. I don’t like it. I think if they were shorter and wide leg it would look better. But I still can’t. Still waiting on the flare leg hack. Thanks. You always rock.

  9. I get where you’re all coming from on the “mom jeans” comments….and in truth this look makes me cringe as well….but at the same time….so did skinny jeans when they first came in…..and….who’s to say in another couple years we won’t look back at what we call non-mom jeans now, as we see all the “old” out of date moms wearing them, and laugh and realize that they’re now the “mom jeans”….(hopefully that made sense, I suck at explaining myself!)

    • Mom jeans to me have been low rise boot cut jeans for A WHILE now. Like a long while. I’m trying to branch out from my low rise skinnies, because they’re up to the mom-jeans-plate next! So yeah I get it. Wear what feels good to you, but try to stay modern. That’s the name of the game for me!

      • I agree! “Mom” jeans are low waisted boot-cut, I couldn’t even sale my $200 pairs at consignment shops when I tried to get rid of them. Shana I think a little shorter, and some side by side comparison would be great.

        • Yes!! Exactly. I agree. I can’t wear low rise boot cut either….that’s what I see all the “older” moms wearing….and they look….like moms….lol. And while I don’t love this look….I also want to stay modern so I’ll be slowly changing up my low rise skinnies as well…..

  10. I don’t think the proportions are right here yet, so a yes to hemming an inch. But I’m on board with high waists and crops. I’ve tried a pair of CE crops but they were too long and I didn’t want to hem and lose the great details at the bottom. I think this look is tough to pull off, but once you get it figured out, I think it is going to be fantastic. I’m going to keep trying!

  11. Um, no. Nooo… I’ve been hearing about this and seeing it for a bit, and all I have to say for my ‘was a teenager in the 90s butt’, is thank you. Thank you to the people that temporarily embrace this trend. Thank you for giving those of us that may be having to try a little harder than we use to, by “momming” yourselves down. Maybe I should feel bad or embarrassed about saying this, but thanks for leveling the odds and creating more of a curve to grade ourselves on. I am not to proud to say that seeing others wear these makes me feel better about myself and I appreciate the leg up, let’s say

  12. Sigh, they look like the jeans you buy at the opshop, the ones from the 90’s. I’m so sorry, nup, don’t like them at all. Love the shoes, like a high waist, but the colour and cut… Look so shapeless. 🙁 🙁

  13. I like high waist, but I don’t like bootcut, cropped or not. I wore it back in the day and I must prefer the straight or skinny jean look now.

  14. Love you and your blog always. But. But. Those crops are basically Star Trek pants and cropping them even more will make it more so.

    I get the comfort/pooch hiding factor of the high waist but I can’t like it. I wear a higher waist only when I have something layered over it, and maybe belt that thing to accentuate the waist.

    I do love the comparison idea though … I’d love a massive jeans comparison so that I can see side by side the different lengths, cuts, waists out there and figure out what I like, don’t like about each. Ooooh …..idea … what if we could select 3 or 4 jean types/styles and see the related images from a database? Maybe be able to pick body type too? Short, slim, curvy, apple bottom, etc.

    If this doesn’t already exist, it should.

    Also, in general, I just disagree with the fashion industry and their chosen trends this fall. Why why why why why do they think it’s time to return to some of the least attractive styles of the 70s and 90s?

    *rant over

  15. I am much more into the sweater + dress+ boots look you shared on Instagram. As for this cut off …I think you nailed it with the word “mumsy”.

  16. I don’t love these specific jeans, but I do know what you mean about high rise jeans making you feel more feminine. I just tried my first pair of high rise jeans in forEVER (the Madewell Flea Market flares in button fly that you featured recently) and loved the way they looked. I have to admit, though, that part of the reason I can stand them is the button fly and the long draggy-hem flares. The long zipper on high rises makes me cringe. I’d love to see a comparison, though, because I do love cropped flares!

  17. Nope. You look good in ANYTHING, but these are just wrong. Must be the high waist-crop combo because you rocked the high waist flares. These look like a big mistake to me; might be trendy, but seem so blah, especially when you could look incredible in a different cut. Don’t do it!

  18. Wow, way to offend your “older readers”. As a “mama in her forties”, I am sticking to low and mid rise because with with age comes wisdom. You thirty year olds can keep your high rise mom jeans and the mom butt Tina Fey so famously parodied. They look awful.

  19. I love the idea of the comparison of side by side. And, I also think it varies so much person to person based on a zillion factors.

    As for these jeans- I think a bit shorter and maybe with a bit more of a wedge/platform. When in doubt about an outfit, I always ask myself “What would Shana do?” In this case since you are unsure I go to my next fashion icon- Emmanuelle Alt. I’ve seen her wear this look and she wore a heel (I cannot pull of heels), tucked in tee or blouse and a cool jacket. That’s I think the key I would need- layers, shorter hem, and a bit of height in the shoes. Then again, that hides part of the bum which, if you are going for a “bummy” look (OMG is that even a phrase?!?) would defeat the purpose.

    I still say a huge thank you for putting things out there for us, and inspiring us and giving us a space to use the word “bummy.” I mean where else could I use that word???

  20. I love these. Just roll the hem and you’d be good. I wear mine (the made well ones) with white converse. And I am not skinny and I still love them.

  21. Not loving the crop but the bum looks great! However I hated skinny jeans at first and now I’m a 32 year old mom stuck in that trend. Tell me what’s fashionable, I trust you! 😀 I will say, seeing the young girls in crop tops and high waisted jeans… No. Not happening here 🙂

  22. i think I’d be more on board with them if they were:
    -a darker wash (that fade isn’t going to do anyone any favors)
    -slimmer through the hip and thigh, with more of a pronounced flare below the knee

    • Yes, slimmer through the hips and thighs for sure—maybe Shana is too slim (who knew that could be bad in fashion?!) or too short to make these look good. It’s close but not right, in my opinion. A bit shorter would help too—right now they just look like high-waters because of how wide the bottom is (I think).

  23. Sweet baby Jesus this is never going to happen on this Broad. With my rounder tush, short legs, and long torso, I will just look slightly dated in my skinny jeans. Cheers to you and the rest for playing with trends and looking fresh and fun!

  24. The reason why the over 40s aren’t wearing these is because we’ve been there and done that, except we didn’t wear them cropped for fear of being mocked mercilessly for wearing “floods” lol. I’m glad there are lots of styles to choose from and we don’t always have to wear the same thing anymore. Let’s not start making people feel they have to go with whatever the trend is instead of finding a style to flatter their shape. I will still wear my skinny jeans and boots AND my flares and/or bootcuts, but hi-rise floods? It is a small minority that these will flatter imo.

    • Yes. Yes yes. I’m in my 40’s and this brings back painful memories. I don’t mind the waist and think it could work – but the length doesn’t work at all, and I don’t think any length would. I don’t remember the butt on the high rise flares but I thought they looked good, so maybe it’s just the bum on these. The cut or something is all wrong and I can’t think would be flattering on anyone. I mean, Shana you are pulling it off but it’s tough on even you and you look good in just about everything I think I’ve ever seen style. The rest of us? Abandon ship!

      • I think for us 30’s it looks exactly what mom wore, and I don’t know about you guys but anything mom wore was and is not cool, haha! Maybe some younger kids won’t have that scarred association.

    • That is it to a T; been there, done that. They might as well bring back high waisted, tapered leg jeans with zippers! (We’ll see them next season no doubt. Remember I predicted them). I never went with low rise flares either – muffin top – mid-rise, mid-rise, mid-rise. It is the most flattering for all body types. Shana, with your personality I think you can rock almost anything, it seems like your style has always been avant garde, but I think this trend is limited in appeal and applicability to a small number of slender people (I bet Scotty would not be as enthusiastic about these pants – sorry Scotty, but by your own admission you’re bootylicious

      • No. You haven’t been there and done that. any more then anything else. High rise is simply the way people ahve been wearing pants since they were invented. The low rise is the passing trend. Think about it; Did they werar low rise in 1950? !960? 1930? NOpe. Low rise is just a silly thing for 2003-2009. Its going away wether we like it or not.

  25. I’m the same age as you are and I agree, dragging fringy jean bottoms will always be my jam, but I am loving the new ankle length these days. I think these jeans are worth experimenting with. I think the styling may be what is throwing everyone off. With the braided belt and simple gray tee it’s way to early 90’s GAP. Too simple, too preppy, hence too mumsy. Maybe throw on an edgier top with your fringe black backpack with the same shoes? I’d be willing to see that in comparison to this.

  26. I think you’re rocking them….as far as they can be rocked. I, however, couldn’t pull them off. I’m still struggling with the roll-your-boyfriend-jeans-above-your-short-boots trend. It just truncates my legs and I look ridiculous. 🙁

    These are…okay? Not my favorite.

  27. No. Not just no but hell no. Maybe if they were a tad shorter, or rolled, or destroyed, or had a lower waist, or didn’t eatbyour bum, or were a darker color, or…..no. Just no. They look like cool boyfriend jean’s sad mom.

  28. I just had my son try on all of his jeans so I could see what he outgrew over the summer, and this looks resembles the jeans we put in the donate pile. I love, love your blog, but I have to say no to this one. I don’t think these jeans would be flattering on anyone!

  29. No. You usually look leggy and slim. And I know you are petite, but you never look that short in pictures. These pants make you look like a stumpy munchkin. The high rise – no issues there, your bum looks great. Having a waist is a fine thing. But the flare + crop just makes your legs look short and stocky. It might work if you could see more ankle, maybe. But I’m doubtful 🙂

    Of course, I have short stocky legs, so I might just be talking out of my own preferences for elongating as much as possible at all times 😉

  30. Love high rise. Love flares. Love cropped jeans.

    HATE these. The combination of three great things has unfortunately made a really unflattering pair of jeans. :/ You are beautiful and these jeans are working overtime to hide it. They have a very mom jean feel and the length with the flare looks awkward and shortens your legs. Sorry, but I can’t get behind this one. It’s even worse than boyfriend jeans, which I also hate.

  31. Shana, you are a brave woman! These are not good. Not at all. I can’t figure out what could make them worse, oh, I know…..pleats.

  32. I’m basically ready to embrace the higher-waist trend, and we can talk about bum modification in general. But this is not working for me – the crop, the bum, the wash, all together. If they don’t look good on you, what are people to do? I can’t even imagine what would happen if I put those on.

    This post is why I’ll read here forever and ever though 🙂

  33. You are totally pulling it off… You have a knack for that, you know.
    Me? I’m gonna pass.
    I am finding comfort in your observation that the younger momma’s are all rocking the higher waist.

  34. Such a tempestuous article of clothing! I like them, they seem like jeans that are easy to wear. Something about skinny high rise denim always seems fussy (maybe that’s just my take when I get dressed) but a looser leg exudes ease. Could the thigh be snugger? The length be shorter? Why not! I’d love to see you mess around with the length of these. I chopped some similar because they weren’t short enough (and I thought I would NEVER say that, my hang up from the 90s)… I’d love to see comparisons! Bring IT!

  35. I am a huge fan of the high rise waist. I have several pair in a skinny jean and one in flare, and my bum gets compliments almost every time I wear a pair. I’ll take it! But that said, there is something about this pant, maybe the length or the fit through the hip/thigh (it’s baggier on you than it appears on the Nordie’s model) that makes it seem like it’s just a smidgen off. A smidgen only. Otherwise I say rock it. You look cute and comfy, and your bum looks nice so go forth and rock it out! Thanks for trying this trend.

  36. I love it. I’m so over low-rise, skinny jeans and I’m thrilled that high rise jeans are officially in, especially since I’ve been wearing them for a few years now. I love this whole casual, cool, not trying too hard look. I personally think your butt looks fantastic in all of these shots. I do think the jeans could be a little shorter.

    • I agree! Bring on the high rise! I think the bum rocks. I think these could be a little shorter, maybe a little more snug through the thigh. And I know it’s out of season, but what would they look like with strappy sandals and a tank? Maybe they’re a better spring/summer jean? I would love to see more posts on high-waist denim and tips for tucking in. But maybe start with some more beginner-friendly high rises.

  37. I never comment, but the jeans are horrible … I like high rise with flares and have a pair of high rise skinny crops that I love, there’s something about the straight line crop thing that just looks completely off and too “mom jeans” … you are wonderful though!! go with your gut!

  38. I am 31. I still wear low rise jeans. And I have had a kiddo 🙂 I hate high rise jeans! It just screams mom jean to me in a not good way. The shoes totally rock though. If you and hubby both love them…..rock it! I hate having anything over my belly button so that might be part of my anti high-riseness. But still. Mom jeans. Are mom jeans really becoming a thing? I have one pair of high waist skinnies that I refuse to wear with anything that does not totally cover the fact that they are high waist. Sigh.

  39. I’m OBSESSED with “mom” jeans right now. These specific ones I wish were just *a tiny bit* more tapered at the end on you. Maybe an easy fix with a messy “fake taper” cuff? But I only exclusively wear high rise jeans now – accentuates your waistline, gives you a booty, and makes your legs look even longer #winwinwin… I only wear my low rise jeans if I’m wearing a tunic or longer top! Coworkers have the Madewell “perfect summer jean” and in my opinion is one of the better options I’ve seen on a normal human outside of the (weirdly expensive, why god) vintage restored Levi’s.

  40. You look amazing. Hate is not a strong enough word for the jeans. Most women could not pull this off (gotta be super thin.) But all that’s important is that you feel great when you wear them.

  41. I think they are just too long for sure. Look overwhelming to your frame from the front. Cute in back, but I already have enough in back, so will pass on extra booty 🙂
    One small opinion.. I do appreciate your trying them!!

  42. I do think they are too long, because you’re petite (and you have a long inseam for a petite!). They would look simply ridiculous on me: I’m also petite, but curvy. So I will not be trying this. But I do like your shoes! And the BLUE of the denim.

  43. Oh My. Shana, I love you, but I am so mad at these jeans right now. Like, actually personally mad at them, as if they had offended my parents or yelled at my child. They are just awful. PLEASE, for the love of god, no no no no no.

    I think one of the major issues here is the length, Because they aren’t quite short enough to scream “cropped”, they just look like regular length jeans, that are way too short. I’m not sure I can get behind the concept of a cropped flare? I just feels so wrong. I like my flares long and almost dragging. Like Parker Posey in Dazed and Confused. (Yeah, I’m clearly in my late 30’s. Long live the mid-to-late 90’s!)

    I do LOVE a high waist, and I love a flare, but when you add in the crop, AND light wash, AND the loose fit? Oh my god –It’s like watching the Hindenburg Disaster, only a little bit worse. Much worse. OH THE HUMANITY!

    Make it stop.

    • THIS. This exactly. Offended by the jeans is the best description possible. You are adorable Shana, but you should burn these jeans. Like now. There is literally nothing good about them, including the “good” picture!

      You could wear a potato sack and make it look fabulous, so if these are wreaking havoc with your petite perfection, there is literally no way in hell I’d get within 1000 feet of this “trend,” which I prefer to call a “throwback.” It’s like when families had too many kids and someone got stuck wearing jeans that they had grown out of before their parents could afford new ones that fit. Why?? Just why would this be a purposeful choice?

      Now I’ll admit that I am anti-crops. And that’s probably because I have super long legs (and no torso) and it completely effs with my proportions. High waist is my friend, but light wash, loose and cropped high waist combined is just unforgivable. Step away from the jeans. Place them in the nearest fireplace. Burn. Don’t look back. Please. My delicate sensibilities can not handle this! 😉 But seriously.

  44. I see that my comment has already been left by others… and it is, in a nutshell, no. We do not like this jean. I must not be fashion savvy enough to clearly articulate what exactly makes it such a super no, but I see it and my guts recoil, so I know it’s a no. You are lovely and adorable and I enjoy reading whatever you post-you are a yes, but the jeans are a no.

  45. LOVE the idea of a comparison. I’m anxiously awaiting a flare jeans with sneakers/flat shoes post. I’m on the fence on these. You look fabulous in everything so it works, I just can’t get over the “mom Jean” stigma I attach to that style. I’m also panicked about my over abundance of R&B Dre slim boyfriend jeans hanging in my closet. Tell me I don’t have to ditch those!

    • I’ve been struggling with the flare jeans with flats thing. I feel like it never looks good. Check out Sorel wedges. Now I normally don’t do the hidden wedge thing but these things are SO comfortable. And they flatter flares so well.h ttp://shop.nordstrom.com/c/sorel-womens-boots?origin=leftnav#category=b60130325%7Cf60164575&type=category&defaultsize3=&size=&width=&color=&price=&stores=&instoreavailability=false&lastfilter=filtercategory_1&sizeFinderId=8&resultsmode=&segmentId=0&page=1 (sorry for the obnoxious link)

  46. Don’t like. You make anything look cool. But I think almost anyone else wearing them would look….straight from the 80’s in a not so flattering way. I’m a no.

  47. Ugh no no no no. Please do not say this is coming into trend. Please don’t let this come around again. I feel like I’m staring at pictures of my mother. Make it stop. Make it stop.

  48. Fit and flatter. Fit and flatter. This is what jeans (hell, ALL clothes) should do. In fashion, out of fashion, it’s still about fit and flattering your figure. So, let me be the 65th commentator to say ditch the mom jeans. I do think that any “off” kind of look works much better for the super young or needs A LOT of extra styling to overcompensate. Meaning, the hair, the make-up, the heels, the IT bag….to show that the clothes were ON PURPOSE.

    Love your blog, love your readers and you’re always cute no matter what you wear 🙂

    • Just a thought…..I agree that jeans (and all clothes!) should definitely fit, and flatter….to a certain degree. For one, what is meant by “flatter”? That changes over the years. At one point it would have been considered beautiful and flattering to look very large, and then thin but curvy, and in the past couple years it was considered flattering to look as thin and flat as possible. But who’s to say the very definition of what’s flattering isn’t changing? its hard to explain what I’m trying to get at here…..maybe someone else can chime in with a better explaination lol!

  49. Ehhhhh, I’m going to say no. The length is what weirds me out–they look like they’re accidentally too short. But I don’t think they’d look any better with a shorter length, and with a regular length I think they’re just kind of…well, boring. I am not against high waisted stuff (though I didn’t get to try it before having to jump back into maternity clothes again 😉 ) But these jeans are just…blah. I think that’s what contributes to the “mumsy” feel (as a previous commenter appropriately put it.)

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything you’ve worn before and thought “ehhhh, nope.” So that’s a big ol’ red flag for me. I’ll pass. 🙂

  50. Here is how I think this look could improve

    pair it with a v-neck t-shirt Or with a button down something with a v-neck .. that will elongate the whole look of this outfit…add heels or wedges and don’t tuck your shirt in

    or try it with a slouchy turtleneck sweater, and your sock boots

  51. The visceral response of readers to these jeans makes me laugh, but I am with you guys in your strong reaction! Absolutely hideous, even on Shana, who makes everything look adorable. Imagine these on a person like me (curvy, size 6) and I can’t think of a worse look. SOOO frumpy. Yuck. Show us other ways to get on trend with jeans, but not these!! Oh my…
    You are my insight into what is fashionable (thanks!!!), and I trust you, but can’t get on board with these 🙂

  52. Oh hells to the no!!
    I graduated from college in ’96 and this brings back baaaaad memories of my mom jeans from those days, when I didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin, and when I wore clothes that in no way fit or were flattering. 🙁
    Shana, you are gorgeous and inspiring and I still think you’re terrific — but NO!!!!!

  53. Wait! I am so confused. The only reason I tried on a pair of higher rise skinnies the other day was because of you! I swear I read that here..have I finally lost my mind?

    P.s. fell in love with theme and the high school girls I coach liked them. I rarely see them in anything other than workout stuff but they all swear by the higherror waist evidently.

  54. I think the problem in the photos is the combo of the 80’s faded denim with the higher rise and length. The top picture, the one with the side view, is less pleasing to the eye as the leg looks tapered. The front and back shots look better to me as you appreciate the flare more.

    The low-rise trend was the best thing that ever happened to me pants-wise as my waist is smaller than the rest and it solved the problem of the big waist gap in the back. I recently tried the higher-rise and had major flashbacks despite having had two kids and ending up with what seems like a thicker waist – the gap was back. Anyone else?! I would otherwise appreciate not having to always worry about the plumber look…

  55. Wow there are a ton of comments and I just HAVE to add my ‘hell NO’ to the chorus. I don’t hate high waisted jeans, but the butt looks just awful. I also don’t hate cropped jeans, but the length and width is just not working on this pair. The lighter wash on the bum is just WAY too 90’s mom jeans and really not cool.

  56. I can’t imagine trying this look myself right now, but what I love about your blog is that you encourage me to step out of my comfort zone (which for my high-waisted skinnies are my next risk). So while I don’t think I could do them now, who knows what I will wear in a year or so. I used to say I didn’t think I could ever pull off skinnies and now that is all I wear.

  57. I so appreciate you testing these out for us, thank you! I have to say that there’s nothing about these jeans that I like. When talking about high rise, flare, and cropped, I think I can get on board with 2 out of 3 at a time. But, all 3 at once just feels dorky and dated. Nonetheless, it’s always a fun and interesting read at TME. 🙂

  58. I’m gonna have to go with a “no,” also. Like many other people said, it’s mostly about the length. Too long to look cropped on purpose. I still have a pair of jeans like this from the actual ’90s (DKNY, baby). I now wear them for yard work.

  59. You know what? I don’t hate it. On you. On me (size 8, short) it would look awful, but you look OK. Other looks are more *flattering* but I think you’re going for cool, not traditionally flattering. Right?
    Maybe try it with a more fashion-y top of some sort? The gray t-shirt might be pushing it towards frazzled-mom-in-1993-dom. Making it look intentional, like you did with the shoes – so it says “I’m awesome, I’m so cool I can even rock these pants”.

  60. I think it needs to be shorter and more flared, like the proportions of the Anthro Pilcro Stet Cropped Flare jeans which I’m lusting after. It comes in petite and the inseam on that is only 24″, with a 15″ ankle opening. Unfortunately it seems like petite cropped flares are nearly impossible to find, and hemming usually reduces the width of the flare which is needed to make the look intentional. The Anthro pair isn’t high-waisted, but I don’t mind the bum on your jeans–it’s the length and between-boyfriend-and-flare look of the leg + length which throws it off for me.

    • Exactly! Definitely shorter (I’m 5’7″ but sometimes they aren’t even short enough on me) and more of a flare. I have a Citizens of Humanity Drew Crop Flare that has a more exaggerated flare shape.

  61. I like high rise. I like crop. I like flare. I DO NOT like all together. These pants just remind me of my mother. I just can’t.

  62. I’ve been obsessed with this style for YEARS. I have a pair of MiH jeans from years ago and my current fave are the Citizens of Humanity Drew Cropped Flare that I have in a very distressed frayed hem style. I am currently awaiting delivery of CoH Fleetwood Flare Crop. Yes, as I said, obsessed. The CoH have a bigger flare than most. This is what will make yours perfect — chop the hem a little. They are fashion forward and classic at the same time. They show off a fab pair of shoes, which is a big deal. A pointy toe sneaker can work, and a fab pair of block heel booties. I remember one of your recent posts on the mid-calf sock bootie — yessss with these jeans.

  63. The bum and waist are fine, once the eye adjusts. It’s the length that’s not working for me with these. They either need to be longer, and rolled up, or cropped shorter. Almost there!

  64. Slowly all the fashions from years past are cycling by; I’ll pass on this look this time around. Fool me once, as they say. (I do, however, have my old “mom jeans” in the closet)

  65. There is no need for me to add to this conversation, it has all been said, but another no. My first thought is Monica from Friends. Monica lives in 1996 and uses a cordless phone the size of her head. I think that when you have a fashion blog, you can wear an outfit and people will give you a pass because they know that your are just trying something out, know what you are talking about, can see the new trends, etc., but if a regular mom just showed up to school in those jeans, people would think she was wearing a pair of jeans from her college days. Okay, I exaggerate, they aren’t really that bad, but who would pay that much money for those ( and I am someone who wastes a lot of money on frivolous clothes purchases). I don’t mind high wasted, but baggy and high waisted is gross.

  66. I love the high waist trend and the crop trend and I’ve seen them work well together but…these jeans get it all wrong. I think the problem is the length (rolling would help). And the bagginess. I’ve seen some great cropped flares but they slim through the leg, much shorter than these and have a stronger flare. That said I’d go for a skinny jean in a high-waisted crop. Or a wide-leg crop.

  67. Hmmm Shana. Not sure about the whole 40s thing. I’m wearing high waisted, and I’m 43. The high waisted excellently cover the birth baring pooch so of course I’m all over it. In fact, on your Flea Market Madewell’s I commented (although it’s still waiting to be approved, so perhaps you missed it) about having the same high waisted flare jean. They’re amazing. I’m also wearing cropped jeans–in fact I often cut my jeans off to show the ankle cuz it’s sexy.

    I like these jeans on you, but I have to say I don’t like the anti-age/age appropriate style comment. Surprisingly we’ve got it (style) too, and you will as well when you’re in your 40s. It’s bound to happen to all of us (aging), and the style we carry with us as individuals is everlasting.

    Looking good as usual Shana. Keep them but be cautious of your 40+ readers.

    Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

      • I interpreted Shana’s comment not so much as a commentary on all women’s in their 40’s as a commentary that the people who are sticking with a trend happen to be older. I’m at the tail end of my 30’s so I basically count myself in the 40’s group. I dress like I’m in my early 20’s – because that’s what I feel good in. I think I look good and love love love fashion and style. But most of the other moms are my age or older and have what I would call an “older” style. I don’t consider that a judgement, it’s not a good thing or a bad thing, it just is. I don’t necessarily blend in but it would break my heart to not wear things that make my heart sing in order to blend in. From what I know of you Ann, you fully support that, I am getting off topic… I guess part of the problem is that we feel like certain styles “belong” to certain decades. Gotta say, I do love reading all of these comments!! Hot button issue. juicy!

        • Thank you Aemama. Ya, I probably overreacted here. I just don’t like to see ages pigeon holed. But, it is true: styles belonging to different decades. From what I can gather of the moms I see out and about in Stanley, Hong Kong, and if I’m actually honest about it, I think I would have to admit that I see a whole lot of black Lulu Lemon going on. We do have a totally chic French population in my neighborhood. I can always spot a French lady by their easy breezy style. I am lucky to work in a high school–they are keeping me soooo young! Thank God! I’m the librarian you’ll find in a skater skirt! Haha! Anyway, I plan to forever not belong to any decade but rather “wear what makes my heart sing” just like you!

    • My personal sartorial preference perhaps, but I just don’t find this look attractive. Like at all. Even on someone (barely) pulling it off like the example above, it does a body no favors… The silhouette is just such a huge NO.

  68. You must’ve hit a real nerve – look at all these comments!

    Thank you Shana for pointing out that what’s “mom bum” about these jeans is that make it look like you have actual curves and for admitting that you feel sexy. That’s not a bad thing! We aren’t all really supposed to want that straight-figured boy look that the low-rise jeans taught us to want, right? I mean, it’s one thing if that’s your actual body type, but come on. We’re grown up now right? We can admit that it’s ok to have different body types and accentuate them? And especially our mom bums are because we’re actually also moms?

    I am and always have been hippy with a small waist. So I’m biased, but I like a pair of jeans that makes me feel like I’m not trying to hide what I am. Like being curvy is actually a good thing. I’m all for high-waisted, and the crops are cool too.

    And I really don’t think there’s much that’s good or bad anyway. It’s all trends and depends on your frame of reference. It took me too long to come around to skinny jeans. They looked weird at first. And my mom hates 70s styles — to her they look outdated. I like them, because I can’t remember wearing them the first time.

  69. My high rise, cropped, straight leg jeans from Re/done denim are arriving in the mail today and I am looking forward to wearing them everywhere. I love this trend, and personally I think skinny jeans look dated given that denim trends are now more on the wide leg/high rise/ cropped side. I remember when boot cut was the norm and skinny jeans first started trending though – there was a similar resistance.

  70. The more I look at this I really think the length is the main problem, because I like it on the model, but she has 3-4 inches of ankle/shin showing (and heels), where you have none. So yeah, would be interesting to see you try it again but with a higher crop which would end the high-water associations and alter proportions 🙂

  71. I love the high waist! It’s all I want to wear, and not only because Pilates has been on the back burner. Plus, you killed it with my beautiful cousin Teri Dabney a while back, so I’m a fan!

  72. Do you remember those two English (?) ladies who would go running around grabbing women who were making horrible fashion mistakes and gently, sorta, ask if they could explain why what they were wearing was a disaster? Well, this postakes me think of a particular episode where they explained tgst all tgst fabric on the butt makes the butt look huge and if you cut the fabric down length wise it obviously has the opposite effect, plus lower the poachers to go under the round of the butt, and make sure the pockets aren’t too small. Now, you could wear a garbage bag and look cool trying, so you will never be in the category of the women those two TV hosts were trying to save, but this is what comes to mind when I see that huge stretch of fabric on your tiny butt. Still not a good look in even a tiny butt. Sorry, but this is a fun post because it’s funny as hell and I love how you tried because as Stacey London says, you need to try the clothes ON to see what works and doesn’t. So, you tried, and NO! 😉

  73. Ok, so I have to ask, as a 40 year old who’s mother is in her 60s, how are low rise jeans mom jeans? ‘Cause that’s what I, and most people my age, have been wearing for the past, oh…decade or so. My no has NOT been doing anything low rise. Am I waaay older than most people here? I’m confused now. And while I’m all over the high waist trend (totes more flattering on my no-waist-belly-pooch body type), I can’t support these pants. The length and cut of the leg, especially with loafers, is very “mom Jean” to me. This is one look I will not be copying. Now I’m going to go tell my boyfriend jeans how much I love them and their ability to be worn with heels and Pumas!

    • Low rise arent necessarily “mom” jeans yet…..but what is the definition of a “mom Jean”? For me it’s basically the jeans that moms *think* are in style, and that to them looks flattering, and that in reality, they’ve missed the fact that what was flattering then isn’t flattering anymore. I think (for me anyway!) we’re in danger of wearing “mom jeans” when we hit the point where we refuse to change out style cause we’re stuck in what looked good in our younger years, and fail to realize that doesn’t look good anymore.
      That being said, Shana, after much thought, I think what’s throwing me and others off with those jeans is that they don’t actually look like a flare, they look like a tapered leg Jean (like exactly what my grandma wears….lol), and if they were a little tighter through the knee/thigh they’d look hugely different and I think maybe give you the look you’re going for…..

  74. Last night I went through and read all the comments to this post – hilarious! I am a new fan of the blog (I was a convert after the sock boot break down) – but this post cemented my loyalty. I second a lot of the other readers who think you can pull off anything and you are such a style inspiration. That said, I don’t see this particular cut/ style working on myself (yet). However I LOVE LOVE LOVE you playing with new cuts & proportions for us!

  75. I think it’s a mistake to say that “we” can or can not wear something because of trends. Mom jeans are mom jeans because they are utilitarian and unflattering. With all of the jean trends that come and go, I think that’s the only real way to define it. We are all different shapes and sizes, and if a style feels comfortable and flattering then who cares if it falls into someone else’s “mom jeans” category? Or someone declares it out of style? In real life I think we all know there is nothing sexier than confidence. And true style is about finding what makes you feel good and makes your heart beat faster. Not just the hottest style this season. Don’t worry about naysayers because no matter what you look like or wear they will still be out there. My fashion motto – YOU DO YOU!

  76. I love you and your style and I do actually like the look you’re going for, but these jeans ain’t it! I think that you could try hemming or cuffing, but I’m guessing that the jeans just don’t have what it takes to make the style work. I think you should try another pair!
    The other problem I have with this cut of denim is that unless you have a perky booty (not a mom-butt) it’s just gonna look flat and wide…time for me to start working on some squats!

  77. So, these don’t look terrible on you. But I think they would look terrible on most other people. My two cents: I LOVE the higher rises of modern jeans. Because they do a great job of concealing a mom tummy, and reducing love handles. But the cropped flares I just cannot get into. Either one or the other would work. A skinny cropped would look cute, and a long flare would look vintage and hot. But the cropped flare looks like the 90’s at its worst to me.

  78. I don’t think those are high rise at all. They are a mid rise at best. In fact, i think that is the problem. Flared crops need to actually sit at your waist. This makes your legs look too short. And the belt makes it all that much worse. Get a pair of much higher waist jeans, with a crop that ends at your ankle.

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