High-Rise, Cropped Flares….DO WE LIKE THIS JEAN???




I’ve been working on some fall denim articles for Nordstrom….and, uh, this isn’t it.  In the process (during all of my “research” haha) I’ve become a bit stymied by a trend that I’m THIS CLOSE to embracing, but my 90’s loving, low-rise jean-wearing, ragged-hem-dragging-on-the-ground heart is struggling with.

And not gonna lie, my soul died a little when I saw this picture:


Oh, that bum.  That mumsy, mumsy bum.  I’m having high school flashbacks of bad 80’s denim that didn’t die until WELL into the 90’s.  But maybe it’s just that one picture.  An anomaly due to camera angles and all of that.  Because this pic isn’t bad:



Right?  And there’s something sort of feminine and sexy about high-rise denim and I find myself swaying more when I walk.

AND…according to Mike, these pants have a great bum (ignore Pax threatening his older brother).




I’ll admit the bum isn’t bad.  It’s….it’s….well, it’s very bummy.   It’s out there.  Rounded.  You kinda want to pat-pat that bum.  You know?  Where my old low-rise bootcut jeans were all about bum reduction, this shape is all about bum rounding.  At least that seems to be the deal.

But the waist thing.  I’m not used to having a waist, so this feels….sexy.  Modern.  In a 70’s throwback kind of way.



BTW, these shoes are comfortable.  For reals.  (This might be my favorite thing about cropped denim – it shows off cool shoes so well.)




So….what do we think about this trend?  I originally tried these jeans on with my beloved sneakers and it was a TOTAL disaster.  These jeans must be worn with cool shoes so they look intentional (at least on me).  And naturally heels would look better, but I’m not much of a heel gal, soooo…..

I keep thinking that perhaps they’re just an inch too long?  Maybe if I chopped them off a wee bit…???



But these jeans are growing on me.  I felt so inexplicably sexy!   All hips and bum and tiny waist (I know none of these things are actually true – it was feeling, you guys.  A FEELING).  Also….I’ve noticed that most of the mamas in really low-rise jeans tend to be….mamas in their 40’s (and up).  And many of the younger mamas are wearing a much higher rise.  Just an observation, but I think this might be a sign of what’s to come, you know?

Is this the bum of the future?  God help us all.



Outfit Details

tee: Monrow (mine’s older, this is the current version – size XS)

jeans: J Brand Adele High Rise Crop Bootcut Jeans (on sale!) – size 25

shoes: Sole Society Birch Loafer – honestly comfortable!! also available here

bag: Madewell Transport Tote

belt: Fossil (old – the one linked to is the current version)


So tell me:  Are you intrigued by this trend?  Would it be interesting if I messed around with the length to see if that made a difference?  I do know that a high-rise, straight leg crop jean is easier to wear  (specifically this pair of 7’s)…would a side-by-side comparison be helpful?  Some sort of high-rise cropped jean showdown?

Which pair, ladies and gentlemen, go with ankle boots the best?  Now…..heels!!  And FINALLY….SNEAKERS.  CAN THEY DO IT?




ps.  I was so moved by all of your sweet, supportive comments on my running article.  Gave me an extra little boost on my run this morning.  Thank you for that.  xoxoxo