I Recreated My Mom’s Outfit from the ’70s


After my Dad passed away last January, our immediate response (in addition to shock and devastation, obvi) was to pull out old family photos.  Like…all of them.  My mom has always been really good about snapping pics, and she has…25?(!!)  albums completely chock-full of photos.  Part of our grieving process was to digitize them (I know), but we found that the quality, considering the age of the photo, was just as good if we snapped a pic with our iPhones (as opposed to a fancy scanner).  So.  Over the last few months, Scotti, Adam and I have frequently gotten texts from Mom with random photos attached.  Anything from 1984-1990 personally makes me cringe (#badbangs), but anything 1979 or before?  GOLD.

So when Mom sent this little gem over from – yup, 1979 – I swooned.  I mean….look at her SHOES.  And the high-rise denim and florals paired with rainbow???  Mom, with the sartorial save, just as I was feeling a rut coming on.  Forty years later, her outfit feels so fresh and fun that I had to recreate it.

These pics make me so happy.  Not gonna lie, creeps me out *a little bit* how my husband’s general vibe is so similar to my Dad’s in these pics.  The smirk….the fact that they can both be total sh*ts sometimes.  And another inside joke?  We told Raines he was going to be Uncle Adam in these pics.  So this is Raines’ making fun of how my brother poses for photos these days: intense stare right into the camera, no smile.  #nailedit

Gosh.  Family.

Outfit Details

Let’s get Mike and the kids out of the way first, right?  Then onto the good stuff, haha….

Mike: Mike’s tee is from surf brand Lightning Bolt, which has been making the coolest stuff since 1971.  We typically pick it up in Avalon, NJ….but there’s a good selection of Lightning Bolt tees on eBay.  His jeans are Abercrombie and his shoes are these TOMS which he LOVES for summer.

Rainesshirtshorts | shoes

Pax: shirt  | shoes

Floral Tops

featuredAnthropologie’s Eloise Embroidered top, size XS – I couldn’t find anything that was exactly like my mom’s but this one was so pretty, with the same general vibe – I LOVE it.  Here are a few others I found….



High Rise-Jeans

featured: Frame Le High Flare Jeans (size 25 for reference)- so comfy, and I recently hacked them off for flats….which has meant that I’m getting a ton more wear out of them.

Rainbow Shoes

featuredLoeffler Randall Slides, almost completely sold out (limited sizes also at Bloomies) or try the wedge version.

Gang, with this one, I tried the best I could to round up similar pairs.  I really just want my mom’s.  Boo.


Love you, Mom.